Jun 24
poem challenge: Writing 2022


I've had an older sister for as long as I can remember, but there are a thousand things she never told me. If we could have switched roles, just for a day, there are a thousand things I would have made clear.
Like how when the doctor makes some marks on a clipboard and tells you you're a healthy weight and growing well, keep eating homegrown fruits and veggies, never shying away from the occasionally cookie or two.
When you fall short of your goals, never release pressure, rather jump in the river and have a raspberry popsicle plus an inspirational spiel, then get up and keep trying.
When they tell you you're too short, tell them how at least you never hit your head or duck beneath doorways.
When the cat hisses like a fan and swipes for the first time, clip its nails and explain why it's wrong to scratch, because of course it understands your words.
Jun 22


Jun 22
poem challenge: Writing 2022


And all we do is
Equivocate to
Mislead and reach
Hiding ourselves for
Words buried no
Longer incisive when
It matters most and
We gave up trying to
Let vulnerabilities
Free when we began
Letting fortuitous
Events lead us
To relying on
Chance in this
Interminable show of
Concealing truths
Still we are never
Quite quiescent for
All we want is
This paradoxical
Opportunity to
Release what we
Stow away and we
Struggle to reveal by
Pathetic intimations
And a plentitude of
Sly nuances in our
Words that leave us
All in a haze of
Confusion and so
We tolerate the
Vexes of ourselves
Waiting for the
Unknown force to
Choreograph our
Lives because
We are too afraid to
Handle the reigns
And let the unmasked
Words fall
Jun 21
poem challenge: Writing 2022


Symphony of colors
Melody of hills
Harmony of growth
Ballad of truth
Rhythm of quakes
Tunes of emotions
Beats of light
Chorales of love

Keys weave stitches with
A gentle touch whispering
To the pain not that
It's OK but that perhaps
It's not OK and that's
In a way nothing else can
Music heals

Eyes slide closed
Letting rhythms weave us back
Jun 21
poem challenge: Writing 2022


When time takes a vacation
Sitting alone with thoughts
Frowning at the present
For it's all too abstruse
Wish you weren't alone
Suffering through privelege
Don't want to be solipsistic
But that's just another thing
To wrestle, to comprehend
Reaching for fortitude
Because you can't hold on
Even though they tell you
Nothing is impossible
Another thing to ponder
Just one more clandestine
Wonder of the so-called
Lucky ones who should
Enjoy their impeccable life
The present inevitably
Washed away with lightning
And thunder so abstruse
Surrender to the storm
Jun 21
poem challenge: Writing 2022

11:04am in Burlington

Four flags ripple in the soft
Morning, soon-to-be-afternoon air
Four countries I know should know
But no one ever taught me
Navy Subarus and silver Hondas
Speed down a multi-laned highway
That I'm too young to understand
Signs flash muted colors
And basic fonts that advertise
This and that and fit in with
That basic modern aesthetic
Tall red brick buildings
And walls of bright peeling paint
Coat the city in that everyday
Broken blanket of normal
Jun 21


Jun 21

Let It Go

Jun 21
poem challenge: Writing 2022

Let It Go

The thawed suffering of verdant sprouts
Potentials crushed by our footsteps
Renunciation of Earth, who crumbles

Presents whose only destiny is clutter piling high
On our supposedly special days and stirring
Our dormant anger, yet don't want to be an ingrate

Our perspectives so seemingly esoteric
Their perspectives all too myopic to ours
In that case, assuming we're just wrong

Classrooms and places we must call home
Where we are made pariahs hiding away
Are sharply disparate in those who reside

Eschewing all we don't understand
While understanding lingers just out of reach
Fabricating truths while we reach so far to achieve it

Lamenting the onerous lack of answers
Upbraiding ourselves and ceasing to understand
That the answers will finally come if we

Let it go
Jun 21


This is what my day has looked like
Studying because I know it's right
Or at least trying my hardest to
Yet always falling back here
Into writing

35. piezo- Gk. pressure <hyperpiesis, piezochemistry, piezometer> [Cf. L press-.]

As if I understand what any of that means
Although I suppose I understand the pressure concept quite enough