Jan 01
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Slow Dance

You watch your life fly by through a window.
I stare at it emptily through a screen,
Preferring to watch rather than participate
In a life I have never felt, only seen.
Years pass and we grow up.
Things change, friends leave.
We say goodbye and then hello.
One thousand, two thousand nineteen.

You better slow down,
Dance steady for a while
Because life is too short.
To fight time is futile.
Waltzes last longer
When held close with a smile.
So dance like a lover
Rather than a child.

Take a breath, you're doing fine.
Place your hands on my waist
And I will keep time.
You'll get better with age
Like a fine, red wine.
Just let the music swell
And know you are alive.

One more step toward me
And we'll be right in line.
So come a little closer
Put your lips on mine.
Nothing feels so perfect
Right here at midnight
Nov 22
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The Pianist

Play me something new and sweet
I need a bit more than deep, blue nothing
A cleansing, colorful melody
That smells and tastes of cherry wine
To ease the pain in my dancing feet
To buy myself a bit more time
Play me something more than a memory
I am tired of the sounds of black and white.

My mind does not work the way it is supposed to
You tell me that's okay. Artists' minds never do.
So why is that when you play, all I see is blue?
All I feel is pain and all I smell is vermouth?
Synesthesia, so they say, because I could not tell you
The difference between a harmony and a hue
Nor the taste of wine and feel of a corkscrew
Nor why, when when you're away, I so miss you. 

So let me take you where no one will hear
As I tell you everything with my eyes
I am no musician, so I will just have to show
What exactly is on my mind
How strange the courage to speak the truth
Nov 17
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Winter Things

Snow fell on the first night
That I ever saw you cry
It muffled your voice
So I closed my eyes
Just to hear you better
To understand why
It could be so beautiful
Yet so dangerous outside.

​If your jacket is too thin
I will give you mine
If your shoes fill with snow
I will let you walk behind
Place your feet in my footprints
Our steps falling in time
To protect you, to help you
The pleasure is mine.

In just an hour things will look different
Nothing green, nothing brown, only white
Like the end of a book or the colors in a sunset
As the day turns to night
Like the world looked after I met you
Nothing wrong and nothing right
What was I supposed to do?
Without instruction, without a guide.

I like the way that your jaw drops
Every time you hear my name
Something so hauntingly beautiful
Like a barren, wintry landscape
Nov 10
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Wound Up

The magnets in my bones are hopelessly drawn
To the iron in your blood
So I may never pull myself away
If we were to touch
So my bones will shatter if you go
Or you will bleed, but nothing good
Can come of two inseparable people
Meeting like the two of us.

And I wish that I was carved from stone
Instead of having skin made of paper
For I could survive completely alone
With a cold and hard exterior
To feel for you brings me only sorrow
To feel nothing would be better
Yet what a waste it would be for me to forget you
When what I want is so much more.

For you are not only as you appear
You are more than you think you are
 Than blood and bones, than steel and stones
You are all that makes me wonder
A person made as a machine
So cutting edge, yet somehow familiar
Ahead of your time, a sight to be seen
While I am no more than a wind-up girl. 
Nov 02
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Let's go out on the water tonight
Fire in our hearts, wind in the sails
Let's travel to where we can see for miles
A life of piracy, heart and tall tales
Flying over the ocean at the speed of light
Getting lost on gusts, storms and gails
A world awash in saltwater and starlight
Lips locked on mine, we cannot fail.

What is a home without a father?
A son may never know who he will become
A beautiful wife with no one to love her
Just promise to remember where you come from
While you are loving goddesses
Penelope and Telemachus are all alone
Think of Ithaca, Odysseus
And promise, one day, to return home.

You do not care that a storm is brewing
For if we crash into rocks and ice
If we find ourselves slowly sinking
I would be happy to die by your side
To lose myself in painful drowning
To gasp one last breath, to hear you cry
Oct 20
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Ink on her skin
Fire in her veins
But it was the look in her eyes
That gave her away
She gets what she wants
Without any debate
You could count her lovers
But they are one and the same.

Show me that her youth is only temporary
And that I am no different from her
Blame it on what each of us was wearing
Say we got what we deserved.
What kind of girl would walk the streets alone?
The both of us should know better
Than to feel safe in our own homes
Than to be unafraid of the dark.

His fingernails left crescent moons
Glaring bright red against my pale forearm
Her scars blended in with her tatoos
While mine live on-- a constant reminder
Remorse and rumors surround us two
With neither of us knowing of the other
Complicit in a crime we did not choose
Silent in what makes us similar.

Tell her that she is far too pretty
To be at a bar all alone
Oct 14
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Beautiful and unusual
You, a moonshine monster
Open your lips to the heavens
And tell me which it is you dread more
As you howl out your solemn question
Is it the echo or the answer?
Would you rather know that you are alone
Or live wondering what is out there?

I will live as a map on your wall
That you fill with red pushpins and stickers
Marking all of the places you have dreamt of
From the back of a pickup truck in September
On the nights that you barely remember living
Filled with good company and crisp autumn air
Take me with you wherever you go
Whether to the edge of town or the end of the world.

So tell me is this a simple seasonal change?
Or are the trees truly catching fire?
The leaves drift so easily to the ground
While I always seem to fall much harder
Bare branches are all you seem to see
No nuance, no heart to the picture
Sep 30
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Good morning, Mrs. Dalloway
The sun rises through lacey curtains
I have nothing more to say
Except that you left me speachless
The end of the night, tangled in sheets
Nothing to speak of between us
Your heart untamed, beats and beats
Crooked, messy, just how we like it.

You belong in a fine estate
Not among the clutter of my boarded-up apartment
Yet here you are and here you remain
Amid chaos, beauty, the muse to my artist
You are nothing banal or mundane
You are alive, energetic, alarming
I would hate to see that fade away
Yet aging never went well with excitement.

So what is it that makes life worth living
When souls never last quite as long as bodies?
When the moon still rises and stars still shine,
Even on the nights when you are not with me?
When everything we know must die
For any of it to matter, for you to believe
That what we go through, we survive
Sep 16
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Fair Weather

The smell of popcorn lingers in the air
Carnival rides and tiny toys
Like funhouse mirrors, everyone stops and stares
You are music, mayhem and beautiful noise
Watching, listening, but you do not care
Colors blur with the sound of your voice
Reminiscent, I almost thought you were there
Among the laughter of happy girls and boys.

I would have ridden the ferris wheel all night
If it meant I got to ride next to you
Queasy but excited with you by my side
In a small town with nothing better to do
For a moment I forgot my fear of heights
Lost myself in fantastic views
Of you-- of fireworks reflected in your eyes
Just you, me and the moon.

You are something different and exciting
Like a car of clowns or a barrel of monkeys
Time flies by, pedulums swinging
I think that you or your battleship sunk me
My head, like the carousel, constantly spinning
Sep 09
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A Lover's Dictionary

A chair is just a chair
Until someone calls it a throne
A pebble is just a pebble
Until someone calls it a stone
A house is just a house
Until someone calls it a home
And a feeling is just a feeling
Until someone calls it love.

I did not wake up this morning
In fact I never went to sleep
Up late staring at the ceiling
Lights dance and shadows creep
Unable to understand how I am feeling
Surprised, confused, too dark to see
Thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking
Curtains drawn on what is meant to be.

I am sure that I could love you
Go get a job and start to save
Take out a loan on my own house
Open an account at the local bank
Or I could say goodbye for now
Ignore the fire in my brain
Far be it from me to stick around
Without knowing what this means.

There is a definition for every word
There is a reason for everything