Nov 08
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Barbie's Camping Trip (Gone Wrong) pt. 1

(Story might not be suitable for younger readers.)

As you might have guessed from the title of the story, Barbie has had the wonderful idea of going camping for three weeks, surrounded by serenading birds, fresh air, and awe-inspiring views. Ken, being a dutiful boyfriend (and the manliest of men, of course), he naturally had to go along and play the role of Survivalist Guy. 

However, the only thing Ken had found himself surrounded by was the awful, crooked serenade of Barbie's constant whining about wanting to take take a shower or get her nails done or go to the spa or how her gray roots were showing so she needed to dye her hair again, so he simply swallowed some poisonous berries he had found while going to get some water. So here we are, four hours later. . .


4:19 p.m.

Nov 08
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The Legacy of Nellie Bly

Nov 07
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Whenever I write a story that's really meaningful, it feels like rather than creating it, you are portraying it, sometimes mixing in a bit of your own heart and what you believe. What I mean by that is that the story was already there, but I am just playing the role of storyteller. You have to discover it, and get to know and meet the characters instead of popping them in there without knowing anything. They'll tell you their personalities and what happened to them, and they'll tell you about their world. Maybe a few facts about them will come into your head at any sporadic moment in time, sometimes during a dream or when you're listening in class. Or maybe in the middle of playing a sport. Who knows. It's up to them to give little bits of themself and their world up, they don't have a schedule.
Nov 05
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Maple Tree - Haiku

Nov 05
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Farm Rain - Haiku

Nov 03
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Ocean House

In the middle of the sea, lied a big white house on an island. It was partially engulfed by a large cedar tree, which all of the island's seventeen seagulls would roost on daily.

However there was one special seaguull who was called Rudy by the house's single occupant, a seven-year old girl. Whenever she called to him, he would come swooping down riding swiftly upon the wind currents, carrying a letter from her grandmother. Other times, she would put on her wings and soar for a long time over the ocean with him. 
Nov 02
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Limerick of Sally-Lue

Nov 01
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A Realistic Fairytale: Snow White and The Seven Dwarves

    Once upon a time, long, long ago, a king and queen ruled over a distant land. The ruling couple was kind, fair and just, and they wished very much to have a child. Alas, they were unable to bear one and would weep and cry all the time.

One day, in the middle of a freezing-cold winter night, the queen was doing needlework and sitting by the window, when she was startled by a bluebird who let out a shrill cry. Accidentally, she pricked her finger and a drop of her blood fell upon the snow. “Oh, how I wish I had a daughter whose lips were as red as blood, whose hair was as black as the ebony sky, and whose skin was as pale and white as the snow. . .” she sighed.

    Then, lo and behold, on day the queen found herself pregnant. The entire kingdom rejoiced that day, for they themself had been waiting years for a new princess or prince to arrive. They threw great parties and feasts and everything was filled with laughing an singing.
Oct 28
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Snowflake Ball

Tim walked down the hall,
dressed up for the Snowflake Ball.

In the middle of the wall,
was a painting of a snowball

And it was quite so small,
that it wasn't viewable at all.

Meanwhile, Tim found a doll
that he had found after a fall

When he went for a crawl
wearing his grandmother's white shawl.

Oct 23
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Anger eats you up then spits you back out, quite more ferocious than before. It is a dark storm brewing that cracks open a spews out lightning and sharp, piercing hail bits and puncturing the vulnerable, tender pale skin. It is the deep, red blood that comes out of skin and leeks into clothing and soaks the ground. It is a gale of wind that knocks you down, then roars into your face with its freezing, ice-cold breath until your teeth chatter and your fingers and toes fall off. It is a rushing river that pushes you under and under and under until you are apart of it; battered and unable to escape. It is the yelling and screaming of a monster, working your way into your heart and tearing you apart.