Jan 13
poem 0 comments challenge: Wind
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Gone with a Breeze

I sat quietly on the beach minding my own business.
I watched as the waves washed over the dampened sand.
The sun glistened on the pebbles, and the clouds moved ever so slowly.
The beach was quiet, but my thoughts were loud. 
Despite that, I was happy watching as the seagull’s dove into the sea and the sand molded around my feet.
I never wanted to leave. 
I closed my eyes and let the breeze embrace my body.
My hair felt matted and tangled as it split in every direction.
The wind was cold, but my heart felt warm. 
I let my brain stop thinking, and allowed the wind to do it for me.
I opened my eyes and gazed out in front of me.
The blue sea was darker and the waves were now white caps.
In the moment, I realized the wind had strengthened the sea,
before understanding the wind would never be stronger than me. 
I gathered myself and waved goodbye to the ocean air.
Sep 14
poem 0 comments challenge: Clearing
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New Beginnings

I walked through the forest at dusk. I could hear the faint sound of an owl calling my name as I stumbled over fallen trees. It was dark, yet I knew of the clearing ahead of me. I kept walking, trying to avoid tree branches slowly threatening me. As I approached the clearing, I watched as golden beams of energy erupted before me. I knew I had made it soundly. I walked through the passage and decided to climb up a tree. Allowing myself to take a deep breath, I let the tree’s bark enclose its arms around me. I sat on top of the tree waiting for the sun to set. In other words, I sat on top of the tree waiting for everything to set. The clearing brought new beginnings, and I was ready to be wrapped up in all of them. 
Apr 02
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The Golden Light

Sprung up from the dead of daylight, reemerging into consciousness, she blooms.
Filled with golden energy, the challenge of growth is taken on.
It all starts off small, so she begins working her way up to the color she’s destined to have.
As she rises to the top, she hopes she’ll never fall to the ground.
Step by step, power is gained until she’s fully blossomed.
Bursting with a glistening yellow, her true form has transpired.
The all-powerful sunflower has risen from the ground, with the purpose of releasing sunshine to anyone that’s near.
So clear in the day, she achieves her full potential, passing along the sunshine to others that need it the most.
Feb 05
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The Yellow Elephant

The yellow elephant was dancing around the room.
Spiraling in and out of consciousness, she danced.
Falling to the right, and flying to the sky, she was smiling,
Even if the darkness made her dizzy. She was the elephant
in the room, always wondering why the zebras and monkeys
weren’t dancing. But, that didn’t matter. She did what she wanted,
and wanted to do what she once did. So the yellow elephant kept watching,
And waiting for that one opportunity that never ceased to exist again.

Dec 07
poem 4 comments challenge: Power
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Power of Kindness

Power is an interesting word,
It has lots of meaning to it.
For example, someone has the power to become president,
But a car has the power to drive thousands of miles.
Just like an athlete has the power to achieve greatness,
And people have the power to do good in this world.
We either use or abuse power.
If superpowers were granted to 7.6 billion people,
People would either take advantage of their powers,
Or be creative with them.
But the best use of power comes from within.
It would be in the world’s best interest to choose a meaningful power.
Sure, people could choose to fly, be invisible, or even read people's mind,
But others may choose to be able to walk, talk, hear, or even smell.
I would choose the power of kindness.
You never know when someone's having a bad day,
Or their life is a complete mess at the moment.
If we’re being honest with ourselves,
All we ever try to be is perfect,
Sep 09
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The Time Alone

I grab my keys and head straight to the car. As I rev the engine, I take off without a trace. I head down to the docks, it's sunset, and all is calm. All that can be heard is the soft whisper echoing inside my brain. I just needed to take a second to embrace what was happening. I just need the sound of silence running through my veins. I take a brief moment and watch as the light from the sun starts to fade away, and the darkness of the quiet night comes into play. It was a beautiful sunset, and a perfect night to be alone. With the day behind me, and the deep blue water rippling in front of me, I decided to take a dip. Without a second to even think about it, my feet hit the water, and when I come up for air, it’s all gone. The taunting memory, the endless time, and the pure moment is all in the past, and for once, I get to be ok with that.
May 19
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One Of Many

You’re walking down the street. It’s only the beginning of the street, but you’re excited to see the rest of it. The begging of the street is fresh, fun, and new. As you continue walking down the street, things start to change. You realize you’ve lost some things, or missed some things, but you’ve also gained a few. Then it all becomes a blur once you enter the middle of the crowded streets. You’re just trying to get prepared for whatever life throws at you, and once you finally get around the crowds, you get to continue cruising along leaving all that anxiety in the past. As you keep gliding along, you realize the end of the street is approaching. You’re not quite ready for it, but then again, you totally are. Then boom, just a few more steps and you’re there. Even though the stress level is high, and you’re not quite sure you’re done exploring, you’re nearing the end. But once you’re done walking, you know that it’s going to feel so good.
May 10
poem 0 comments challenge: General
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The World Wasn't Ready But I Was

I woke up ready for my new start.
It was my day, my only day, but it was mine.
It was nice out, the sun was out, but something was off.
When I was taking it all in, I watched as everything let go.
So I kept walking, and walking, until,
I had almost reached my last step.
I wasn’t ready,
But I knew it was coming.
Everything was coming.
That’s when I reached it.
My last step,
Before I fell,
And lost it all.
But that’s ok.
It’s fun while it lasts.
And I was ready to leave,
Even if the world wasn’t.

*just a prompt*
Mar 03
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The Holding Tree

Sitting up in the tree is like nothing I’ve ever seen.
It’s quiet and its dusk, it’s foggy but I must,
Contemplate my life up in this tree.
With responsibilities behind me, and my homework beside me,
I take a deep breath and let my fears roll out.
The air tastes of relief and the brisk air feels good beneath my feet,
But as the moon comes out I know it’s time to go.
So I climb down the tree, leaving my fears floating up in the breeze,
And drift off into the darkness where nobody will ever see me.
Nov 20
poem 0 comments challenge: Wonder
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I wonder why.
I do that a lot you know.
Like, I wonder why it get’s cold v.s hot,
And don’t tell me something logical,
Cause I can dream.
But then I wonder why I may like hot chocolate,
But, my friends like warm apple cider.
Why do we taste things differently?
Then I wonder about my friends,
And why we became friends.
I mean we’re all pretty distinctively different,
I wonder why I love them so much…
That’s another thing I wonder about,
Why can’t love just be love?
I know that’s very opinionated,
And others may disagree,
But when it comes down to things,
Why can’t love just be love?
I just wonder why sometimes.