Jul 01

You! Four Days Later

They shipped us. Five or six different people have. Apparently the first "ship"ment happened on Sunday, the second day.

You think it's funny. I do too. We are siblings.

I am your big sister. You are my bigger brother. Sometimes I am also your mother.

Boop. Boop the shnoop. Boop the shnoop.

You and your jazz. It's great jazz. Please play more.

It's my truck. No, it is MY truck. Mine.

The grapes are grape. It's a Jack!...in-the-box. I cannot believe I do not remember another of your puns.

Your ears are sooooo small! I am a little person. Your hands are so cool!

You still look at me so earnestly
your eyes are still wide and bright.
Your smile still spreads across your face
and offers me endless delight. Boop.


Jun 26


You look at me so earnestly
your eyes are wide and bright.
Your smile spreads across your face
and offers me delight.

Stories of your grandmother,
the 194 cookies she had baked
your time spent in the lighting booth
the planning documents you make.

Your shirts are always made of lines
horizontal ones
three colors, only and primary too
white, or red, yellow, and blue.

Your name could have been
a long and intricately elegant Italian one, you say
yet, you like to sounds of s at the end of Adams
and so you aren't too disappointed your name is not the other way.

You told me the story of the crazy history teacher
and her vicarious lessons
and how she does such shocking things
as make you reenact rescissions.

You are my new friend! but forgive me,
as you would make me say,
"I am your new 'give' friend"
Jun 22


She couldn't tell what he was thinking when he left. When he turned his back and just walked away. She wasn't really confused, but she certainly wasn't certain. She really had never expected him to leave. Just, to leave. Leave her there, with her two children, one on each shoulder. She had expected a fight. She had built up strength, anticipating the petty arguments with thick blood. Preparing for sharp words, lies, and stabbing accusations, with her steely, deep blue eyes that never quivered to show what was inside. She had predicted the ruthless fight he would put up to keep "his" children, with her mature, durable skin to keep her flesh safe from his fingernails. He left. And she was left, with her thick skin, her steady eyes, her viscous blood, and her two children, resting on her firm but uncertain shoulders.

Jun 21


Haiku Creation
Jeremiah and Janet
June 12, '17

I see strange visions
They all thrive with no order
They whisper the truth

They whisper the truth
In snippets and wisps of wind
As the moon shines full

As the moon shines full
The street lights signal the roads
The streets are quiet

The streets are quiet
My engine purrs like a cat
Together we wait

Together we wait
The turn signal ticks and tocks
The street light is red

The street light is red
Music lingers in my head
Remembering you

Remembering you
Pondering on what we had
As if you miss me

As if you miss me
I don't see how a monster
Of your stature could

Of you stature could
Even fathom seeing this,
You and I a pair

You and I a pair
Like socks or gloves, but mismatch
From separate places
Jun 20


Jun 19

Night Light

I write in the night.
My pen softly rubs against the paper in magenta cosmos light.
Blue galaxies scattered across my words.
Blue galaxies from the blue symbol on the sock I've used to dampen my bright flashlight so as not to wake my family.
May 28

A Dark Haiku

Apr 19

April in Stills

I scroll backwards through my photographs.
A sturdy mixture of screenshots, notes to self as reminders, homework assignments, the occasional cringe-worthy selfie, a quote or cartoon that resonated in one social media feed or another, screenshots that capture a fondness between two friends.
And then, there are the photographs I took.
A sight I wanted to capture.
A moment I hoped to remember.
April 2017.
Apr 19

Current Thoughts of a Grumpy Person: Breathing By June

Current Thoughts of a Grumpy Person: Breathing By June

There is fuzz on my sweater
My house is cold.
The fridge lacks leftovers to find dinner among
I'm fed up with screens
Word thinks Spanish words are spelled wrong
It is rainy and wet
and windy and cold
and homework about climate change, natural disasters, anthropogenic sources of
pollution, toxic materials, destroyed habitats
species on their ways to extinctions 
humans dying
lack of food
lack of water
lack of plant life in soil
too many humans
too many particles of CO2
too many fossil fuels
too many non renewable resources
what the freaking, WHAT are we thinking?
are we thinking?
how many of us are thinking?

Audio download:
Breathing By June.m4a
Apr 14


It's so relieving to know that you are not alone.
To receive the words "Same. Very same."

A lingering little feeling in your spirit, mind, or chest
is lingering somewhere too in another human's nest.

A quirky little habit
or a big and crooked grin
exists in other places
is shared by the soul of a friend.

We live and look for hope,
acceptance, love, and fun
There is such a warm and cozy feeling when you're welcomed to the tribe
When you find another being
whom you see yourself inside.