Mar 08

Gems 4th Anniversary

Nov 03

Tree Soldiers

We see nature as something we must tame,
Someone we must remove ourselves from,
Someone to rise above, but
Cracks in glass spread like spider-webs,
A dancer's dress ripples like ocean waves,
We look at the empty sky,
And remember there used to be trees.
We try to cover the scars we've made in the landscape
But we plant the trees in soldier-straight rows,
Grown and raised to work to our order of perfection.
But it seems strange.
The wind whistles through the empty gaps the wrong way.

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Jun 27

Gems chapter 17- Josh (rough draft)

A/N: Well, here it is! Chapter 17, the halfway point, the turntable. Things are about to change. Here's hoping for an even better second half! #gems #summerofstories16

Master Bordellon came back, with Heather following close behind. Her face was pale, and she was deep in thought. This was concerning, but before I could say anything, Master Bordellon spoke up. "Ok, I'm back. Right now, we're going to help Anna-Claire with chores in return for her hospitality." 
Anna-Claire nodded and took a step forward. "Josh will wash dishes, Aiden is going to dust, Heather will wash the windows, Zack is going to peel potatoes, and Master Bordellon will weed the garden." 
Zack frowned. "What are potatoes?" 
"It's something you eat," I explained.
"Oh." Zack looked down at the ground. "That makes sense."
Mar 11

Chat Room

Heyo fellow ywpeeps! to the right of this is the live comments section, so why don't we get to know each other? You can talk about pretty much anything, a reply is 99.9999% guaranteed. Let's get some interactions going!  
If you want to talk but can't come up with what to say, talk about a book you like! I'm trying to build a reading list and we can get to know some interests.
and if you'd rather talk in private with just me, feel free to shoot me a message.
Feb 10

Vermont Writes Day at East Burke School

#VermontWritesDay this year was a success! In the morning we wrote for "Seven" minutes (We accidently lost track of time and did half an hour, but no biggie).
Then in guitar class our teacher taught us how to write sheet music for cords! Which I'm still mostly confused about, but who cares. I can play Crazy Train, that's all that matters.
In the afternoon a guest speaker came in and talked about "Poetry Out Loud" a national competitin for reciting poems, and we did a lot. I accidently memorized a poem anout birds singing in the dark of December. I'm not sure how.
Feb 10


If you want people to listen,

          you have to be assertive.

To be assertive,

          you have to show confidence,

But if you’re confident,

          you might come off as prideful,

And if you are prideful,

          people might see you as annoying.

If you are annoying,

          people won’t be nice to you.

When nobody is nice to you,

          it’s hard to have confidence.

Without confidence,

          you can’t be assertive,

And if you aren’t assertive,

           nobody will listen.
Jan 20

Gems questionnaire

Soooo for creative writing class I had to make fifteen questions about #Gems that I want my teacher to answer when she reads it.

And I thought, hey, I like these questions a lot, so maybe more people can answer them?

So if you've read Gems, could you please answer these? I'll love you forever. Short answers, long answers, everything's fine.

1. How is the beginning, does it hook you, and does it start too suddenly?

2. Is it easy enough to differentiate the points of view, or do you get confused?

3. What do you think about Zack’s character?

4. What do you think about Heather’s character?

5. What do you think about Josh’s character?

6. Is my writing too dialogue heavy?

7. Any character you’re particularly fond of? Any character you particularly hate?
Nov 26

Gems chapter 16- Heather (rough draft)

Sleeping under a roof felt strange after the destruction of Pondacrea.
I was lucky I was even alive. Everything and everyone I knew had been destroyed. And yet, there I was, staring up at the ceiling. It was almost like the ceiling was telling me I was safe, but that couldn’t be possible. I wouldn’t ever feel truly safe again.
Master Bordellon woke us up at sunrise, although I was already awake. He led everyone outside and into the fields, where a large circle of grass had been flattened. Anna-Claire came too, and was bringing a lot of metal sheets, which was interesting.
 I wasn’t even sure how I was back with the crew. I had ditched them, but after a fun magic purple rock bonding experience, I was stuck with them again. I guess I could have refused to go to the training session, but curiosity had gotten the better of me. Again.
Nov 19

My mind is blown

I'm not even sure if all of this makes sense or if it's all true because I might have misunderstood some things but I just have to write it down.

So there's two theorys for how the universe works. One is called Super Symmetry, the other is called the multiverse
Nov 18

Gems chapter 15- Zack (Nanowrimo draft)

A/N: Well this chapter didn't turn out how I planned at all. Because of #Nanowrimo this chapter favors speed and quantity over quality.I've forgetten what days this counts for, but it's a lot. #digiwrimo #Gems

Traitor. I couldn’t remember being called a traitor before. It was a very accusing word.
I didn’t want to be a bad person. But someone could betray bad people, perhaps making them a good person.