Apr 17
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Notre Dame

Once, in Paris, when you were very young
You realized you had nowhere to go
So you took yourself to Notre Dame
Attracted by the stained glass windows
With little to nothing for you to live on
You found you were no longer alone
Now all of that may be gone
But you are still here. What do you know?

I thought, tonight I would call you up
Meet you in front of some payphone
A quarter could take us nearly anywhere
As long as you don't leave me alone
I'm just trying to keep it together
As wonders and history burn to the ground
It's true, nothing may last forever
I just hope I will always have you around.

Some damage we do cannot be undone
Some hurt, some pain, is irreversible
Sometimes we are the ones in the wrong
And even our best apologies are futile
It doesn't matter if it was 'an accident'
It happened because I wasn't careful
Apr 10
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Wake Me

I wanted to remind you of us running
Running late for everything
When we used to wear each other's clothes
And smell like each other every day
Me driving home after school
With you, right there in the passenger seat
Of stolen autumn kisses-- lips warm, air cold
That feeling when two seasons meet.

I was running late for school this morning
So I left you alone, sleeping
I hadn't the heart to try and wake you
So I took your jacket with me
I stepped outside expecting March snow
Only to be greeted with April rain
Suddenly you and I were different
I noticed the seasons had changed.

I cannot claim that I knew from the start
I still am not sure, what did I do?
I can't believe I captured your heart
Got myself so stuck on you
Fell for you with the autumn leaves
And froze there as wintry wind blew
Now the frost is thawing, the birds are singing
Feb 17
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There is plasma in your blood
You have iron in your veins
Calcium in your bones
Phosphorus in your DNA
You belong to the Earth
But fell from much higher grace
For you are something of a star
With a human name.

We used to believe that the Earth was flat
The center of the sun's ring of fire
We never knew the view from Everest
Until we climbed to the clouds and higher
We believed each person was carved from glass
By some unearthly, all-powerful creator
Now we believe in the miracle of science
Logic not love, fear not desire.

You and I are four green eyes
Two pairs of hands, arms and legs
Tangled like headphones stuffed in pockets
Happily like love on a Sunday morning
We are two different heads, two unlikely hearts
Suddenly feeling and beating the same
We move, we breathe, we think together
So I will become what you became.
Jan 27
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Friday Night

You want to go out
But I'd rather stay home
You want to get there fast
But I want to take it slow
Make everything last
But still live in the moment
Never give up on the past
Never leave thoughts unspoken.

Because I want to have my cake
And still eat it too
Have a hundred first kisses
Before I settle down with you
Have you stay with me forever
But let me wander as I do
Keep it easy and casual
In a life built for two.

I've got a thirst for adventure
I've got wind in my sails
I want to see the whole world
Search for a holy grail
They say it's rough out there
So I'll ignore those scary details
Because if I never try
Then how can I fail?

Because if you love too much
It might turn to hate
When you never speak
There's no wrong thing to say
And if you never leave home 
You can't show up late
But if you never take a chance
Jan 18
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Somewhere I lost my marbles
Immersed in thought, I missed my train
I have always been so forgetful
I always seem to show up late
Two steps behind everyone else
Doors slamming in my face
While you have sunshine, I have clouds
I'm stuck, stranded in the rain.

So maybe I'll leave for somewhere new
Your eyes will follow like the windows of an airplane
A sunset from a different point of view
Looking down on familiar landscapes
Passengers clamor for only a glance
Staring at the blues, oranges and pinks
But I will stay still and colorless
Worried of what people might think.

Of course I think you are beautiful
Of course I love it when you say my name
Of course what you say to me is meaningful
But a traveler I will remain
Gone for a while, never forever
But when I return, I won't be the same
What we feel becomes who we are
Jan 09
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Magician's Code

I placed quarters behind my ears
Filled my suit with hankerchieves
Looking for a bit of magic
To make life more entertaining
A rabbit hops out of my hat
And I hear people laughing
So I make myself a spectacle
To keep their eyes on me.

I captivated your attention
With a deck of cards up my sleeve
So that when you shook me to my core
You watched in disbelief
As fifty-two rectangles fell to the floor
Not cards, but memories
And I threw myself down to cover them
What I could not let you see.

It is hard for someone like me
To live in a world so chaotic
For I can juggle clubs, lit flames
Clamor, cry for your attention
But once the balls are in the air
What do I do then?
They fall, the bounce, slowing down
Painfully, regretfully resillient.

So what else do I hide up my sleeves?
Behind my ears? In my hat?
Jan 01
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Slow Dance

You watch your life fly by through a window.
I stare at it emptily through a screen,
Preferring to watch rather than participate
In a life I have never felt, only seen.
Years pass and we grow up.
Things change, friends leave.
We say goodbye and then hello.
One thousand, two thousand nineteen.

You better slow down,
Dance steady for a while
Because life is too short.
To fight time is futile.
Waltzes last longer
When held close with a smile.
So dance like a lover
Rather than a child.

Take a breath, you're doing fine.
Place your hands on my waist
And I will keep time.
You'll get better with age
Like a fine, red wine.
Just let the music swell
And know you are alive.

One more step toward me
And we'll be right in line.
So come a little closer
Put your lips on mine.
Nothing feels so perfect
Right here at midnight
Nov 22
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The Pianist

Play me something new and sweet
I need a bit more than deep, blue nothing
A cleansing, colorful melody
That smells and tastes of cherry wine
To ease the pain in my dancing feet
To buy myself a bit more time
Play me something more than a memory
I am tired of the sounds of black and white.

My mind does not work the way it is supposed to
You tell me that's okay. Artists' minds never do.
So why is that when you play, all I see is blue?
All I feel is pain and all I smell is vermouth?
Synesthesia, so they say, because I could not tell you
The difference between a harmony and a hue
Nor the taste of wine and feel of a corkscrew
Nor why, when when you're away, I so miss you. 

So let me take you where no one will hear
As I tell you everything with my eyes
I am no musician, so I will just have to show
What exactly is on my mind
How strange the courage to speak the truth
Nov 17
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Winter Things

Snow fell on the first night
That I ever saw you cry
It muffled your voice
So I closed my eyes
Just to hear you better
To understand why
It could be so beautiful
Yet so dangerous outside.

​If your jacket is too thin
I will give you mine
If your shoes fill with snow
I will let you walk behind
Place your feet in my footprints
Our steps falling in time
To protect you, to help you
The pleasure is mine.

In just an hour things will look different
Nothing green, nothing brown, only white
Like the end of a book or the colors in a sunset
As the day turns to night
Like the world looked after I met you
Nothing wrong and nothing right
What was I supposed to do?
Without instruction, without a guide.

I like the way that your jaw drops
Every time you hear my name
Something so hauntingly beautiful
Like a barren, wintry landscape
Nov 10
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Wound Up

The magnets in my bones are hopelessly drawn
To the iron in your blood
So I may never pull myself away
If we were to touch
So my bones will shatter if you go
Or you will bleed, but nothing good
Can come of two inseparable people
Meeting like the two of us.

And I wish that I was carved from stone
Instead of having skin made of paper
For I could survive completely alone
With a cold and hard exterior
To feel for you brings me only sorrow
To feel nothing would be better
Yet what a waste it would be for me to forget you
When what I want is so much more.

For you are not only as you appear
You are more than you think you are
 Than blood and bones, than steel and stones
You are all that makes me wonder
A person made as a machine
So cutting edge, yet somehow familiar
Ahead of your time, a sight to be seen
While I am no more than a wind-up girl.