Aug 28

Gems chapter 10- Aiden (first draft)

A/N: Ah yes, my least favorite chapter of #Gems so far.

I was stuck alone With Master Bordellon. All of my worst nightmares were coming true.  

"Aiden, help me!" Master Bordellon gasped. "We must save the bananas!"

I shook my head at him. He had dragged me to the main market place and was currently trying to push a cart full of bananas away from the oncoming fog. The carts were kind of like wheelbarrows, but with two wheels on the one side instead of a single wheel.

"Aiden!" Master Bordellon called again.

I looked for a cart that didn't have any bananas and wobbled over to it. The ground was still shaking like crazy. I just hoped Josh wasn't squash.

I gave the cart a half-hearted shove. Actually, it was probably more like a quarter-hearted shove.  The cart didn't budge. It probably wouldn't have moved no matter how hard I tried.
Aug 25

Gems chapter 9- Josh (first draft)

A/N: If you didn't know it already, this book is a very rough draft. I've made a lot of plot changes, and so the previous chapters may not line up with the current plot. I haven't gone back and fixed them yet. I apologize if anything gets confusing, and if it does, go with the information in the newer chapters since that's more up to date. Feel free to ask questions, it helps me know that there's a problem. I'll try to fix the old chapters soon. #Gems

I pushed my way through the crowded marketplace, Aiden and Zack following me. I found an abandoned food stand and climbed up onto it. Everyone was talking to someone else, while sellers yelled out items and prices at the top of their lungs.

It was a good thing I had a good shouting voice. "Hey!" I shouted. A few people glanced at me but continued on their way. I noticed one person walking towards us, a scowl on his face, but I tried to ignore him.
Aug 14

Gems chapter 8- Heather (first draft)

A/N: This tends to be people's favorite chapter in Gems and I'm just so worried I'm going to ruin it when I switch it to first person yikes. #Gems

Hot cocoa on the hottest day of the year was one of Heather's favorite things. It made her feel rebellious and nontraditional. Plus waiting for it to finally snow in Pondacrea was torture. It rarely snowed there. It was almost never cold enough.

Which made the dagger Heather found even more peculiar.

It looked like ice, it felt like ice, but it wasn't melting... very much unlike ice.

Heather even stuck it in her hot cocoa for a while. Nothing. The dagger was still firm.

"What do you have there?" Heather's mom asked.

"It's a dagger I found today" Heather answered, wiping the hot cocoa off it with a napkin.

"Can I see it?" Her mom asked.
Aug 14

Gems chapter 7- Zack (first draft)

A/N: step one of changing the plot was making Josh less mean so please don't hate him. When I first started writing this book Josh was the antagonist and when I wrote this chapter I forgot he switched to the protagonist so he's really mean and I need to edit it please don't hate my angry sweet potato. #Gems

I slowly walked down the switchback, not really knowing where I was going.

So apparently I was not Josh and Aiden's friend. I could already tell that Josh hated me, but Aiden had agreed with everything he said.

Was I a human? I felt human. Although, if I was not human than I would not really know what human felt like. I picked up a sharp rock and ran it across my arm. It should have at least scratched me, and It stung like I had, but there was not a mark anywhere. I chucked the rock down the switchback, where it rolled away out of sight.
Aug 14

Gems chapter 6- Aiden (first draft)

A/N: Ewwww romance why Aiden whyyyy... also why do I have such a strong desire to put author notes on every single chapter? #Gems

I just couldn't believe it. I had awesome powers, I could have finally shown the world how amazing I was, but I was stopped by a little cold.

I seem to have a lucky streak like that.

Master Bordellon had lectured us a little more about how we need to be a team if we were going to save the world and everything. I still wasn't exactly sure about the whole thing. What could I do to save the world, especially without any powers? Josh claimed that I just needed to wait awhile, and then maybe my powers would start working. But whatever  it was that was wrong with me, it somehow felt permanent.
Aug 14

Gems chapter 5- Josh (first draft)

A/N: also I just remembered, my young mind didn't care much about grammar checks sooooooo good luck understanding anything I said. #gems

My little sister Sadie was coloring a picture of a dragon. She reached out to grab a red crayon, but I snatched it first, holding it up just above her head so she couldn't reach it.

"Hey!" she yelped. "give it back!" she stood up and reached for it, and I raced off. She pursued me through the kitchen, giggling as she threw crayons at me.

a blue crayon splashed into the soup mom was making for lunch. "Josh!" mom yelped, flecks of chowder splattering her apron.

A huge boom shook the house. I grabbed the counter for support. Sadie ran under the table and whimpered.
Aug 14

Dynacaries chapter 4

The wings were fine the way they were. I didn’t need a costume. But Dylan thought differently.

He pulled out a thick, bright red Christmas sweater from my box of clothes. “Oh, this would definitely make you memorable. What do you think?”

I groaned. “This isn’t funny.”

Dylan laughed. “Yes it is. The look on your face is hilarious.” He shoved the sweater back into the box and pushed it away. “Do you have anything under your bed?” He stuck his head under the bed and began to feel around.

“No,” I answered. “Not that I know of.”

“Oh really?” He asked, his voice muffled. He came back out with a brown leather jacket in his hands. “Then what’s this?”

I quickly snatched it from his hands. “Don’t touch it.”

“What is it?” Dylan asked again.

I spread it out on the bed and tried to smooth out the wrinkles. “It was my dad’s aviator jacket. He used to wear it all the time.”
Aug 14

Gems chapter 4- Heather (second draft)

A/N: Ahaha I really need to change these to first person, I was just testing if I was more comfortable with first or third. I've decided that first is wayyyy better but I havn't gotten to changing this and chapter 8 yet. #Gems

Heather winced as the cafe bell jingled. She had intended to sneak up to her room, but the bell was a dead giveaway. 

"Hello honey, back from archery so soon?" Her mom asked suspiciously as she was washing dishes. Heather sighed and sat at the counter. "I didn't go to archery"

"Why?" her mom asked, although it was obvious she already knew the answer.

Heather blew a black strand of hair out of her face. She really needed to get it cut, but her mom kept saying they didn't have enough money. "I told you, I hate archery"

"I don't understand why, your father used to tell me the most amazing stories about his family's archery skills"
Aug 13

Dynacaries chapter 3

A/N: I have no idea if I'm spelling #Dynacaries correctly ehehe #Wrightbrother

The Wings got me in big trouble.

After I calmed down I went up to my room, changed into a new shirt, and threw the old one in the trash. Friday was one of the only nights mom could eat dinner with us. It always looked like she'd rather be sleeping. After dinner we would play scrabble, which I never won but it was the only board game we'd kept over the years. Then, mom would give us our weekly allowance. Two quarters. Mom was determined to keep giving us an allowance, just like the old days, even if it wasn't a lot.

Cardinal picked up her quarters and stood up. "Can I go to the bank?"

"Of course, sweetie," Mom answered. Cardi skipped out the door. She was determined to get our family back on track and never seemed to buy anything.
Aug 13

Gems chapter 3- Zack (third draft)

A/N: I porobably should have said this sooner, but I would just like to point out that I wrote these first chapters over a year ago and it was the first novel I had really ever taken seriously. Up untill chapter 6 (when I read hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, a life-changing experience) the chapters are really embarressing. (All of the chapters are really embarresing but these ones honestly want to make me puke) Also, I've made some major plot changes since I wrote all this so 99% of the information is no longer accurate. I really need to go back and rewrite these chapters but I'd rather just keep moving forward. #Gems