Apr 13
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Ode to Mark Zuckerburg

I always felt like Mark Zuckerburg
was a cat person. 
He would sit out on 
a lonely rock, 
watching the maine shores,
staring out into the fog. 
Dandelion puffs 
blowing by and he would
breathe the salty air. 
Walking home maybe
he would see a sign
spinner gesticulate to
the nearest chicken joint,
though mark always seemed
like a noodle man
to me. 
Maybe he would notice
a bright orange scrunchie 
in the hair of some surfer, 
going to catch a wave. 
I imagine he would 
check his watch noticing
the time and thinking
”oh its time to feed the cat”
and rush on home to his
fluffy pal waiting, 
in that little house in maine. 

Words I had to use in 7 minutes: cat, mark zuckerburg, dandelion, gesticulate, maine, foggy, breathe, scrunchie, fried chicken, noodle, rock, watch
Apr 09
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Apr 05
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Wracking Brains

Screaming out
I see it in my head,
the monster that lives under my bed. 
Daring not to move for fear
I might end up dead. 

In this world there are two 
types of people,
those that run and those that fight. 
I learned who I was that night. 
I pulled the blankets up to my chin tight
and begged the darkness,
if it just might,
leave me to fight another fight. 
Poetry, scmoetry, needles, and knives, 
darkness is the one that connives. 
I don’t know how any one survives,
when it comes every night
where it thrives.
I see it lying there under my stair,
a shadow appeared out of thin air. 


Apr 03
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That Day

Trudging through teeming terrain.
Trees block my view of what’s ahead,
keep going my heart said.
Gradually the land starts to slope,
first up, then down, then up,
and I am headed to the sky.
My heart beats to a drum,
my footsteps walk in rhythm
and animals pass me by.

I don’t know why I went this way
my heart doesn’t say when to stop and stay,
and though I keep a steady beat,
is my heart possibly leading me astray?

Come, come, come, a voice says to me,
the earth can hear you don’t you see?
With feet like lead and knees like jello
I continue on,
listening to see if I might catch a song.
I don’t know whether the voice was right,
but I see strange creatures
dancing in the forest light.

Quick and nimble they take flight
and I wish it were me with all my might.
The earth was listening,
I now know it was,
Apr 01
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space between us

Space between us.
Space between me and her.
Space describes a great many things.
Is it the distance between
the stars and galaxies or,
is it the vast space
inbetween my cells?
Is it the black void that creates the
lines in the side walk?
Is it the space between me and him?
And him?
And them?

Somehow I feel even
the latest nasa technology 
won't help me cross the light years
between us.
Does the distance need to be traversed?

My lonely planet
can I stay with you, and
maybe the cat can come too?
Breathe deep that free lonely air,
listen true to the blues playing
in my bedroom.
Is it just me or can I hear 
the worlds steady thrum better when
I don't have anyone beside me.
Or is it just you.

Ripped pages and
"Do Not Disturb" signs litter my brain.
Sleepovers and smiles hold me back.
Mar 08
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Electric Galaxy

City floating in the black, inky sky,
I see you as I fly by. 
Each light adds to the galaxy 
of stories and lives. 
I imagine jumping into
the darkness, forever falling up
into the night sky reflected below. 
Maybe it's an ocean with 
strange creatures busy flowing
with the undertow. 
I'm a space traveler observing without
really seeing,
but I can still feel each being, 
pockets of life shown by lights. 
Teeming night, do you see me add
to your sky as you add to mine?
Awe inspiring, spread out
like beautiful coral,
or a crack in the earth 
with shining stardust showing through. 
I want to reach out and dip my
fingers into the land, 
touching each light. 
We cannot be only a blight. 
There is a peace to the chaos as you
watch from afar. 
It used to be a miracle to see the world
from the sky. 
Beauty tends to be lost on us after
Feb 24
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Poem on a Wall

Feb 21
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Here in the Dark

Can you hear me?
Can you see me?
Lips move but silence ensues.
I don't know where the desert
begins and ends,
or if the existence of
beginnings and endings is just a human
If everything just fades into a grey area
is there ever any color at all?
Can rain really fall
if we all are just floating in infinity?
I am tired but only
of being
and questioning.
My confidence is shot 
by the endless "Why"'s, when
does it stop?
Aren't we all in the end
just here in the dark?
Then again, there might not be
such a thing as an end.
Why is it I only feel alive 
when either pain or happiness
consumes me?
Are we only defined by the sharpness
of a blade or the shock of a laugh?
Or is it the questions we ask.
I live to impress and
stress over the opressed.
Im tired of trying.
So please, leave me here
in the dark.

Feb 16
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i love the rain

Its raining today.
The soft glow of the cloudy
and weeping sky calms me.
I love it.
I love it almost as much
as I love you.
The way your presence holds me
in a comforting nostalgia.
How the skies voice makes
me smile at the prospect
of a good nights sleep.
How when months without
you go by, suddenly I search
for signs of you everywhere I look.
Its just another love poem.
A first love poem.
My first love was the rain
and my world crumbled without it.
The crackling laugh of thunder
lit up the sky in contradiction
to everything.
"Why do you love the rain?"
I don't know.
The rain doesn't love me.
It only falls unheeded to the earth
washing away everything.
I fought my way to adjust to the desert
you left me to make hospitable.
When you came back it only taught me
in force how much I missed you.
The first rain.
Jan 25
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8 Miles Up

I look over to my little sister sitting in the seat next to me as she plays a game on my iPad. She is completely engrossed as her little 3 year old fingers poke at the screen making me smile. This is the first time we are flying on our own out to see our dad in Canada. Our mom got in a big fight with him last year, and since I am now 18 she gave me charge to fly Lizzie on our yearly month long trip. The plane shakes and Lizzie drops the iPad on the floor and it slides down the aisle towards the front of the plane. She looks up at me and points in the direction it slid, “Sissy go go.” she orders me with a big toothy smile. Breathing out a long breath I give in and prepare to give in when an announcement goes on,