May 10
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Hits and Blows

You'll be the catcher
I'll be the rye.
You'll be the sun
And I'll be the sky
You want to play magician?
That's perfectly fine
I'll be your assistent
And your noble guide
You can take lead
Because I don't mind.

I'll be the part
You'll be the whole
I'll be the body
You'll be the soul
I'll be silver
You can be gold
And I'll shrivel up and die
But you'll never grow old

Every Batman needs a Robin
Every Spongebob needs a Patrick
Every Holmes needs a Watson
Every Peter needs a Tink
Every Harry needs a Ron
Everyone needs someone else
To make them great.
Like how every hero needs a sidekick
And every captain needs a mate
And every meal needs an appetizer
On a slightly smaller plate.

I'll be the harmony
To every song you sing
Because that's what friends are for.
I'll be there, through everything.
May 08
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More Than Anything

I remember every nook and cranny
I remember every pointless conversation
Every stupid memory.
Walking the same road I did
But in an entire different reality
Hundreds of miles down the  same road
But no crazy, stupid you and me.
I'm all alone
I'm trapped in the one place I can call home.

The cracks in the pavement are still there.
The stars are still shining bright
And you can still see the milkyway
In the deep, moonless sky.
And as I wander down memory lane
Tears spring to my eyes.
As I remember all their names.
It hurts so much that I start to cry
Because I remember everything.

I remember all the love we proffessed
I remember all the midnigh adventures.
I remember all the secrets I've kept
I remember sparklers and sunrises
I remember all the nights I never slept
I remember everything we left behind
And I hate to think that it might be all gone
Mar 29
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Life in Technicolor

Your mother never says it
But she loves you
And your father can't prove it
But he swears its true
And your brother doesn't know it
But he's turning blue
And you'll never be it
But we all know you want to.

And everything is grey
Your eyes, your clothes, your teeth
The color's trapped inside
You're tearing at the seams.
Paint squeezes from your eyes
And pours down your cheeks.
All the tears that you cried
Are coloring their dreams
You gave them everything
You didn't even think.

And everything turns blue
Your brother, the sky, the streets
And everything's open now
But what does that mean?
Families fall apart, people fall together
But nothing is as it seems

Mar 11
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Smoke and Mirrors

Time is an illusion
Measured in years
So now that I'm younger
than the wisdom in a child's tears
And you're older than death
Than life's greatest fear.
Now that you're through
And now that I've just begun
Now that I'm brand new
And you're barely hanging on
And all you want is some peace
Let's go run through the field of eternities
Leave the past and sorrow
And swim away from useless realities
Let's cry our last salt tears
Let's go somewhere with nameless streets.
Let's do something crazy
Just you and me.
Because time is and illusion
It's smoke and mirrors
So let's go somewhere far away
Where time isn't measured in years.
Mar 02
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A Tribute New York City

Lights flash
Cabs roll by
There are no stars
Just an empty sky.
Yet the city is lit
With thousands of lights
It's the city of beginnings.
And this is our first night.
We're starting something new
Because this is our time.
This is where you come
When you open your mind
This is where you come
When all you want is to find
A place you can make it
A place where someone cares
Becuase if you can make it here
You'll make it anywhere.

And as I look around
At these bustling streets
I can't believe all the people
I'll have the chance to meet.
And the sunsets are still spectacular
And there's still light in our eyes.
This is the place
Where your dreams never die.
No one here
Ever runs out of time.

And they say it's big
They say it's tough
They say that sometimes
Your dreams aren't enough.
But my dreams
Mar 01
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Holding On

She was just a girl
And they said she was strong
But what they didn’t know
Was that she was barely hanging on.
And she would all was tell you
How she could do it.
She didn’t need our help and she’d be alright
But as it got harder and harder
She loosened her grip
So when she held your hand she held on tight.
She was just a girl
Who fell in love with you.
Even though she couldn’t love herself
Just a girl, who never knew
Anything and everything
And who was pushed to the back shelf.
You were just a boy
And you were tired and worn down
Pushed to your breaking point.
And you couldn’t get your mouth
To speak the words
To say them out loud.
You were just a boy
And no one blames you
They call you a hero
For all the things you did do.
But the truth is you don’t know
Why they’d say that about you
You were never a hero

The Obituary of a Teenage Dream

It was the kind of town that you often read about in books, but more often that you saw in the movies. The train tracks ran right through it, curving along side the sinuous river. Fields of corn and pastures splayed out over all the flat expanses and as the hill rose up, so did the forests. Every so often you'd run into a house or a barn, but mostly it was the cows, the deer and the birds, all moving about in their own habitats speaking their own languages.
Dec 01
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Life in the Cinema

      Life isn't like a movie. In the movies, it's always alright in the end, but the thing baout life is that it keeps going after the ending and then in the end it's not really alright because the end is always the one time it's not alright. Movies are all about the snow glinting in the light of streetlamps and the stars being so bright you can see the milkyway. They're about waking up in the morning and getting straight out of bed (who does that?) They're about awesome things happening when you least expect it. But in reality, people fight and sometimes they're bad kissers and sometimes they're jerks. People fight... a lot. People die and they don't always get the best eulogies and obituaries. Sometimes people die and no one really loves them and no one cares enough to attend their funeal.
Nov 29
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Complicated Segment

            I look around for Izzy, but I can’t find her anywhere. Finally, after looking pretty much everywhere else. I take a deep breath and walk in through the door labeled ‘Ladies.’ I look around and see that it really isn’t all that different from the boys’ bathroom, but there’s some sort of machine that takes quarters, when I look closer I see that it dispenses tampons. There are no urinals, which makes sense. There are also dividers between every single toilet. This is luxury right here.
            “Izzy?” I say, cautiously. “Izzy, what happened? I haven’t seen you since you first got here. Is the party really that much of a drag?” I look to see if there are feet under any of the stall doors. There are. “Izzy. I know you’re in there. What’s up? Come and join the party!” I say. I hear a sniff, and I know for sure that it’s definitely Izzy in there, but she’s crying. “Why are you crying?” I ask, because I honestly have no idea.
Nov 28
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Fade Away

They painted over their secrets
They told so many lies to you
And they never gave you much
But it was the most you ever knew.
And I've seen right through you
Push the world out of your way!
What's the point? I'm trying to help you,
But you don't care what I have to say.

Slow down and look around.
Don't grow up so fast.
Your mother loves your father
But what if this doesn't last?
"You've got to find another.
You've got to have a fall back."
What happened to anything and everything?
Why won't they just cut you some slack?

And I wonder what your dreams were
Before the world pushed you away.
What's the point in ever trying?
You won't get there anyway.
You thought that you were flying,
But they wouldn't listen what you had to say.
They just muffled your screaming.
They let you throw it all away.
When they could no longer use you,