Jul 13

Muslim Girls Making Change at Brave New Voices

Muslim Girls Making Change--Vermont's youth Slam Poetry Team--has arrived in Washington D.C. for Brave New Voices 2016!

The quartet of slam poets, along with coaches Denise Casey and Rajnii Eddins, YWP hero Sarah Gliech, and the irreplaceable Reuben Jackson (of VPR Fame), have arrived after a lengthy drive and are preparing to take the stage by storm!

Check out this great write-up from the Associated Press--already shared hundreds of times, all across the country!
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Jun 10

test of the hashtag

Jun 06

What I really have been thinking....

Sometimes things are just too darn complicated. And a phrase really needs to be a sentence really needs to be a chapter really needs to be a book.

And, just so you know, this is about my work with Young Writers Project.

And the phrase I use is this: Young Writers Project used to work directly in the schools, but we decided we wanted more control of what we do and we wanted to work more direclty with kids.