May 20
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Second Chances.

Second chances,
So sick of these second chances baby.
Throwing things at me,
Why can't you just leave me be?
Second chances babe,
Second chances baby.
Let me be
Can't you see?
I don't want to side guy.
​I don't need to hide guy.
I want a fly guy.
Give me a ride or die guy.
You just want a  fuck girl.
​One around your finger.
Someone there who lingers,
The provided bringer.
Hold up.
​You think I'll wait for you.
Baby you ain't got a clue.
​Which one of us has grew,
I think it's time for you to shoo.
Second chances,
​So sick of these second chances baby.
​Say you "love" me,
​Why can't you just leave me be?
Second chances babe,
​Second chances baby.
I wanted to hug you,
Tell you I love you,
But seeing that I knew,
​You were searching for another,
Why don't you go hug her?
All our memories one big blur,
May 19
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Everything Will Be Okay

One shot, Two shots, three shots, four,
​You just started throwing up on the bathroom floor.
​Body numb from fights.
You've given up on life.
​Waiting for your girls outside.
​Wondering if you should just hitch a ride.
​Everything inside has died.
​Left alone to cry.
​Looking up at god and screaming why., why, why ,why
Screaming Why, why, why.
​Everything will be okay pretty lady,
Dry you tears.
​Not everyone's as shady.
​As your two faced friends lately
​Everything will be okay pretty lady,
Dry your tears,
I know your friends have been flaky,
​But you've got nothing to fear,
​Baby dry your tears.
​Try to give up on drinking.
Left alone just thinking.
That's when they come around.
​Fox and the hound.
​But they ain't, ever really there for ya.
​They just, pretend like they wantcha.
Everything will be okay pretty lady,
Dry your tears,
May 17
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I Didn't Realize How Naive I Was

Boys like you,
​Who leave girls black and blue.
​Clothes all strewn.
​Green eyes,
And cheap perfume.
Boy like you.
​Listening to those silly little tunes.
Fate completely doomed.
​Thinking back to the time
When I smiled fully,
Grew slowly,
​And didn't realize  how naive I was.
Girl like you.
With a smile a mile wide.
​Scared little girl to run and hide.
Pictures only from her good side.
​Joking chides.
​Girls Like you,
Splashing in the incoming tide.
​Left on a bathroom floor and cried.
Thinking back to a time,
​When I would whine.
​When I covered the black and blues.
​A time after I smiled fully,
Grew slowly,
and didn't realize how naive I was.
Boy like you,
​(Girls like you)
Who leave girls black and blue
(With a smile a mile wide)
Clothes all strewn
​(Scared little girl to run and hide)
Green eyes
May 17
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And They Say Bullies Only Exist At School

I do not have words to say,
​My mind growing farther by the day.
​Listening silently from far away
​Nowhere, is safe.
​I tell myself it will get better.
​That this is just a storm.
​Check the weather,
I bet the storm is showing up there.
It's not.
My heart thrumming.
​I try to hide the tears.
They come anyway.
Absence for years,
For this...
​You see the liquid bursts cascade hideously down my face.
MY heart quickens it's pace,
​Hoping you'll stop when you see them.
Feel them.
​KNOW them.
​Know that you were the cause of them.
​But your face breaks out in a menacing grin.
I want to beat my head in with a tin.
​Remembering it was you who told me" Tears won't work on people"
​Your laughter echoes around me in taunting.
Wanting to see me suffer.
​I feel as though it's my fault.
​For your malice.
​Unchiding of suicide.
May 17
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I am not perfect

I, am not perfect.
​I am not the twirling, tendril, perfect beauty everyone perceives.
I am not.
​rose bud cheeks.
Soft melodically voice.
Gentle hearted.
Perfect and poise.
I'm snide remarks,
Empty bottle of gut wrenching pain.
​Trips to the bathroom,
​Vomit sliding up my throat,
​Coat the silent tears that fall.
​I am red.
​Ever consuming.
​I'm the Hit you didn't expect because I'm a "Girl."
​I'm far fetched tales of half blooded pulps from people who dared cross my path on a bad night.

I am not silent.
​I am not a "Good Girl"
I am not a teachers pet.
​I am not dressed modestly,
I am not designer.
I am not for wondering eyes.
​I am not an art piece for you to ogle at.
​I am louder than a stereo.
​I am labeled "Trouble Maker"
​I do what needs to be done to keep my head above the water.
Nov 06
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1,851 mile,
​Yet I still love you.
256 days
Yet I'd wait a lifetime.
A promise I intend to keep,
​So long as you keep yours.
​If I can only see your face through a screen,
That's fine by me,
​As long as I know you're mine.

​Darling don't be sad,
​WIth you, I am glad.
Though I may not be able to kiss you when youu need.
​Or hold your hand when you cry.
I may not be able to hold you close
​And though those thoughts might make me want to die.
I'll survive,
​So long as I am yours and you are mine.

Distance may seem like a lot.
You may question my love.
​But for you, love is all that I've got.
​Amd without you,
​I don't know what I'd do.

One day I'll hold your hand.
​One day I'll hold you close.
I'll be there when you can't cry or stand,
​ANd I'll tell you why I chose.
That I was yours and you were mine.

Nov 06
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Dear Daddy

You were suppose to keep me safe.
But you weren't there.
​Do you know how much htat hurt, Daddy?
To only see you a couple months.
Do you realize I needed you, Daddy?
​I know you weren't the one who left.
Mommy made me leave.
But no one asked me what I wanted.
Now I live with you.
I thought that would make you happy, Daddy.
I thought maybe you would love me.
But you only love the girl you want me to be.
​Do you know how much that hurts, Daddy?
You used to complain about how much you miss me.
​Now I can't do anything right.
When I was in trouble at school.
​You blamed me, Daddy.
​You never would have blamed Sissy.
​Do you know how much that hurts, Daddy.
​I know you love Sissy more
​I've known it my whole life.
I'm sorry I'm not Sissy.
​I'm sorry I ruined everything.
​I'm sorry I make you cry, Daddy.
But I'm scared, Daddy.

Jul 31
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The Sun And The Moon

The Sun died everynight for the Moon.
The moon died every morning for th Sun.
You died every day for me.
And I died everyday for you.
The Moon is always next to the Sun,
​And the Sun is always shining on the moon.
I never left you,
And you made sure to shine light in my life.
What people don't tell you about dying is that sometimes your heart doesn't stop.
​I was scared of hurting you so I pushed you away.
But you stayed.
​You still want me to shine.
Even if the shine wasn't mine.
But a reflection of what you made.
​We were upset.
I let you be angry.
I understood your anger.
​We dicided not to speak.
I still tried to make sure you were okay.
I decided to mak eit looked like I wasnt around,
​But I always was.
I cried,
​You cried,
​We both died.
​Until one day I realized that I didn't want what I thought I had wanted.
I ended something that left me in pain.
Jul 31
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Me and You

The World Changes.
One day everything is fine.
Then it comes crashing down.
​You wonder what you did.
All the tears you hid.
​Sitting in your room.
Holding all your feelings inside.
Having too much pride.
​Being pushed to the side.
​No one to comfort you when you sat alone and cried.
​When everything inside has died.
Someone comes along.
​You starting singing happy songs.
​They pick you up and brush you off.
​All you fake friends and family scoff.
​'Cause they may not have the right hair,
​Their intent, loving stares,
May be too much
Their eyes aren't the right color,
​Or they have a couple extra pounds.
​But to you they are perfect.
​They have the perfect hair,
They're the perfect size,
And their intent stares,
And perfect colored eyes,
Make you want to jump for joy when you see them.
Their willingness to take your pain away.
Jul 31
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I'm Coming Home

I'm coming home.
​But what is it to come home.
​When your home is miles away?
Your "Home" is simply a house.
​Where you hear the echos of "Slut"
And all the doors that were slammed shut.
The cries from your soul.
​Echoing off the walls when you were left alone.
​House down the street full of nightmares.
​Where Pokemon Go was more important then your wellbeing.
​The horrors you're seeing.
​"Just a little bit down the road, you'll be fine. We won't go over there"
​"Look a mushroom, looking Pokemon down there,"
"You'll be fine,"
​Another promise broken.
​You said we wouldn't go down that street.
​If he was home he would have seen me.
​The Monster still lives there.
​But your game is more important.