Mar 24

Coverage of The March: Washington, around U.S., Montpelier; NYTimes, VTDigger and others

Audio: Parkland students visit Thurgood Marshall High School where gun violence is constant. NPR-All Things Considered

Emma Gonzalez holds on for powerful, extended period of silence.


Burlington Free Press in Montpelier


Feb 23

Teen Voices at the Flynn Center

Feb 22

Voices for Change

Ongoing: What Can You Do? Write, of course. A challenge set up for the rising activism by high school students against the gun violence happening in schools. What's your take?
March 14: Enough: National School Walkout: Across the U.S., a walkout for 17 minutes at 10 a.m. to honor the 17 lives lost in the Parkland, Fla., school shooting and to demand action on gun violence. 
March 24: March For Our Lives will march in Washington DC -- and in communities across the US -- to end gun violence and mass shootings in schools. Are you marching?
April 20: is organizing a national high school student walkout against gun violence on the 19th anniversary of the Columbine shooting.
Feb 15

I am the one with a dream ...

I am the one who loves the outdoors, country music, four-wheeling, hunting, and singing. One of my dreams is to meet Kane Brown in person so I have one memory I will never forget in life.

Also my biggest dream is to stop hate and racism. I wanna be someone who goes to schools and talks to kids and teens about life and that even though there's hate I wanna tell them it will get better. I wanna be someone a little kid or teen looks back at in the future and says "She's the reason I pushed through this."

I just want to inspire people and kids in this world. I want to make the world a better place where people feel loved for being themselves. I want them to say 'I am beautiful in every way possible.'

Also lastly, another dream of mine is to be a singer. I want to go on stage with a professional singer so I can show my talent to the world. I have always wanted to join Americas Got Talent. I am the one who has a dream. -anonomous"
Jan 05

We have winners!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the second annual 12 Days of Commenting. From Dec. 24-Jan. 4, your comments made the holidays happy and bright! 

First place: Hazel.C.!!
Runner up: Anna P.!!

Honorable mention goes to: nean_bean, jbird18, H20.hollym, Nightheart, Flowerdragon and Love to write.

Thank you all for taking that extra, generous step to connect with other writers, to offer support and encouragement, to notice and listen! Please keep the positive energy flowing, and leave a thoughtful comment today! Bring love to those who haven't received any comments yet. (You can find them by hovering your mouse over READ > RECENT and click RECENT-TABLE.)
Jan 03

The Calvin 2018

Dec 24

12 Days of Commenting

Dec 08

MGMC -- Women's March

Oct 02


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