Nov 15

What I Can't See

The world looks odd without my glasses.
I can see the details on my lunchbox
and the tiniest specks on my computer,
but I could not tell you
what is written on the menu
or what that poster on the wall says.

The world looks odd through building tears.
I can see the reasons why you left me
and your back as you walk away,
but I could not tell you
what the days without you look like
or how I'll make it through.
Nov 14

The Maze That Is My Mind

Dive into the maze that is my mind
Open the doors and look inside
See the clutter piling up
See the facts collecting dust
See the machines, never sleeping
See the emotions, always leaking
Search the maze that is my mind
Prepare yourself for what you’ll find

Open this door of gilded gold
In this chamber, you’ll behold
A stage on which a young girl stands
Surrounded by adoring fans
She sings with a voice light and high
She dances as though she could fly
Her beauty none would dare approach
Her smile could blind through a haze of smoke
She stops, for her performance is done
And without hesitation, the crowd rises as one
They cheer her on, voices loud
She bows to them, expression proud
It seems so real until you stare
Then the scene vanishes into thin air
Left in its place is a lonely girl
Who tries to live in another world
Nov 14


i'm tired
it's an exhaustion that permeates my attempts to clear my mind
wrings me out like an old washcloth
leaves me feeling almost empty

i'm falling asleep
and every time I shut my eyes
i lose a little bit more of myself
to the cavernous feeling
of this unfailing exhaustion
that cannot be solved
with a long nap
or a revised sleeping schedule

i'm tired
but don't let me sleep
Nov 14

i am a universe

if i am a universe
then the stars are my personality
the greatest forces
in this whirling mass
making me who i am
so many aspects
so varied, so scattered
creating a shining light
displayed for all to see

if i am a universe
then the planets are my memories
orbiting the stars
building me
some are forgotten, some are ever-present,
and some are so old
they've been lost forever

if i am a universe
then gravity is my mind
shaping and organizing everything
keeping the stars, the planets, itself, me
from crashing and burning
to nothing

if i am a universe
then the black hole in the center
remains the same
slowly consuming
whatever it can reach
breaking down parts
i will never get back
an absence of anything
next to where my heart resides
and a constant reminder
of what i once was
Nov 04


They are stars, glowing from afar on a dimly lit stage
Creating constellations, weaving a story of old
Rolling across the sky to reach for another
To hold each other
To lift each other
To become one with each other
If dance is the ink this story is written in
Then emotion is the pages it is written on
The underlying aspect that holds everything together
Arguments are held
Love confessions are made
Difficult times are powered through
And all without the use of a single word
With sharp turns
And dramatic gestures
And emphatic expressions
A language that transcends the rest
Every action is matched with another
Though not every action tells the same story
​A lift of the arms can mean angry defiance
Or wholehearted acceptance
And every move is choreographed to synchronized perfection
By these experts in their craft
Who use every part of their bodies
Oct 07


Your cheap red nail polish leaves streaks on the paper we pass back and forth
Two different styles of handwriting, fitting together perfectly
A type of poetry, though I misspell every other word
And your grammar is atrocious

We talk about anything and everything
Except, of course, for the classwork we’re supposed to be doing
We talk about sports, and how I hope you’ll come to my game next week
We talk about the school play, and what parts you’ll try out for
And how I know you’ll get the lead role

We talk about the school dance, and how
For a few hours
I let the weight of the world fall off my shoulders
And how you saw, and pulled me into the center of the circle
A smile on your face and a laugh on your lips

But you want to talk about the boys
Which ones noticed you, which ones danced with you
And which ones were dying to talk to you but too shy to approach
Oct 06


My mind explodes with universes
That are mine to create
Mine to expand
Mine to bring alive

I see the leaves fall
And see the fairies riding them
Laughing as they twirl and glide
Racing each other to the ground

I see the runner passing by
And see the motivation
Swirling around their mind
And moving their legs faster

I see the world around me
And see how much more
It could be, it would be
With a little more magic

A vivid imagination like mine
Is seen as a blessing
By those around me
I alone see the curse

I see the dark corners of my room
And see the demon hiding in it
Mouth stretched wide
And eyes ripped out

I see the face of my teacher
And see it start to melt
Dripping away, still talking
Unaware of the horror it has befallen

I see the metal bar on the wall
And see it come to life
Sep 19

Making Mistakes

People always tell me I’m making mistakes.
Is it really necessary to say it?
I thought that was part of being young,
learning from your screw-ups.
Everything’s a mistake these days –
what I want to do in life,
what I believe,
who I love.
It’s taken me awhile to realize that
no matter what I do,
someone will think it’s wrong.
There are so many opinions in this wide world
that give us individuality.
They’re part of what makes us human.
Everyone believes something different.
Everyone tells me something different.
And I understand that, I do.

But did it have to be them telling me I’m wrong?
Because coming from them, I just might believe it.
Sep 09

Never Stop

I never know when to stop running

Through meadows and deserts
Through mountains and oceans
My feet never stop moving
Never stop chasing
Never stop running
Never stop

I hear voices rise in horror
As I approach the cliff before me
They know I won't stop
Can't stop
Even with certain death ahead

With their voices in my ear
I smile
And pick up the pace
Over the edge of the cliff
My body hung in midair
My breath catching
The voices quieting
As I land on the other side
And keep running
May 21


The Holy Trinity
The Three Musketeers
The Three Stooges
The Golden Trio
The Three Graces
And us

The flirt
The social butterfly
The awkward one

The student council leader
The perfect example
The team captain

The flawless make-up artist
The passionate painter
The imaginative writer

We grew up together
The three of us
Bound by friendship
Bound by love

Two of us sisters by chance
Another adopted into the group
Before any of us were even born

A tripod of support
Each of us ready to push the others up
To lift them into the sky
To lift them to push new limits

Thank you both
I couldn't have done it without you