Dec 31
poem challenge: Dreams

the first house

i've lived in many houses

but none are like the house i grew up in

my memories scattered and returning in fragemented dreams

but one factor remains the same

the house smells like fresh laundry

that has been dried outside on a summer day

everything is in slow motion

and i only truly remmber the warmth

the sunshine as i ran into the backyard

that morphed into a fantastical plateau

but the edge always came

quicker than i expected

so i flew

my arms spread like wings

and the familiar californian sunset

blinded my right eye

it was always dark for a moment

before i awoke 

and felt comforted by what had been.

Dec 18

invisible boy

i wonder why no one can see me

hear me

or touch me

the walk through me

i am invisible

they cannot hear my screams

my mother can not feel comforted by me

when i tell her i'm still here

and i don't know how i am this way

or why

but i am.

i was born and was visible for a while

then everything went dark

and i was no longer visible.
Dec 17

i died for a few minutes

Nov 28

Kingdom Come

In a land concealed to the human eye, a world of magic awaits. Mages of Space, Life, and Time live united under the rule of their liege; Mage Hilda. No one has ever seen Mage Hilda, yet they believe in the good they have brought to the civilization. Good harvest is not the only thing they pray for, however; True love and longivity are valued by many Mage's. They plan to implement a new plan for the human realm; mass destruction or complete rule. Mage Hilda instructs those who truly believe to take part in the New Order and rule the human world. Others do not believe in such an entity and fight their kin. So, young Mage, what will you decide?
Nov 28

falling apart

Nov 25

i'm not here right now

I watched as her chest slowly fell after each rise.

It was a beautiful sight, really.

She was wrapped in a blanket, while her favorite song lulled her to sleep.

I gripped the knife tighter.

Her red hair moved slightly in the beach wind,

and she smiled everytime a wave hit the shore.

Then, her eyes fluttered open.

She stared at me, eyes wide, and then slipped a sweet, sad smile.

"Dolly baby, go back to sleep..." She whispered through heavy tears.

I stayed standing.

She quckly became fearful, and threw of the cover to discover my legs were no longer attached to my body.

I was done sleeping.

Nov 16
poem challenge: Collections

mini bottles and jars

i collect bottles

small, mini bottles.

1 inch by 1.5 inch cork bottles, 

centimeter sized jars,

and they are functional

and quite cheap.

so when i buy these bottles and jars

it is done quite obsesively.

i can feel the dopamine rush when i see small, functional objects.

i own 4 cork bottles

20 jars

and they don't take up much room,

so i can buy them in bulk.

my mother never understands why 

i refer to this collection, these bottles, as "cute"

as if one would be attracted to these objects,

but when you fill these bottles,

with even smaller objects,

these habitats of color and fake life

blossom and become beautiful.


try collecting mini bottles and jars

they might just find a special string in your heart to hold onto.

Nov 14
poem challenge: Garden

sweet garden way

the garden still stands

black roses with thorns pave a path older than time itself

where sinners can be punished

and where the satanists may finally rejoice

a gazebo in the center for those who are brave enough to venture 

they will find a well

with black waters and sirens calling out to you

do not fret,

instead dip your finger in 

and taste sin

the white crows sit atop leaveless trees

mocking those who pass by this maze

of hate

Nov 13

written letter

Nov 08


I walked down the cold lane, burying my face in my scarf to stay warm. It was snowing lightly and elegantly. The shops had just closed, and the only lights were on the park walks and the streets. There were very few cars on the road, and I sat on a bench to watch the cars pass by. I looked to the left, rocky mountains with snowy caps miles away. I centered my vision and saw you staring back at me from the other side of the street. Your auburn hair flowing in the quiet wind. Your eyebrows deepened into your forehead as the wind began to howl. Your sleveless, pink dress barely moved in the intense wind as you stepped closer and closer into the road. Finally, you reached me, and sat beside me on the bench.

"Spencer. Why are you alone?"

Your voice was raspy but held genuine interest, so I decided to talk to you. Just this once.

"My date never showed up." I turned to you. "And you? Why are you here?"