Aug 13

Lucy Robs the Bank

Konrad 2.0 had a complete understanding of the weekly schedule after two days. Those first two days had a few mishaps, but thankfully, he had the ability to learn.

Monday through Friday seemed like the same thing- he wasn't even sure why they had different names.

Step 1: Wake Lucy up.

Step 2: Make breakfast.

Step 3: Drive her to school so she arrives by 8:00.

Step 4: Recharge.

Step 5: Pick Lucy up by 15:00. [Addition to code: Pick her up from the office and have a brief talk with the principle if she has gotten in trouble.]

Step 6: Make sure she did her homework. [Addition to code: Check in multiple times. It appears Lucy dislikes homework.]

Step 7: Make dinner.

Step 8: Make sure Lucy is in bed by 19:00. [Addition to code: Make sure she stays in her room. She will sneak out to steal cookies. Ask Mr. Kiln about installing a lock?]  

Step 9: Recharge.
Aug 13

Dynacaries chapter 2

The wings stayed away for a long time.

Four years, in fact. The memory of the wings almost seemed fake, implanted in my brain to make me scared of myself.

Because both of our families were so poor, Dylan and I lived really close to the gangster part of town. Our parents told us to take the long way from school and to avoid that part of the city, but of course we didn't listen. nothing bad had happened to us besides a few glares.

"Psst, Robin," Dylan said, looking around at the abandoned streets. "nobody's watching. pull out the wings."

"No." I said, folding my arms. "For the last time, No."

"But nobody's here," Dyaln said again.

"That doesn't matter."

Dylan went in front of me and turned around, walking backwards so he could face me. He clasped his hands in front of his face and gave me a puppy-eyed look. "Pleeeeaaaase?"
Aug 13

Gems chapter 2- Aiden (3rd draft)

Thankfully Josh let me walk on my own, instead of picking me up again. When I stepped inside Crazy Melon's house, I expected there to be freaky ventriloquist dolls sitting on shelves, vials of strange green liquids, or taxidermy children displayed behind glass cases. I was sort of disappointed to find that it was just a regular house.
Crazy Melon went over to a china cabinet filled with assorted rocks and began to push it aside. 
"A little- help would be nice...,” he gasped. Poor Crazy Melon. The weak old man who can't move his crazy old furniture.
Josh went to the other side of the cabinet and easily pulled it aside. Behind it was a long set of stairs descending underground into darkness, carved out of rock. So it wasn't a normal house. I was right.
Aug 13

The Making of Konrad

Mrs. Perkins stormed into the business meeting, stumbling over her high heels, her hair looking like it had gone through a tornado. Her face was beet red from anger and her eyes had a look of slight insanity to them.

Situations like this, except with different people, had happened so many times that Mr. Kiln instantly knew why she was barging in on his very important meeting.

"I quit!" Mrs. Perkins bellowed.

Some of the employers closer to the door yelped and began to scoot away in their chairs.

Mr. Kiln sighed. "And why would that be?" he asked, although he already knew the answer.

"Your child is a demon!" she screamed. "She climbed up to the roof through her bedroom window and I had to go after her!"

"And why did she do that?" Mr. Kiln asked, secretly handing a pack of ear plugs to the person beside him to relieve them.
Aug 13

Dynacaries chapter 1

A/N: The character idea for Robin comes from Sepheria (I have no idea if she has an account on this new site and if her username is different). The name Dynacaries, the history behind it, and the idea for it was created, if I understand correctly, by Sherlock Holmes (not the fictional character, the user on ywp) and Sepheria. Dynacaries is a shared world, so feel free to join! #Dynacaries #Wrightbrother

The wings first appeared when I was ten.
Aug 13

Gems chapter 1- Josh (Fourth draft)

I gripped the table as another shudder shook the whole house. The walls creaked as they tried to hold up against the trembling of the earth below. I stared out the window as more people ran past our home. I could be out there, helping them, but no. I was stuck inside that stupid house, because of my stupid, stubborn, careless mom.
"Mom, we really need to leave, it isn't safe here anymore." I said.
"I'm not going to risk leaving," my mom said. She was racing around the room, trying to prevent flowerpots and picture frames from falling and breaking.
"But everyone else is running," I walked over to the window. "I could help them!"
Sadie, my little sister, was hiding under the table. "Listen to mommy, Josh," she said.