Feb 07
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Playing Games

You think this is a game you can play.
Everytime you say.
Expectin me to holler hey.
I aint one to play.
It's real or I don't want it.
Your stupid playin shit.
I aint a playin a little boy's games.
All you little boys be the same.
You think I'd be cryin without you.
You the one cryin at everythin I do.
Moving on t your next.
Tryin to get girls to sext.
I aint about that life.
I reapin my strifes.
So play your games.
WIth the girls who are all the same.
Aint getting me back.
Little boy you mad?
Feb 06
poem 1 comment challenge: Love
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Lovely Life

They tell me not to love you,
But how could I not?
Your blonde hair,
Blue eyes.
Your tall stature,
And your voice.
I never thought you could love me too.
But you did.
I thought of you.
In the back of my mind.
For two straight years.
Almost three.
Always scared to approach you.
I didn't know what you would do.
You were part of that group.
I was hated by most girls in that group.
I was terrified of the boys in that group.
But I got over that.
I was more terrified of you.
I was terrified of my feelings.
I was terrified of being rejected by you.
But I was head or heels for you too.
You were tall,
There was something behind your eyes.
I was terrified of what that might be.
I never thought you woud ever like me.
We barely ever talked.
But I loved your voice.
When you would walk by talking.
Jan 28
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April Showers

Jan 28
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"April showers bring May flowers"
May flowers are beautiful.
The vibrant colors.
From pink, to red, to yellow, to white, blue, green,
And everything in between.
But May is months away.
Everything I see is dead.
No sunny warm days.
The cold fills me with dread.
At the thought of everything dead.
But I wouldn't have it any other way.
Who cares for the flowers,
Or the sunshine.
I love the cold,
And warm mugs of hot cocoa.
Feel the heat of someone laying close to you.
I could survive if the trees never woke up.
As long as they were still alive.
Winter is still here.
I know spring will come.
So I am content with the snow.
And the flowers will soon grow.
So I am okay with the cold.
Even when I am old.
I love my winter wonderland.
Where eveything it cold.
When life is not bold.
But I will continue to me.
The summer is too hot for me.
Jan 27
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Silently, I waited.
My hand cramping from holding it up,
But you just stare at me.
You refuse to ackknowledge my raised hand,
You barely try to ackknowledge my existence.
I move to raise my other hand.
My movement catches your eye.
You look right in my eyes
And turn your head.
I've held up my hand for three minutes now.
Everyone else in the room has been called on.
Some three or four times,
But I'm still raising my hand.
You ask if anyone has anything else to say.
I know you'll chastise me for calling out.
So I continue to raise my hand.
You begin to move on.
I wave my hand and look around.
Other students notice that you ignored my raised hand.
I hold it up for just a little longer.
Slowly my hand lowers.
I knew the answer that no one else knew.
I had something no one had thought about.
But you refused to even ackknowledge me...
Jan 25
poem 0 comments challenge: Emotion
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I want what I don't have,
I have what I don't want.
I find easy things hard,
And hard things easy.
I can't do easy work.
I don't have hard work to do.
My mind shuts down when you force me to be open.
But when I'm open on my own, I'm too open.
It's easy for me to open back up
But hard for me to close up.
Hard for me to shut up
But easy for me to be loud.
Loud things are quiet,
And quiet things are loud.
I'm the opposite of the crowd,
That's the hardest thing to be.
When you cannot physically be "normal"
You understand everyone and no one
No one understands you.
It's confusing.
Sometimes you feel your hallucinating.
Everything turned on it's side.
Different from what it's suppose to be.
You physically can't change it.
You are where everyone is different from you.
They refuse to see things the way you do.
You just do you.
Jan 25
poem 0 comments challenge: Emotion
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You said you wouldn't walk out.
Wouldn't leave me to scream and shout.
Insane in my head.
Without you I'd rather be dead.
Said you wouldn't be like my other friends.
Said you would be my friend until the end.
Said you'd except me with open arms.
You would never cause my soul harm.
But you did.
I apologised as you ran and hid.
Saying we needed space.
It was you I can no longer face.
'Cause jealousy is all you taste.
So I have officially left your band.
Say you'll still help me with open hands.
But you can't be in my life no more.
Left my body lying sore, on the floor.
I'm laughing instead of crying.
I try flying, but I can't
I can't have you around and love him too.
When I tried so hard for you.
But I'm not enough for you.
You threatened him,
And he threatened you too.
Did you ever see what you were doing to me?
Neither of you looked at me.
Jan 18
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We Are All Made Out Of Star Stuff

We are all made out of star stuff. I learned that. We breath, taste, feel, see, hear star stuff. But all star stuff dies. A star is a huge ball of heat, burning so bright no one can get close to it. One day that star will die in a catastrophic super nova. Then it will start a new star. If we are made out of star stuff just like the star that is the reason we are alive today, shouldn't we go out with a big boom too? We are all going to die. It is inevitable. One day even our star creating the only life known to mankind is going to die. And nothing we do will be remembered because most likely, no one will be around to remember. So why are we focusing on the past, or dwelling in the future? we are ALL going to DIE. Lady Gaga, Will Smith, Eminem, Half Past Human, Peirce the Veil. They won't live forever. Sure we will always have their music, and memories, but they will all die. You dear reader, are going to die. The star, Sun that keeps us alive is going to burn up.
Jan 18
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Players Gonna Play and Slayers Gonna Slay

Jan 17
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I'm Not The One

I'm wearing your sweatshirt.
The one from football.
The one you gave me 'cause I asked you if you would.
You told me to wear it more 'cause it showed that I was yours.
It has your last name of it.
The one I hoped one day I would share.
You told me you hoped that too.
It's about two sizes too big but I loved it 'cause I could hide fom my problems inside of it.
It still smells like you.
​I still wear the necklace you got me.
The one that you lost the other part to.
The one you were wearing when you text that girl you liked her. 
You say it wasn't you but I saw it.
The girl was a good friend of mine who wouldn't lie.
Who am I suppose to believe.
You who says you love me but goes sneaking things behind my back.
Or my friend who has never given me a reason to think she would lie.
I have eyes.
I loved you and still do.
You have me stuck not knowing what to do.
I guess I'm not the one.