Dec 15

Hildene Essay Contest

Every year, Hildene, The Lincoln Family Home in Manchester, VT, runs the Lincoln Essay Competition for 8th graders throughout Vermont.  

First place winners receive $1000, second place $750, third place $500, and honorable mentions $250.

The deadline for submissions is Lincoln’s birthday, February 12, 2018. This year’s topic:

This year's essay topic:
Describe a current or recent event in which the actions of the participant(s) may be viewed as patriotic by some and as unpatriotic by others.  Discuss the differing points of view.  What is your position and why?

Complete application packets (including guidelines and tips) can be downloaded:

Contact: Stephanie at [email protected]
May 30


May 26

Zoe & "Elderly Couples in Vermont"

Listen to YWP's Zoe Bernstein perform her poem, "Elderly Couples in Vermont," with the Vermont Symphony Orchestra in their Midwinter Music program. The VSO toured a string quartet around the state in early 2022 bringing musical performances and poetry readings to communities in late winter. This video features Zoe's poetry reading and a selection of the quartet's music. Way to go, Zoe!

And here's her poem:
Elderly Couples in Vermont
By Zoe Bernstein

You have to stop solving your problems with dogs
Labradors when the Subarus break
Poodles for visiting family
Bloodhounds for demotions
Irish Water Spaniels when the grandkids move out
A blind, deaf, toothless arthritic mutt that only has one leg
Whenever "marriage counseling" is mentioned

It's been 50 years and 47 dogs

The Humane Society sends you personalized Christmas cards
May 21

Summer of Stories 2022: Contest

May 18

YWP's Yellow Sweater Publishes Book of Poetry


YWP is thrilled to announce that Yellow Sweater (Zinnia Hansen) has just published her book of poetry, Spikenard, as Seattle's 2021/22 Youth Poet Laureate! Yellow Sweater tells us, "the seeds of the book sprouted on this website... this book literally wouldn't even be a thought without YWP."
Apr 24


Apr 06

YWP Community Survey! April 2022

Mar 26

Why not?

By Ashleigh Provost, 17, Hinesburg, VT
Honorable Mention

Call me a tree hugger,
A hippie, a snowflake.
Tell me I'm exaggerating,
That "trees can't feel."

See my sorrowful gaze
Fall across open fields 
Once graced with exponential growth,
Replaced with soild cold tarmac.

Ask me why I care, 
Why it matters.
I'd admit, I have no convenient scientific answer.
Is that the only thing that would settle your discontent?

Have you ever felt the embrace of a tree?
Ever felt the despair from the life with no voice?

I'll ask you, 
Why don't you care?
As if you do not rest upon Mother Earth's creation,
As if you do not breathe the air from her children.

You may ask me what I gain from caring. 
What do you gain by not?
Mar 26

Leaves will fall