Nov 17

Gems chapter 14- Aiden (Nanowrimo Draft)

A/N: Oh my chipmunk, this may be my new favorite chapter. Aiden is too precious for this world, too pure. Because of #Nanowrimo this chapter favors speed and quantity over quality. This counts for November 15th-17th. #Digiwrimo #Gems

Anna-Claire tapped part of the metal dome and a small rectangle opened up. She looked through the hole. “You worked up a big riot. Can you all run?”
“No,” I said. “Please no. I already feel like my feet are going to fall off.”
Anna-Claire looked at me with merciless stone grey eyes. “Do you want to die?”
I gulped. “Living is good.”
“Let’s go, then.” She ran forward, but instead of smacking into the metal it moved forward with her. The back of the dome knocked into my legs. I yelped and began running. Everyone else did the same.
Nov 12

Nanowrimo lesson 2

Writing about how to build a plot can be very hard because there are so many endless possibilities for stories, and a lot of different ways to come up with them.
There are two ways you can write a novel. One is called planning, and the other is called pantsing. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and the only way you can figure out which one you are is by writing.
Nov 11

Gems chapter 13- Josh (NaNoWriMo draft)

 A/N: This sounds very rushed to me *cri* what about you? Is it just because I'm the author? I can never tell. Because of #Nanowrimo this chapter favors speed and quantity over quality. #Digiwrimo #Gems

There was too much to think about. The last things Ch’miel had told me, my promise that Heather’s mom would see Heather again, and Meo’s sick twisted prank of taking advantage of my grief. What had I ever done to him?
Another scary thought was that I was dragging the others down. I was so emotionally messed up I wasn’t functioning at my best, and I was aware of it, but I couldn’t pull myself together. We couldn’t afford emotion-caused mistakes. That’s how Pondacrea was destroyed, because of me.
Nov 07


Stuff I wrote at the Celebration of Writing on Saturday, November 7th 2015 ;-; #Digiwrimo

Wild woman floating in the grave
The husband is content
Their love from the wedding day was hollow
Her fall was nescesarry
She turned to dust
but he changed into a nightmare

(This Mineral is most likely not possible, especially natrualy)

A newley discovered mineral
Softer than Talc
A dark blue so deep it's mistaken for purple
A carbon hydrogen oxygen compound
although with many impurities
Wishes it could go back to the day it was mined
and somebody spoke of its potential
before the jewler's fingers slipped
and ruined it forever
Now it only sparkles if set in the light just so
otherwise it stays silent and unoticable

I can't write poems
I'm sorry
It just doesn't come easily to me
I've taken poetry classes
Nov 03

Nanowrimo lesson 1

This is what I taught in my NaNoWriMo workshop today. Nobody from outside the school came, but I had a great time with my classmates and teacher and we had some great suggestions. The next workshop meeting is Tuesday November 10th from 1:00 to 2:30. Feel free to come!

The big 5 rules of writing:
It’s supposed to be fun!

    Write what you want to write. Don’t worry about if other people will like it, because there’s always someone who won’t. If you write for yourself, your story will be more personal so you will be able to connect to it more.

The first draft is always horrible.

    But that’s what it’s supposed to be. That’s why you have 2nd drafts, and 3rd drafts, and 14th drafts. (Yes, you will most likely have that many drafts.) The purpose of the first draft is to get words down on paper, not to instantly make a perfect masterpiece. Don’t worry about grammar and don’t use the backspace or eraser. It’ll only slow you down.   
Nov 02

Gems chapter 12- Heather (Nanowrimo draft)

A/N: Ah yes, wonderful first person Heather. This has been a long awaited day for me. I havn't edited chapter 4 or 8 yet though. Anyways, because of #Nanowrimo this chapter favores speed and volume over quality. This counts as November 1st through 6th and 8th through 10th. #Digiwrimo #Gems

Crying wasn’t exactly encouraged in Pondacrea.
It was a sign of weakness, and everyone had a better reason to cry than you did. I still cry a lot anyways. A lot of people wouldn’t dare admit that, but I don’t think suppressing your emotions is a good thing.
Although, whenever I needed to cry, I would take some salsa. I didn’t really enjoy spicy stuff, but at least it gave me a reason to have tears in my eyes.
Oct 31

Dynacaries chapter 5

A/N: Enjoy this super rushed, I-don't-like-action-scenes, I-wrote-this-way-late-so-I-have-no-idea-if-it-makes-any-sense chapter, curtesy of what-do-you-mean-I'm-starting-NaNoWriMo-one-day-early. #Dynacaries #Wrightbrother

The wings were finally going to get some action.
Dylan and I were sitting in a booth at the café across the street from the Thaddeus corps. Building. The skyscraper was built with dark grey stone that was polished, almost making the walls a perfect mirror that reflected the busy street outside. Golden numbers were painted on each floor, a 1 above the double doors that led inside, a 2 between the windows on the next floor, and so on, probably to brag about how tall it was.
Dylan leaned to the side so he could see more of the tower through the window. “You see the second to last floor?”
Sep 23

Nanowrimo info

Hello fellow young writers! I have some news that I am very excited about.

Since my school doesn't have many full-time students (we have seven, currently) we decided that we would hold "workshops" that homeschooled kids could join in on. My teachers were very impressed with how I directed the Vermont 'day of writing' event that YWP did last year, and were wondering if I would like to be the teacher for a writing-centered workshop. I decided to do a NaNoWriMo workshop, and my wonderful teachers have decided that it will be free to join!
Sep 19

a sort of review on this site I guess.

I wasn't able to make the meeting  on september 19th and... I guess a google hangout didn't work out?? So I'm going to mention my concerns here, I guess.

1. Where in the world did the search bar go?

2. Is there any way to find things on the ywp archive besides your own personal work? I have two people who joined Dynacaries, but the shared world group seems impossible to get to and so does Sepheria's blog where I'd find most of the information they need. Everywhere I try to go a page pops up saying the link must have changed.

3.  Yeah... Dynacaries. Maybe more of a personal matter than the others, but what happened? What's going to happen? Where's Sepheria? Sherlock? Zeus? ANYBODY??? (I can't even find a search bar to find you guys) Are we going to make a new lab or something? Our precious shared world got burried in the transition and it makes me sad :'(
Aug 28

Gems chapter 11-Zack (first draft)

A/N: Zack (✿◠‿◠) Fun Fact: The name Zack (short for Zachary) means "God remembers" #Gems

I had almost remembered something. Almost. I hadn't remembered any events, any faces, any names. Just facts. It was like I remembered the sky was blue, and it felt worse than remembering nothing at all.

Heather's aurora was once again easy to find. I sensed that she was more frustrated than anything else, not in danger like her mother had worried. But I still wanted to talk to her. Heather had circled around the fog to attack it from behind. I stopped a few feet away from her. She was watching the fog advance. Her quiver was almost out of arrows, but I doubted the once she used did much. That was probably why she was frustrated. She still hadn't noticed me.

"Heather?" I asked. Heather turned to face me, but didn't say anything.

I took a few steps forward. "Hi."