Mar 14
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Dear me,
Change scares me,
time scares me,
the unknown scares me,
small spaces scare me,
big spaces scare me,
people scare me,
pencil sharpeners scare me,,
sickness scares me,
bugs scare me,
pain scares me,
the dark scares me,
love scares me.
Everything it seems, scares me
i’m just a person
A person scared of petty things
and big things,
and small things,
Who gets sad
and mad
I’m just a person
A person who has fears
and feelings
that also scare me
I’m just a person who lies sometimes
and tells the truth most of the time
I’m just a person who reads and draws
and thinks too much
i’m one out of many.
A person who jumps with excitement and smiles with joy.
Just a small one out of big ones
just a smart one out of smarter ones
just a dreamer among dreams
just a star in a night sky
just a word in a book.
just me.
Mar 14
wondering about rain's picture

7 minutes

I scream, but only in my head
I cry, but only behind dry eyes
I shout, but using sealed lips
Glass shatters, but only in my heart
They walk away, but in the middle of my scentence
They say its okay, when the world is ending
They laugh, but only at my struggle
Glass shatters, but this time its in reality
Blood spills, and this time its mine
Im alone, and the world is ending
They walk away, even if I ask them to stay
Glass shatters, but this time is the last time
I scream
Mar 14
wondering about rain's picture

teen years

They say we are emotional because we are hormonal,
They say that these times predict the rest of our lives,
They treat us like the numbers next to our names and,
I can't take it anymore.
just because we have less control over our emotions, does that make them any less real?
They tell us that every teen ager goes through a "rebelious faze",
so nice to know that my actions have already been predetermined.
They say that every teen ager gets angry at their parents,
well maybe because you have never given us any reason not to.
They tell us that we are experimenting,
does that mean that to fall in love is an expeirement at this age?
How come I am now a majority?
How come I am treated with amusment instead of respect?
How come every time I go to tell my age I hesitate?
How come I can't ask these questions without someone saying, "every teen ager asks this"?
You have not answered my questions,