Nov 09
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A House Divided

He was a man and he was on a mission
It was operation "Make America Great Again"
The plan? It was simple.
Give Americans permission to hate again.
And now there's never been a time like this
When everyone's this pissed...
That hasn't ended in hundreds of hearts breaking

His methods are unorthodox
But hey! So were Reagan's
But is that really a positive?
Reagan didn't quite save us.
They say they've never seen
Bigotry so blatant
They've never seen a man
Quite this sexist.
Not to mention anti-semitic
And oh! Homophobic.
All on top of his denial of
Female rights to abortion.

So America, meet your next president
The real Donald Trump
He's here to give our interest rates
And minorities a bump
He can't handle his own twitter account
He's got no self-control
Especially if you're not white
Megyn Kelly, or less than half of the whole
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Nov 03
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This is the place where our story starts
This is the place we'll always come back to
This is the place for old friends and new hearts.
This is the place where we sat under a tree
And, night after night, we counted stars.
And no matter how hard we try, we belong here
Because it's who we are.

We come from crunchy fall leaves
We come from smoke rising off burning wood.
We come from piping hot cider and snowflake dreams.
We come from Christmas sledding and opening presents
With warm firesides and bright red rosy cheeks.
Because we are all these things and many more
This is us. This is you and me.

And you'll always make me nervous
When you walk into the room
You'll always give me butterflies
When I'm standing next to you.
But we come from the same place
And while you'll always feel brand new
This is in our blood, in our DNA
This is where we were born, where we grew.

Oct 23
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Lonely Boy

Inspired by "Broadway Boogie Woogie" by Piet Mondrian (
He always thought it was romantic, being alone. He liked it. It gave him time to think. He liked drinking his coffee alone, taking the subway alone, reading alone, walking home alone at night when all the lights of the city shone brighter because the selfish, bragging sun had fallen below the horizon. It gave him time to collect himself and then set his mind free. And his mind, it flew, far above the city, until he was just a tiny dot among millions of tiny dots, walking through geometric patterns of skyscrapers and city streets.
Oct 20
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The Local

I guess I couldn't make you stay
So I'm holding no one's hand
On this cold winter's day
I'm taking my time
Because it's all that's really mine
And it's meant for two.

You left in the autumn
And then all the leave fell
And I hit rock bottom
Only no one could tell
That's the thing about heartbreak
To you, it's an earthquake
But to everyone else
You're just a cliche.
And you're alone.

It's the perfect season for romance
Keeping each other warm
Simply by holding hands.
Watching the snow fall
Covering the ground
Muffling the woods
And all of its sounds.
The birds don't sing here
Because they've all flown south
It's just me and my shame
With your hand over my mouth.

So we could fall for warm firesides
And we could take trips on skis
We could lick candy canes
And shop for Christmas trees

Oct 15
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The world seems so much bigger
When you're so very young
Your life seems so much longer
When it's just begun.
And you can do anything you desire
You don't have to pick just one.

You were a fantastic magician
You knew all of the best magic tricks
You captivated me your sleight of hand.
Just before you'd grant all my wishes.

You were also quite the sailor
You hopped over waves as they were rising
You sailed away and discovered new worlds
That lay just beyond the horizon.

But you we also a colorful mathematician
And you romanced everyone with your logic
While still believing in magic
Blowing them away with your wit.

But, best of all, you were a white night
With your suit of armor, flashing
I thought you looked quite dashing
With your shield in your grip.

Me? I'm just a poet
And I'm trying to tell your story

Sep 29
poem 8 comments challenge: Time
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Her eyes were open books
In which men would read strange matters
But her heart was a fortress
Sheltering her from disaster.
Because she couldn’t fall in love
Because free-fall leads to fall-out
And at some point, when you’re up so high
You’ve got to come crashing down.
Her hair dripped down her back
It was just like wet paint
Brush strokes of shiny, jet-black
The artist unaware of his masterpiece.
Her skin was porcelain
Her nails varnished perfectly.
She smelled like a burning garden
A beautiful, floral, tragedy.
She was chaotic and enigmatic
She hardly felt real
Because the whole point of a person
Is to be unbelievable.
She was strong and brave
Yet so often afraid
She was intelligent, yet illogical
But she never made mistakes.
And since she was impossible
Everyone knew her name
Because she was the girl
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Sep 06
poem 4 comments challenge: Unsaid
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Damaged Goods

I’m a bouquet of wilted flowers
I’m a broken empty vase
I’m chipped, worn out, stripped of my power
I’m out of touch and out of place
What you see is what you get
Because they said that I was broken
That I was damaged goods
And so I knew that no one would want me
Who would want the kind of girl
Who just gives it up for free?

Before I was touched
I possessed a kind of beauty
It was a kind of fascination
Preserved in delicate chastity.
But as soon as I was wanted
As soon as someone touched me
The perfect image was shattered
And all that was left was me.
The pieces around me were scatted
And I was exposed for everyone to see.

Maybe I wasn’t’ in love with him
But that doesn’t mean I wanted to lose him.
It’s just so hard for me to be alone
I should have been more comfortable on my own
But that’s not who I was
It’s not who I am
Aug 16
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Why are you afraid of falling apart?
Go ahead now, shatter
And you'll make a beautiful mosaic.
They make art from broken mirrors.
Fall apart, break. Do what you please.
Because someone will put you back together
Tear at every edge, you'll still be a masterpiece
Don't know where you're going?
Then any road will get you there.

You might not always be the way you are now
But there's nothing wrong with that.
Change is what we need to survive
Otherwise we can't go forward at all
We'd be stuck here forever, frozen in time
And our children would forever be small
No one would be able to move on with their lives
We'd be like the mad hatter and march hare
Stuck in eternal tea time

So speak in the languages that you don't understand
Draw brand new shapes that haven't been invented
Fall in love in new cities, even in new states
Laugh too hard and make silly mistakes
Aug 16
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Words are power
Because Words have meaning
And meaning is important
Because meaning is feeling
And feeling is compulsion
And compulsion is control
And you can try to resist it
But it's irresistable.

Like how Thought is a word that is logical
When Feeling is one that's freewheeling
In example, Wrong is a word that is more of a thought
Whereas Right is most definitely a feeling.

Strength is a word that I want to achieve
Weakness is a word that's all too familiar
Heart is a word that is special to me
And Hate is one that's peculiar

Science is a word that I understand
And Love is a word that I don't
History is a word that moves in a cycle
And Now is a word that I feel in my bones.

Death is a word that I think about a lot
Yet I still don't know much about it
And Life is a word of which I know even less
Though it seems that I'm still here living it.
Aug 05
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Learning to Fly

Today you are on a mission
Whatever it may be
You could be closing an age old gap
Between strangers who once were friends
Or helping pick up the pieces
Left in heartbroken ends
Maybe your telling
what needs to be told
Or warming a heart
that's been left in the cold
You could be lifting the burden
off of some man's back
Or lengthening a leash,
cutting some slack.
Maybe your mission
is just to brave
You don't need to win
or to save the day
If you can just muster
the strength to start again
You can get back out there
and you can make new friends
Anything is possible
I swear it to be true
Because you are awesome.
You are you.

I know that you're scared
And I know that you're tired.
But, honey, what's the difference
Between scared and inspired?
Just count the small steps
Between stressed and relaxed,