Dec 26

Move Along

Hope to some but not all is drive.
Drive to be better, get out.
A slave does as they are told to be,
Whenever they seem right, they are wrong.

Heads clunk and clatter at the thought,
Of staying, willing to serve.
However, it may be their truth, 
But nothing stays true for long.

As they say in the north,
Move it along. And down the river you see.
The shadows of brothers gone forth,
Only to be happy and free.

Scream once to attract the heavy trotters.
Again, again to be rid the foe.
Only later will it be clear, 
No one can help you,
Until you come here.

Dec 26

The dreams I have for you

In my head, I see a house
Made up of sticks and stones
With a little blue door that creaks and moans.
The windows are painted a glossy clear.
All the walls hold warmth while the fire burns hot.
The frames of pictures glow. 
Smiling faces of all of us, captured in one take. 
The stairs go up to the soft wool bed 
And blankets all tucked in.
I hold your hand and whisper to you …
“My dreams have come true.”

Dec 26


Jul 10

My Hated Love

(Hate down, Love up)

I will always be without love.
It’s a lie,
People care for others.
I know,
I drive people away.
Never say,
People don’t hate me.
I believe,
Anyone who looks at me sees a sad ray of sunshine.
Stop saying,
There is someone out there for everyone.
I never doubt,
Everyone finds me annoying and just wants me to go away.
I will never agree,
I am beautiful and worth more.
I’ll tell you this,
People are picky and choose only the best.
Only morons think,
There is love for everyone.
I will say,
Love is my obstacle.
I just don’t admit,
Someone that loves you will always love you,
Even if they walk away...

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Jul 10

Hidden In The Mind

(Blackout poem from the book, All The Light We Can not See by Anthony Doerr.)

You, a bright sea stirring dust.
The one that would return truth.
Life has fears.
It’s dangerous for even family.
I don’t want trouble,
Doing nothing is doing nothing.
The mind shifts in trust.
You wish you’d understand,
The messages they bring.
It’s better not to want anybody else. 

A shred, perhaps small and inhuman,
Determined only to survive.
A troublemaker, criminal, cut off.
Ready to serve.
I cannot go home,
And I cannot stay. 

Where? Says the voice
Sure of monsters made of sea foam.
But only the whispers, 
Carrying messages,
Leave crushed wonders,
Where claims disappear.
Remove the empty outside.
Feel open, never knowing what might come.

They say disgrace is to lie.

Strange electricity and soft darkness
Jul 10

My Sea Of Flames

Distance: The crashing waves of the ocean,
Fall upon the ramparts.
As life blindly continues,
I stay hidden behind the wardrobe, and up the ladder.

Reading the advenchers of Captain Nemo, 
Only to the souls brave enough to listen. 
Cradling the two cans left full of something. 
The soldier's footsteps, change from day to day…
Looking, searching for something.

I believe, it’s what I hold in my pocket,
In the puzzle house my father made.
From all the stories, once told to me at the museum,
I believe only so much. 

But, the boy I met… Werner
Wanted nothing to do with what was in my pocket.
He heard me, and came.
Brought me back to something I thought too distant. 

Hubert Bazin’s grotto.
I pull out my key, and return to the ramparts,
Standing strong, against the crashing waves.
I crouch, as I feel for the ocean, and toss the house in. 

I wonder,
Jul 10

Brave I've Been Told

(Pantoum poem)

It’s not bravery, I have no choice.
My life has been jumbled and turned upside down. 
I speak my mind and use my voice.
As the Germans take the town. 

My life has been jumbled and turned upside down.
Yet I am strong and will continue to stand tall.
As the Germans take the town.
I am hidden away down the hall. 

Yet I am strong and will continue to stand tall.
Focused on the secrets I hold.
I am hidden away down the hall.
Unable to be controlled.

Focused on the secrets I hold.
I speak my mind and use my voice.
Unable to be controlled.
It’s not bravery, I have no choice.
Jul 10


Remember the night when the sun was setting and the sky was shifting from a dim crystal blue to a gorgeous rosy red and a brilliant amber yellow? You and I sat on the boulder in our back yard every day over the summer till the sun went down and then we would drive to Ned's Diner and get burgers. When you walked in there, all you could smell was the frying oil of the french fries and a hint of vanilla from the waffle cones they cooked at night. We had a specific booth where we always sat, the one right next to the jukebox, it was probably twenty years old. We had been coming here ever since we found out it was where mom and dad first met. We always thought that this was our place; it made it feel like we knew our mom. On occasion, we would drop a dime in the jukebox and play songs we had no idea who wrote or sang them. Then we would dance around like we were five. Yet we both, somehow, were still  suave while acting completely crazy.
Jul 10

My Insides Out

My Quality,
Is judged by your harsh mindset.
Marking little exes,
By things, you see as wrong.
Taking notes on paper,
For what could be improved.
Why build me up,
If you just tear me down.
Stick around and see,
How long you will have me.
See the pain I get
When I try to walk away.
I will stay.

My Madness,
Is there beneath it all.
Under the layers I grew,
From talking to you.
I know how to face,
The fury of your truths.
The ones that attack,
My speech and my roots. 
You say you love me,
But let me go,
So you’ve driven me mad.
With emotions and false hope. 

My Innocence,
Is forgotten when it’s so plain to see,
I can not live without your decency,
Towards me. 
Even when I change for you,
My life gets better. 
I wonder why that is...
My heart is spoiled,
By affection, I give out. 
Jul 10

Changing Affection

Eyes hath not seen
And heart beats not of the same.
Yet we hold each as close as dirt and roots.
Wanted once one thing,
Time and time ago.
My mind can’t function,
As yours is far from here.
Looking through the mirror,
To only see I, standing alone.
Why notice not the veil?
Smile, simple, sweet,
Chained from the bars of greed.
Leaving me alone are the devils.
Your emotions fleeing at waking breath.
Suffer silently down the chilling hall.
Thoughts pile only of the enemies you imagine. 
In fact, the truth follows thee sinisterly 
I saw once, the soul,
Bright it burned with passion.
Corrupt it became with power. 
Red turned green as fast as a hummingbird 
Bloody drips of betrayal, etched into the walls 
I run, run, run.
Yet noticeably it quickly catches me smoothly.
My ears, dine on the words of wisdom,
Not followed by the royal imbecile I was.