Jul 03

Island; Grown

Jul 03

Swingset Sea

Jul 03
poem challenge: Writing 2022

Flames Everlasting

Moonlight wisely peered at our circle
Glancing through the shadowed trees.
Tangles of bristles
Wove their way into this
Mangled clump of gray
Whom we offered the gift of our greatest breath.
Sweet rushes of crisp air adorned in this
Acquired taste of suffering and healing
Swooshed from the icy North
Fluttered from the flourishing East
Washed in from the sun-baked South
Sprinkled down from the fiery West.
With each building breath
Soft quakes of pale
Smoke rattled from the
Crumbling extremities of this
Cradle of hemlock.
Exhalations of our buried bile
Our joys
Our loathings
Our triumphs
Our grievances
Dissipated into the ether
Their departure provoked by the
Smoke, sparks, soaring flames
As the moonlight trailed through the forest
Shyly joining our stomping dance.
Our fiercly tranquil
Clumsily, yet beautifully woven
Patchwork of
Jul 03

Sunny Storm

Jul 03

Flower of Flames

Jul 03


Jul 03

Love Tree

Jul 03

Dawn and Dusk

Jul 02
poem challenge: Writing 2022

Girl on a Stone

It was one of those days
Bright sunshine illuminating
Misty, banana-yellow, dandelion-hued, sunflower-rayed beams
That danced
A delicate, floating dance
To a fragile, fluttering rhythm
On this towering patch of crag, this scalloped stone
Hollowed gray

With battered hands and feet
I reached and tweaked my
Way up the slightly slanted statue of sturdy stone
I strained
Extending every flimsy string of each muscle in my short limbs

A cluttered cluster from some
Climbing camp clambered in
Evenly coursing their way up
And down this scalloped stone

Nevertheless I reached for this stubby knob
A rippling wave in the rock
Sprouting from one greater layer
I strained for the elephant’s trunk
Meandered all the way up and
Bounced down
Blissfully oblivious to the
Elephant in the room that
Took no form of a curving bulge of stone
Jun 30
poem challenge: Writing 2022


Like the jumpy bumblebee
That tap dances on your forearm
Fuzzy clumps of fat stripes
Flitting away in surprise at the honk
The grueling, cluttered, abrupt honk
Of the school bus, slowing as it
Flashes its shining layers of paint
The color of sunshine sprinkling down
Misty beams of radiation
Soft rays the delicate, bouncing hue of
Bright banana peels
Fresh, blissfully absent of those
Repulsive brown splotches
That match the dirt caking our hands
Although we know that soon
Enough vivid fireworks of sunshine
Will burst from this damp darkness
Sunflowers dwindling taller than the ether
Spiraling around the heart of the sun
The heat of the sun crashes and boils down
As time calls for a glass
A foggy, multi-faceted
Pleasingly luxurious
Kind of glass that clumsily sloshes around
That brightness of lemonade
The brightness that inspires a twinkle in your eye