Oct 25

Dance of Creation

In my mind
I hold out my hand to yours
Eyes inviting, curious, longing
You hesitate
But take it

We walk to the center of the floor
Your hand on my waist, mine on your shoulder
For it must be you that leads
Our other hands are joined
For only together can we accomplish this

The music starts
And we dance
You guide me through the steps
Eyes locked on mine
Filled with your story
Your hopes and dreams
Your deepest desires
And I latch on

We waltz
And tango
And salsa
And twirl
And dip
And spin
And leap
Your story flowing to me
With every step

I know you intricately now
Our mouths move at the same time
Both telling your story
Our minds are melding
Our brains binding
Our souls shining together
As one

I open my eyes, smile, and start to write
Because, my dear character,
Oct 07

Oh, Brilliant!

She's there. Shining on the screen, a beacon of light and hope. Her smile is bright enough to power universes. Her eyes are alight with curiosity and excitement and fierce loyalty. Just as she always has in the past.

Or, rather, how he always has in the past.

She is the Doctor.  She's back. And she's brilliant.
Sep 27

Light In The Darkness

The night arrives, and I close the door to my room behind me reluctantly.

The effect is immediate. With no sources of light left, all that lies before me is total darkness. No matter where I turn, I cannot see a thing. All is lost to me.

Despite the dropping sensation in my chest, I find my way to the one safe space, my bed. And I wait. I wait, eyes open to the blackness before me, because it is necessary to keep watch in times such as these.

Because as I wait, as I adjust to this new and disconcerting environment, I start to see things again. It starts simply with shapes and outlines. Then things that are familiar to me start to emerge. Details appear with time.

There are no colors, for the darkness is still dominant, but I smile and relax at the sight. Because as long as we can find our way, no matter how little light there is, we can have hope to continue on.
Sep 27
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More Than

I am not reliant, and I am not an accessory.
I am a person, not an object for you to move around the plot at your disclosure.

I am here to help to move the plot along, just like everyone else.
Too often, though, I’m simply a car.
An object used to get from one point to another as fast as possible.
One selected for beauty and functionality.
Not for personality.

I am here for a reason, and it is not to stand still.
It is not to be a statue the other characters draw inspiration from.
It is to tell my story, to develop further than a couple of thoughts from my head or - heaven forbid! - the smallest expression of my individuality.

I am here to support my fellow characters, but not at the expense of myself.
I am not the cheerleader off to the sides of the game, unable to do a thing.
I am your teammate.
I can make plays, too.
I can take action.
And yet, I am not allowed to.
Sep 11

I Will Never Forget (Because I Can't)

I saw the planes for the first time.

I don't know how I've never seen it before. I've heard about it, everyone has, but for some reason, whenever we went over that in class, we saw only pictures of smoke rising over the once clear New York skyline. Only heard numbers, quickly recited before moving on to the normal topic of discussion.

But today, I saw the planes.

I've always thought of them as graceful, soaring above and through the clouds and taking people to far off, distant lands. There was nothing graceful about these planes. Or maybe there was, and that's even worse.
Sep 04

Into the Lonely Woods

One step, then another
I follow the well-loved path
into the lonely woods

I take in the scent - 
ever so faded, but familiar somehow
wavering through the air
in the light fog

I can hear voices, but not their words
Many voices, woven together in their lack of language and meaning
Voices I do not know
but know the pain of

I come to a crossroads, and do not hesitate - 
for if I did, I would never make my choice - 
and continue forward on

No matter where I turn
or which path I take
they all bear the footprints
of those who came before me

I wonder what the first person to come here did
If, with nothing to lead them
they could not find their way
and withered to nothing

I never see a soul - 
only shadows, hidden in the corners of my eyes
and in between blinks
I know they are there, nevertheless
for their voices never stop
Feb 06


The moon is bright tonight.

It shines with the light of a thousand souls, long since risen, lighting the path for those they left behind. Rays fall on the grass, the trees, the graves built in their memory. My face is alight, my eyes taking in the wonder of a world transformed by the fall of the sun.

It is darker, for sure, and yet somehow I see clearer than ever. The shadows hide me, and yet I am exposed. I stand in a graveyard, and yet I feel, I see the vein of life running all around me. I am alone, and yet they surround me.

I know they whisper to each other - I've heard their thoughts, their pleas. Tonight, though, I hear nothing. They hide from me, conceal their thoughts. Why? Have I changed that much since I last came here? Do they think this time, I come to harm their memory like so many others have done before? After all these years, have I lost their trust?

Or maybe this time, they know I shall soon join them.
Oct 25


Stuck in a classroom for two hours
As the police combed the school
From head to toe
Rumors flying
No one knew for sure
What was true
And what wasn't

My breath came quickly
Of what they might find
And if we were safe

Running in the pouring rain
As our sneakers filled with water
Soaked from head to toe
Bodies flying
Through the rain
As we pushed forward
Though the pain

My breath came quickly
With the strain
Of running on

Dancing in the cafeteria
As the judges watched
Sweating from head to toe
Limbs flying
With the music
In our movements

My breath came quickly
As we tired from the day
And the dancing

But at the end of the day
When I was exhausted
And beaten down
You smiled at me
Oct 06

how to part the clouds

Oct 02

A Letter To Evasive Sleep

Hello dear one,

I miss you so much. I want to hold you once more, to wrap myself in your arms and give in to your love again. I want to go back to the days of hours spent together, a schedule we made to see each other. I want to forget the world around me and let my tense muscles relax in your embrace like I used to.

I apologize that we haven't seen each other often in the last month. I'm lucky to see you a few hours each day, and even then I can't truely forget everything I've been doing and simply enjoy our time together. The ever-growing pile of papers in my backpack and assignments in my inbox tugs me away, my arms reaching for you but never firmly grabbing hold. Every day, I spend the ticking minutes waiting to return to you.