Nov 09

Gems chapter 21- Josh (nanowrimo draft)

I stomped through the forest without thinking until I came to a clearing with a lake. It was weird to see the sky again. I plopped down at the water’s edge grumpily, then got mad over how grumpy I was, and eventually became overall frustrated with myself.
Rustling sounded behind me. I leapt to my feet and put out my fists. Orvan walked into the clearing with a bucket, saw me, and froze.
“Sorry,” I dropped my hands.
Orvan slowly walked towards the lake, watching me like I was still going to attack him. I sat back down. At least I could follow him back to the house.
As Orvan filled the bucket with water, he hesitated. “Is… is it ok if I talk?”
“I don’t care,” I muttered.
Orvan finished filling the bucket and sat down beside me. “You seem upset.”
I tried to put on a neutral expression, but gave up. “Yeah.”
“Do you want to talk about it?”
Nov 08

Gems chapter 20- Heather (nanowrimo draft)

Aiden picked a large leaf of lettuce and held it high over his head. “Permission to lettuce have a pun war, captain?”
Orvan had sent us out to work in his garden, the only clean and orderly thing on his property. In fact, it was so clean, there was almost no work to be done.
I smirked at Aiden and gestured at the sparkling plants around us. “Permission granted. Just don’t over-dew it.”
A wide grin spread across Aiden’s face. “Ok Josh, your turn!”
Josh picked up a stray leaf and tried to throw it at Aiden, but since it was a leaf, it just fluttered down right in front of Josh. “Leaf me alone.”
Aiden stared at the leaf with a bit of concern. “Zack, it’s your turn.”
Zack continued to pick at the grass. He’d been really out of it lately. Well, more than usual. He didn’t want to do anything, even eating, and especially not around us.
Aiden sighed. “Zack? Zack! Zackzackzackzackzack! Hey! Bright eyes! You there?”
Zack looked up at him. “What?”
Nov 07

Dynacaries chapter 6

A/N: HOLY C O W apparently it's been two years since I've updated #Dynacaries . I swear it feels more like 2 days. The characters have probably changed a lot since then, but whatever. Here ya go! #wrightbrother #nanowrimo

The wings were folded awkwardly around me when I woke up on Dylan's living room couch.It confused me at first. Everything ached. I tried to sit up, but the whole world started spinning.

"Woah there." Dylan's mother ran over and pressed me back down. "You've been through a lot, honey.

Seeing Mrs. Bean there made me panic. My wings shed, and birds started flapping all over.

Mrs. Bean hurriedly opened the windows and shoed all the squawking birds out. "Goodness! I already knew about your wings. Since when would shedding them indoors be a good idea?"
Nov 05

Lucy Kidnaps a Fellow First Grader

As usual, when Konrad came to pick Lucy up from school, he found her in the principal’s office, arms folded and a pout on her face.
When the principal saw Konrad, he groaned. “Not you again. I want to talk to her father, not an emotionless ball of metal!”
If Konrad wasn’t emotionless, he could have taken offense to that. Instead, he said what he always told the principal. “You can contact Mr. Kiln on Sundays at his household. What did Lucy do?”
The principle sighed. “She punched a peer in the face… repeatedly.”
“She started it first!” Lucy blurted. “Rose said that her dad was better than my dad, and that I was going to lose all of my money and be homeless because dad is a chicken and won’t invent cool stuff anymore, and-“
“Lucy!” The principle shouted.
Lucy closed her mouth, and made a very obvious effort to keep it that way.
Oct 24

Different Worlds chapter 8: Ivory's perspective

Ivory grabbed the guard's hand and led him towards the abandoned gas station. Her plan to escape by convincing the guard it was important had worked, but not how she wanted it to. Hopefully the resistance wouldn't freak over him coming.
John, the truck driver, turned around when he heard an extra pair of footsteps. His eyes narrowed. "Ivory, who the heck is that?" 
Ivory took a deep breath. "I was overan by guards. This one agreed to let me go as long as he came along."
"She said you were stealing the diamond for a good reason, and that everyone would regret it if I didn't let her take it," The guard said. "If she was bluffing, I wanted to know." 
Ivory winced. The guard was not in any position to explain himself. 
John laughed. Ivory knew he only did that when he was angry. "And even if you did find out she was bluffing, what would you do about it? You're in enemy territory now. We can simply lock you up, or execute you if we feel like it." 
Sep 07


Boy, has it been a while! Honestly, the only reason I have time right now is because I'm stuck home on the couch with an awful cold. If none of this makes sense it's because I'm not getting enough oxygen to my head and therefore can't brain properly. Thanks body.
My summer was packed. First it was Driver's Ed, which was exhausting physically, mentally, and emotionally because I am  terrified of driving. After every class, I was out of energy and could really only sit on the couch and play video games with shaky hands. It wrecked me. Even worse, I didn't pass the final test (went over the center line while doing a turn-about, went too far under the speed limit too often, and was too far away from the curb on my parrellel parking) so it was all for nothing. Not really, I learned a ton of stuff and got better at driving, but still, no car insurance bonus.  
May 12

Different Worlds Chapter 5: Guard's Perspective

Hastin dashed down the hall after the girl. Where in the world were all the other guards? As he ran, he pulled his walkee talkie out. "I need backup in sector 12, the theif is on the loose again!" He then pulled out his gun and stopped to aim. 
The girl must have heard him stop and pull out his gun, because she leapt to the side just as he fired. Dang, she was good. 
The theif rounded a corner, and Hastin had to start running again. He came to a T, and the girl was nowhere in sight. She'd either tunred left, to escape the building like any sensible person who'd already lost once would, or to the right, to attempt taking the diamond again. He decided to go right. 
There the theif was, in the dark room, reaching up to grab the diamond. Where was everyone else? Had she really defeated all the other guards on duty beforehand?
Hastin pointed his gun again. "Don't you dare move."
May 07

Gems chaper 19- Zack (rough draft)

The last thing I remembered was Josh's anger, water everywhere, and pain spreading from my heart as I teleported one time too many. My unconsciousness felt like a blink. Then, I was able to register a small room before there was a crash, and everything went dark.
"Oh! Oh dear, I forgot how tall you can be," a man's voice said. His aura was nervous, but also excited. "Now I'll have to buy a new lamp. Uh, I'll open the blinds. Hang on."
There was some shifting and shuffling, and then light poured through a window. I was sitting on a desk in a crowded office room. Books, papers, and tools were strewn everywhere.
The man tripped back over and held out his hand with a sheepish grin. "Hello, D-Z-Zack, uh, I'm Orvan."
I stared down at his hand. It was Orvan, the one who knew about my past. I wasn't sure what to ask first. I realized I must have been gone much longer than a blink, and I was in a new place. "How long was I out?"
May 05

Gems chapter 18- Aiden (rough draft)

A/N: I just want you to know how much I love Orvan. I love him. So much. aaaaaaaa  #Gems

Heather breathed in sharply as Zack was blasted again by Josh. Zack stayed crumpled on the ground like a rag doll. 
This had been a bad idea.
"We have to stop this," Heather said. She looked at me as if waiting for my support. 
I put my hands up defensively. "Woah, yeah, this is bad, but I don't want to die."
She sighed, got up, and walked stiffly towards Josh.
I scrambled to my feet and walked beside her. "No, bad idea. You can't stop him right now, he's in the zone. Bad, bad, bad-"
I walked into a wall and rebounded onto the ground. Of course, the wall was Josh. 
Josh whirled around to face me, his whole face burning with rage. I saw my life flash before my eyes. 
Josh's eyes cleared, and his whole body relaxed. "Aiden, are you ok?"
I remembered to breathe. "Yeah, I'm fine."
Apr 01

Accidental Haiku