Nov 02

Untitled story #2 chapter 1 nanowrimo draft

A/N: This story is     v       e         r          y          experimental. That's the only reason I'm writing it. I have no idea how it's going to turn out. I'd tell you what I'm experimenting with but then placebo could happen and ruin everything. Feedback would be wonderful though, since that's how I measure the experiment. Science. As a nanowrimo draft, this piece favors quantity over quality. 

It isn’t often that a story can effectively start at the very beginning of one’s life. Dragging on from the second one comes out of the womb until they finally reach the maturity to begin their hero’s journey is wasted time. Their experiences in their childhood shapes them, but it is better left as backstory. 
Nov 02

Prologue to untitled story #1 nanowrimo draft

A/N: I've had this idea for a few months but after reading part 4 of Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift in my british literature class, I suddenly became a lot more attached to it. I tried to mimic the common narrator voice of the books we've been reading for the class. I think I'm getting the hang of it slowly. As a nanowrimo draft, this piece favors quantity over quality.

There has long been a legend of a creature upon the highest mountain that can grant any gift.

However, the climb was considered impossible for a mortal and it had never been proved.

Then came a man who had lost everything and had no one but himself to blame.

He had nothing to lose but everything to gain, and began the journey determined to die.

The climb was unspeakable and he seemed only to survive by the slightest happening of luck.

But the climb is not as important as what happens in response and will be left vague.
Apr 24

I'm Sorry for Being Addicted

I'm sorry for being addicted.
To my friends,
To people I care about,
To socializing.

I'm sorry it's taking over my life. 
My passing college grades,
The praise from my teachers,
My reputation amung my peers,
The novel I wrote,
The ones I'm still writing,
The short stories that are published,
My comics,
My art
Are all solid evidence of how helplessly roped in I am.

I'm sorry I spend my own free time how I want to.
That these people make me happy,
That they help me when I'm panicking, 
That my anxiety and depression have all but disappeared.

I'm sorry for wanting to spend time with them.
That I'd climb a mountain for them,
That I'd overcome my greatest fears to be with them.

I'm sorry I care about other human beings and enjoy their time.
I'm sure you have people in your life that you care about.
Jan 30

Planting Children

A/N: I wrote this story for the creative writing class I'm taking this semester. I had to base a <1,800 word story based on a specific picture. The final product is 1,781 words long and length was definitely my biggest struggle. How are you supposed to write short stuff?

The concept was simple, the execution, not so much. It was something out of a science fiction movie.

The Most Important Thing About Writing

I'm on Youtube!

Nov 24

Gems- epilogue (nanowrimo draft)

A/N: I'm not even sure if I'm going to include this in the final draft shruggety HECK I FORGOT TO PUT #Gems ON THE LAST CHAPTER

Eddie pressed himself up against the wall and avoided a groan. He was so done doing the impossible. Get over your parents’ death, be happy, create a weapon that can pierce through the strongest thing in the universe, break into and then escape the most secure location known on the planet. It was always him.
Nov 24

Gems chapter 34- Aiden (nanowrimo draft)

A/N: There are legit tears in my eyes as I post this holy rhododendron or however you spell that I've been working on this for four years and... it's... it's over..................................................... #Gems

I woke up because my bed was on fire.
The next thing I heard was people screaming, which was a good and normal reaction to have to a flaming bed.
The next thing I heard was Heather’s voice. “Sorry, so sorry! We told them they weren’t allowed in, but they never listen to us.”
I was so stunned I couldn’t scream. The fire was warm to the point of being a little uncomfortable, but it didn’t hurt, my clothes weren’t catching on fire, and my skin wasn’t getting extra crispy. At first, I wondered if I had become invincible or something, but then Puddijello jumped up onto my chest, which hurt a lot.
“Ow!” I yelped. “Puddijello, no! You’re too heavy!”
Nov 24

Gems chapter 33- Josh (nanowrimo draft)

A/N: This is probably the chapter I've struggled with the most wowy #Gems

After my first strike on the fog, it suddenly sped up. It was slowly gaining ground, and I found myself backing away more and more. A nervous crowd watched me work from a distance, but most people were just trying to get away as fast as possible. I was gathering up another wave of water when lightning struck. Zack stood right in between me and the fog. I released the water around me. “Get out of the way.”
Zack didn’t budge. “No.”
I was surprised that I wasn’t surprised. “Why not? That fog is trying to kill thousands of people. I have to hold it back. If you don’t move, I’ll hit you, too.”
“The fog is an extension of Meo. If you attack it, you hurt him.”
Nov 22

Gems chapter 32- Heather (nanowrimo draft)

A/N: I accidently switched around two chapters so if you already read this you probably have to go to chapter 31 for the new update 

Travelling above the forest instead of through it was a lot faster. I was going as fast as I could. Strangely enough, the wind rushing past me didn’t make my eyes sting or water. I guess having the power of flight would be pretty useless if you couldn’t see every time you went fast.
The southern edge of the forest finally appeared, with Anna-Claire’s cabin sitting on the edge. I touched down in front of it and knocked on the door. Hopefully she was there.
The door opened a crack, paused a moment, and then opened further. Anna-Claire blocked the entryway, looking as cold as ever. “Heather. What are you doing here?”