Jun 09

Something Bigger

Sometimes I wonder
If I’ll ever make it out

Or if this is all we get,
All we’re ever meant for

It seems like
We’re meant for something
Than all of this.

Something bigger than these tears
Or fake smiles
    Or plastic emotions we pretend to feel.

How are you? 
But how are are you really?
Why do we feel the need to cover ourselves up?
We aren't robots. 
We're something much greater,
Much bigger. 
Jun 09

Wrong About You

The way things used to be
Or the way I thought they were 
Were perfect.
Or so I thought.

Turns out I was wrong. I seem to be wrong about a lot of things lately.
I was wrong about us. I was wrong about you.
You are not the person you told me you were.

I hung on to every word, like an anchor. How foolish of me.
I fell in love with someone who didn’t even exist.

And now,
It’s all gone to waste.
Gone to the wind.