Apr 22

Let's Grow Old Together

I was just sixteen 
when you said 
"Let's grow old together."

I stopped what I was doing,
whatever I was doing,
and felt a smile
spread across my face,
reaching all the way to my eyes. 

"Okay," I replied,
with every part of me 
believing what I was saying. 
Apr 19


What can I write?
Everything has been taken,
thousands upon thousands of writers before me
have sat down like me
and written.
About love,
or hate, 
death, sometimes even mindless thoughts
scribbled in the sand. 

Who am I,
to contribute something
that has already been done?

I'm sure even this,
has been written. 

There is no such thing as originality,
it is instead mimicking those of the past
in our own little ways. 
Apr 15

I Bet You Watched

You didn't look at me 
when I walked past you
but I swear
I bet you watched 
my every step 
as I walked into the spring afternoon,
until the sunshine blinded your eyes
making you look away.

And by the time you opened your eyes again,
I was long gone. 

The only thing is,
you didn't see me look back,
while I inhaled the newly born air 
trying to make myself 
turn around and go home
to where I belonged.
Apr 14

She Felt

Apr 11

Deep Down

There they go
flipping blond hair
over their small shoulders 
smiling at me
acknowledging that I'm here
but not leaving with them.

Deep down,

I wonder what is so wrong with me
that I can't be a part of that.  

But my pride gets in the way,
telling me I don't need that,
whatever it is.
Apr 10


The dull yellow field we walk on
soft with the tears of dying winter
makes our boots messy
as we make our way back home. 

Your bright yellow rain jacket 
makes the light rain sing
as it hits and slides off. 

The misty yellow light that filters through the grey clouds 
turns our path into a surreal kingdom
of secrets and old-time stories 
told to us when we were young. 
Apr 04

Your Letter

You wrote me a letter.
A full page and then some,
two clean pieces of paper
stapled together at the corner,
creased in the middle. 

You're not a writer, 
we both know that. 

But when you handed me 
this folded packet 
my heart instantly swelled up,
because I knew it was something you wrote.

Words, from your mind
your heart. 

I had to wait a full period to read it
where I escaped to the dimly lit bathroom to hurriedly 
read the words 
you gave to me. 

I have not smiled that much 
in quite a long time,
my friend. 
Apr 04

I can't stop.

my eyes are screaming to be shut
for the moment I can slip away 
into a world of not dealing with all of this
not having to face the day 
the people
the demands
the expectations. 

That place calls to me
begs me to join
the ignorant bliss
but I can't. 

I can't stop working
I can't stop talking 
I can't stop testing
I can't stop getting good grades
I have to keep going 
I must be the best
I must not fail 

I can't stop but
I am so exhausted
and sometimes I dream of slipping away 
from all of the voices telling me 
what to do. 

But then I get scared of my own thoughts
why would I think that?

I must keep going.

I can't stop. 
Mar 25

Friday Night

The lights are low as I look around the room
filled with people I truly care about. 

One braids my hair
as I'm cocooned by her legs.

One stretches herself over me,
laughing at the movie with me
that's blaring in the corner.

One sits near me
chatting about her recent cold,
as I tell her how sorry I am 
because she's coughing so much.

One sits in the corner,
quiet but smiling,
giggling about our chaotic conversations. 

Two sit together, sharing a handmade quilt
in awe of the hermit crab they look at together.

Bowls of chips and chocolate move between hands,
shouts and jokes light the room up 
making every nook seem alive. 

I smile,
because I am truly happy. 
And truly grateful. 

Mar 25

Empty Ribcage

My ribcage 
sits empty
suspended by nothing but
flesh and blood
coursing through my veins. 

I don't feel my heart beating its
life-giving rhythm,
telling me that I am in fact alive,
a human with emotions. 

I hear nothing,
I feel nothing,
as I watch the world go by my window
blue and grey figures
pass over me
not going father than my 
paper thin skin,
shielding me from anything,
good or bad.