Nov 21

Gems chapter 31- Zack (nanowrimo draft)

A/N: I accidentally posted some chapters in the wrong order so if you're confused that's why sorry

I watched the city below and tried to ignore the fact that Josh, Heather, and Aiden didn’t really trust me anymore. I wasn’t supposed to care what they thought. It was Domic’s fault that I cared about them at all. They were all going to die by the end of the century, anyways. My memory was better than a human’s, but not perfect recall. Eventually I would forget about them. There was no reason to care.
Aiden’s arrival had slowed the fog down, but it hadn’t disappeared. Devarus had a good hold on Meo, or maybe it had been too long since Meo last saw Aiden. I hoped it was the first.
Nov 20

Gems chapter 30- Aiden (nanowrimo draft)

Teleporting felt weird because it felt like nothing at all. One second I was on the ground, then suddenly I was on the roof of a tower covered in fog except the small corner my friend and I were standing in. I was still confused about what to call him. Zack? Diamond? Zamond? Diamack? Everyone had too many names.
I scrambled away from Diamond and the fog as much as I could without falling off the edge of the tower. It was a long way down. I was afraid of heights.
“Calm down,” Diamond said. “I know this is scary, but you’re the only one who can stop Meo right now.”
I tore my eyes away from the far away ground and looked at him. “Me? Since when could I do anything? Why won’t you explain what’s going on?”
“I think Meo should tell you that.” Diamond pointed at the fog. “He’s in the center. It won’t hurt you.”
I threw my hands up in frustration. “That makes no sense at all! I’ve been in that fog before. It hurts a lot, ok?”
Nov 20

chapter 29- Josh (nanowrimo draft)

A/N: I can't tell if this is legit cheesy or if it's just me thinking it is but here you go 

Heather and Aiden had explained everything I had missed while I was moping at the lake. Orvan said Meo was possessed by a guy named Devarus, but Orvan could have been lying so Heather wasn’t sure. I didn’t really care if it was Meo or someone else. Either way, there was purple fog killing innocent people and I wanted to stop it.
Zack, Heather, Aiden, Puddijello and I ran towards the screaming. We had to fight our way through a stampede of people. Finally, we could see the problem. It wasn’t a small one. Purple fog was pouring off the sides of one of the towers and spreading across the ground.
I looked at Heather. “What do we do?”
Heather opened her mouth to speak, but Zack spoke first. “I need to bring Aiden up there.”
I pointed to the source of the deathly fog. “You mean there?”
Zack nodded.
“No way!” I folded my arms. “That’ll kill him.”
Nov 19

Chapter 28- Heather (nanowrimo draft

A/N: Huston, we have a problem

After starving for days, those bad guys’ underground base was paradise. Josh, Aiden, and I had had a huge feast after I was bandaged up.  We found some backpacks and stored even more supplies, but then we decided we had to go. The army of bad dudes would probably return. I was injured, Aiden would die if he used his powers, and Josh couldn’t use his anymore.
When we climbed up the ladder I gave Puddijello a glare. They didn’t look sorry about leaving me to fight alone at all. I still felt weak, but boy did food help.
Josh yelped. A man with a messy brown beard had his hand clamped around Josh’s ankle. He had a black eye, curtesy of my foot.
“M-money,” The man groaned. Josh kicked him in the face with his free foot, and the man released his grip, unconscious.
 “He did a lot more than bat an eye,” Aiden said.
“Who are these guys, anyways?” I asked. “What did they want with you?”
Nov 18

Gems chapter 27- Zack (nanowrimo draft)

A/N: I hope this makes you scream as much as I did. #gems 
Everything got pitch dark as the trench folded in on top of me. There was no difference between having my eyes open or closed. Miles upon Miles of stone was suddenly weighing down on me. I tried to move, but I was completely pinned down. Everything hurt.
I tried to summon up some power I had forgotten to get me out. The idea of being stuck down there forever was terrifying. Nothing came up. I didn’t have Amber to teleport myself out. I had no idea what I was capable of, if I was completely helpless or not. My human form couldn’t handle all of the pressure. I could feel soil starting to trickle through me as it lost solidity. It was just like when Josh had pounded me with water until I was out of energy. Everything started to slip away from me, so gradually there was no way to tell when I actually lost consciousness.
Nov 12

Gems chapter 26- Aiden (nanowrimo)

A/N: I broke my rule about never writing when I'm so sick or in pain I can't think clearly so here you go have fun I can't process its quality at all *dabs* #gems

Puddijello was pressing their paw against my head so firmly I couldn’t move. At first I thought it was hilarious, but after a couple seconds or something it got old. “Hey Puddijello, could you get off?”
Puddijello didn’t budge.
I sighed. “Wow, I wonder if you can even understand human speech. A puddijello that could do that would be really really smart.”
Everything was still for a moment, and then Puddijello removed their paw.
I sat up and took a deep breath, then scratched Puddijello behind the ear. They closed their eyes and smiled. “Thanks, buddy. I wonder if we could talk somehow.”
Puddijello’s ears twitched.
I snapped my fingers. “Aha! Ok, you’ll twitch one ear for yes and both ears for no. Understand?”
Nov 11

Gems chapter 25- Josh (nanowrimo draft)

I struggled against the wire desperately. The blood rushing in my ears was getting annoying. Apparently “break the wire” meant “be right back,” although I didn’t know how. I started shaking in an attempt to break the branch I was hanging from.
Rustling sounding off to my right made me stop. “Heather?”
A group of at least a dozen men crashed through the brush. The first one, a middle-aged man with a ragged brown beard, stopped and held up his hand when he saw me. Everyone else stopped.
The man stepped up to me and squinted. “You ain’t no hare!”
I glared at him. “No, I’m not. Let me down!”
The man laughed and pulled out a knife, then slashed the air above me. I crashed to the ground headfirst, knocking the breath out of me. Everyone laughed.
Nov 11

Gems chapter 24- Heather (nanowrimo draft)

A/N: I hope you all had/ are having a great day at the fall conference! It's my baby brother's birthday, so I wasn't able to make it. I'm super bummed out but whatever. #gems

I slammed my fists against the rock wall blocking the door. “No!”
I was saying that a lot.
Josh was still trying to stand up, but he seemed pretty dazed. Puddijello was licking some scratches they got from crashing through the glass, completely ignoring Aiden, who was hugging them tightly. I found Puddijello to be a little annoying. Nobody messed with my food, but they acted like they were entitled to it. That was only one of many complaints, too.
I accepted the fact that no matter how much I punched the wall, it wasn’t going to move.
Nov 10

Gems chapter 23- Zack (nanowrimo draft)


I watched Orvan’s hands shake as he ate his food. We’d been at his house a week, and he had become more and more nervous with every day.
Aiden paused in his eating to talk. “Orvan, you ok?” Puddijello took the moment to steal a bite. Aiden frowned at them, but didn’t say anything. Puddijello did that a lot. We were used to it and had given up on stopping it.
“D-Domic could arrive any day now,” Orvan muttered, barely audible. “I don’t like him. Scary.”
Nov 10

Gems Chapter 22- Aiden (nanowrimo draft)

Heather ran off after Orvan, which left me alone with Zack, or Diamond, or whatever we were calling him. I was so confused. Zack stayed quiet, which was driving me insane.
“so…” I rubbed my hands. This was awkward. “You’re an overpowered magical rock. Bet it feels weird.”
Zack was just standing there. I could never stand still for that long. He looked at me. “No. It feels right.”
“Right as in not left?” I asked.
“No. Right, like how grass is green. It’s just the way things are.”
“I knew that,” I said. “I was just making a joke.”
“Oh.” Zack looked down at his feet. I waited for him to say something else, but he didn’t.
“Are you ok?” I asked.
“Yes,” Zack answered.
“Are you sure? I mean, you’ve been acting a little different ever since we got here.”