Apr 25
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How do I say no?

There are a number of things that teachers try to teach you in a high school health class

1.The right foods to eat

2.How to exercise properly

3.How to talk about suicide,


5.Body shaming

6.How to have safe sex

But there are still things that I wish they would have taught us

Like when do you really know when you are in an abusive relationship?

How do you avoid becoming your alcoholic father,

Or how do you stop him when he gets mad?

How do you shut out the noise of your parents fighting when blasting music and a pillow over your head doesn’t work?

When is the right time to step in and say that he has been punished enough?

How do you have safe sex when you are being forced into it?

But most of all…

I would love for them to try to teach us how to say no.

I mean how could I have said no?
Nov 01
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The Short Seasons of Her Life

Your birth unlocks a new potential for the future
Alas, your smile untouched by treason
Possibilities accompany inescapable dangers
Oh how I can't wait to see your future's face. 

Your life justifies my loss of inhibition
Alas my heart is imprisoned in your hands
Held hostage by the restless perfection that you embody
Oh how I can't image my flower-filled world without you.

Your sickness, a shared disaster between us 
Alas, I wish to strip you of the cycle of screaming suffering
Holding you hostage as your, now weak, hands once held my heart tightly 
Oh how your bright light now fades and falls like Autumn leaves

Your death tempts my despondency
Alas, my world is winter without you
Nothing but a question of trifle
Oh how the sinister content of love almost always cheats mercy


A Car Ride

Feb 09
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Words for her

Feb 02
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Until now...

I never knew what love was, Until Now. Maybe I still don't but I do know that I have never felt this way. Whenever I am around them, I stop worrying about the way that I looked or look in my clothing and the way my laugh sounds. I stop worrying about the way that I sit and the way that my hair falls as I put it into a ponytail.
Jan 31
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What is beauty to me?
Beauty is the glimmer of light you see in someones eyes
Beauty is the feeling two people feel towards each other when they are in love
Beauty is the way that a rose petal falls in the breeze
Hitting the dirt with such elegance
Such perfection
Beauty is the way our brains work
The way that we process situations
Beauty is language
Art and music
Beauty is colors
And designs
Beauty is compassion 
Beauty is the world
And beauty is us.

Jan 31
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Push and Pull

Pushing each other away
Words shot at each other like bullets
Names that should never be uttered to those you love
The kind that leave scars 
But our words
They are just a plea for each other to see our pain
To feel it with one another
To fight our demons together
We use the word "leaving" like a knife
Swinging it at each other when we get scarred
Using it as the only self defense mechanism we know
Pulling each other closer 
Passionately kissing each other 
Feeling the instant warmth that runs through us the moment we are in each others arms
Blushing each time we see the others face
Expierencing the chills down our spines as the words "I love you" drip off our lips
With each letter our hearts beating faster
Wanting that moment to never end
Just to stay frozen in time
We would give anything
For one last touch
And yet 
We still sit here
At a battle of Love and Hate