Jul 30

Heart and Soul

My soul moves like a stream
water tumbling over stones and pebbles, tangled
with leaves and fish, life teeming
in the nooks and crannies, 
always moving downstream,
however slowly or reluctantly it may flow.

My heart sounds like an orchestra,
the timpani droning out a steady rhythm,
constant crescendos and descrescendos of friction come to life-- 
dynamic, dissonant--
strings woven into a tapestry of emotion,
harmonies and melodies dancing through vains and valves.
Jul 28

I Am Not A Cat

I have ears--
how could I forget, with your words scraping against them incessantly
wrapping my coat around me as tightly as the corners
of my smile pull against my teeth to keep you from approaching,
the light never reaching my eyes
as my feet move faster, faster
I recieve an urgent text no one sent,
the blank screen staring up at me, and now I am late
for an imaginary meeting, the clock on my phone urging me on
clutching my coat to keep from running
"Hey sweetheart! Hey baby!" you yell, whistling through your coffee-staind teeth
suddenly my feet are the most fascinating thing I have ever seen
the sidewalk tatooed upon my eyes
and in that moment, I wish I were a baby,
wish my hair wasn't the only safety blanket I had,
wish I hadn't been dealing with this since I was eleven years old
Why is this normal?
Jun 25

How to Be A Girl

The Girl Code:
1. Always wear skirts or dresses. Or lingerie. I know this makes tree-climbing difficult, but that's okay, because girls don't climb trees or do any other physical activities anyway.
2. If your favorite color isn't pink, you're not a real girl.
3. Boys are always right. It's not physically possible for you to be more intelligent than a man. And you opinions only matter when you're talking about fashion or interior design.
4. Your main goals in life are 1) Get married. 2) Have children. In that order, because premarital sex is unacceptable. 
5. Make sure that you always look your best. Otherwise, men will have nothing nice to look at after their long work day.
6. You're not allowed to be in a bad mood unless you're on your period.
Jun 25

Little Blue Bird

On the bookshelf, covered in a layer of dust, your picture lays face-down and forgotten.
I don't regret not saying goodbye.
Or maybe I do, just a little.

Sometimes, I forget things. I forget why I can't wear that red cashmere sweater anymore.
I forget why you left.
I forget that you didn't care.

Maybe, I don't remember because it's easier. Maybe I don't want to remember.
You never did... not the important things, like
putting your ring back on when you came home.

I looked out the back window the other day and saw a little blue bird with a broken wing.
It reminded me of you.
It reminded me of myself.

Sometimes I have trouble remembering the difference.