Jun 15
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No One Falls in Love After Midnight

“Sometimes you just have to hit something.” Elle huffed and puffed like the wolf she was, her breath freezing in the cold city air. Her heels clicked along the cobblestones as she bulldozed through the passersby. Her dark coat billowed violently out behind her before she stopped in front of a busy coffeeshop. She paced in front of the doors, arms crossed. A freckled woman with a pointed chin held the door open for her.

    “I’m waiting for someone,” Elle said sharply.  

    “It’s freezin’ out here, honey, sure you don’t wanna wait inside?”

    Elle shook her head.

    “Well, to each their own.” The woman let the door shut behind her, rubbing her hands as she crossed the threshold into the no doubt very cozy shop. Elle stood abandoned on the sidewalk, a lost cause.
May 22
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I am the one who...

May 17
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The Gentleman and the Glass

It wasn’t that Alice didn’t like people; she just found them unnecessary. She preferred the company of the boogie man scribbled in violet ink on the corner of her science textbook. She would rather spend time with the talking tree scrawled on page 59 of her English notes than converse with her table partner. And the tragic tale of the five-legged pirate-dog, drawn haphazardly in sharpie on the back of her English homework was far more interesting than the definition and origins of the word “umbriferous.”
Mar 14
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snow boy

fond memories linger
in long since melted snow.
i shut my eyes...

there you are.

in the snow
in the sunlight
in the cold
in the past...

the snowflakes dance
while you whisper your secrets to me.  
Mar 11
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One Day

Mar 11
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You catch me
Between the brink of sadness
And joy.

A memory
Of a time that never happened
Makes its way to my lungs.

My breath catches on a smile
And all I see
Are sunsets.

The air tastes like a kiss.
Feb 06
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I Am A Writer

Before 2016, I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life. I was never one to get excited at the prospect of graduating, college, or life after school. I'd always dreaded my senior year, because I knew when it ended, all there would be was a cliff. A cliff that I'd be forced to jump off of into the unpredictable, and it scared me. Oh, how it scared me. School was safe. I didn't love it---and I loved it less and less each year---but it was familiar. 

But then I grew to hate the familiarity. I hated the routine. I hated doing the same thing every day, always knowing exactly what would happen from the moment I woke up to the moment I shut my eyes at night. And I resigned myself to hating it. I would simply wait for the next year, where, at least for a while, things would be new again.
Jan 25
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Tell Me Something I Don't Already Know

You exist in the open fields
Of the safe and wondrous
Corners of my mind.

I wish
Over all other wishes
That you were real.

That I looked like you
That I walked like you
That I lived like you.

That you were reflected
In mirrors
That show me nothing new.

Tell me something I don’t already know,
I yell
Without words.

I think no one answers at first
But there is a voice.

Telling me,
Forget the mirror...
                       It lies.
Nov 04
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The Moon Doesn't Have to Worry Anymore

There was a time
When I would have reached up to the stars
And broken off a piece of the moon for you. 
Really and truly,
I would have done it.

And if you'd lost it,
Because you had a hole in your pocket,
Or because you were careless,
I'd have gotten you another piece.

And if you lost that,
If you suddenly found yourself without the moon for a second time,
I'd have done it again.
And again,
And again,
And again,
Until there was nothing left.
Nothing left but stars to light the night.

But now,
I assure you,
The moon has nothing to fear from me.
You'll be fine without her,
And me.
You'll be okay.

Aug 19
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This Was Supposed to Be a Good Poem