Dec 22
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Hopeless Romanticism

Hopeless romanticism,
I feel like I have had this term thrown at me.
I walk around life thinking of novels and movies,
waiting for a moment to live that exact feeling,
love that consumes you.
I wanted to be consumed.
So it made me naive, helpless,
and hopelessly addicted to the idea of romanticism.
I ended up falling in love with people,
people who had no intention of falling back,
or even picking me up when I fell.
I want someone to make me freefall,
then be there to steady me.
But life isn't like that.
It’s not the idea I made up in my head
to escape reality.
Not for most people at least.
I might never have a happily ever after,
but is it too much to ask for a happily for now?
Sep 24
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Bittersweet Flesh Wounds

Bittersweet Flesh Wounds.        TW: Refrences of addiction
You remind me of childhood summer nights,

Scraping a knee on the concrete.

I’ll get up and act like it didn't happen,

When I'm with you I can ignore a small flesh wound.
We met in a weird situation,

Never thought we would get so close.

You make me take down my walls,

To see all of me.

You once told me when i flinched,

How you would never hurt me.

I haven’t felt that safe in a long time,

And that made me want more from you.
You make me WANT to be sober,

To remember every single part of this life.

If it's short lived I want all of it with you. 

I used to call you,


Just on my bathroom floor.

I may not remember most of those nights but,

I do know the reason I'm alright now.
Sep 23
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He, She, (They).

He, She, (They).
He is the poem i could never write,

He is the painting that will always lay unfinished in a basement covered in cobwebs.

He is the thing no artist, of any kind,

Could attain.

He is the cure that doctors wish they had.

He is a boy who went down an unstable road,

Where the planks on the bridge began to crumble beneath his feet.

Yet he found his way across.

He is the one who will capture your heart by offering you a cigarette,

After a fight with your parents.

He will make you feel so high,

Meanwhile; your stone-cold sober.

He is the soulmate that never quite worked out,

The oh-so stereotypical “One who got away”.

He is the boy of your dreams,

And your nightmares.

He is someone you could dedicate your whole life studying,

And never figure him out.