Dec 21
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We are warriors
We love the feel of a weapon
We yearn for a dangerous battle
We crave the rush of adrenaline  
We wish for though fights
We hope for a challenge
We want to be fought
Because we are warriors

When others run away
We run straight in
When others feel scared
We feel excited
When others wish for an end
We wish for none
When others hide behind walls
We go straight to the battlefield
Apr 01
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Love is like a rosebush
As you reach for the beauty within
You are pricked and shoved back in fear
We are always approaching it but are too afraid to really grasp it
We are always reaching for it but can never truly find it
You can try and try to get rid of it but it will always grow back
It will always be there haunting your dreams
Welcoming you, but then moving just out of your reach
Those who are able to finally reach it, discover that it isn't what it was
That it eventually, withers away unless it is constantly taken care of
That it never regains that same sense that it had when you first found it
They discover that like a rose, love is not perfect
It is not that fairy tale story but instead a prickly rosebush
Jan 21
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The World

We’re counting down the days to our own annihilation
Livin in a world once green from the plantation
Declaring wars without negotiation
Just for the heck of starting a revolution
Watching the dwindling of this world population
Singing the song of the only standing nation
Learning that the one thing we can’t buy is salvation
Falling slave to the world’s brutal temptations
Finding out that we are this world's cockroaches, it’s infestation
Hating but loving this land of complete desolation
Hoping that someone will save us from this on coming liberation
Praying that tomorrow won’t be our termination

But hey
Outside it’s just a bloodbath
That's what it’s like livin in these wastelands
And yet we’re here to tell you that
We’ve been broken, We’ve been bruised
We’ve been unwanted, and We’ve been used
But yet were still standing on this mountain range
Screaming it’s time for change
Dec 17
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Kids believe they are good at everything
Teenagers want to be good at everything
Adults hope they are good at everything
Parents pretend their children are good at everything
Grandparents don't care if they are good at everything
Nov 16
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I Love You

The knife might puncture the skin
The bullet might make a hole
But nothing will take away my heart
Because I will still have your love to hold on to
Your love will save me from death and pull me away from the dark
While mine will do the same for you

I’ll love you until the life leaves your body
Then I’ll follow you
Letting the life leave my body
So that we can stay together
I will always love you

When you draw your final breath
I’ll hold your hand and sing you to your everlasting sleep
When the heat leaves your touch
I’ll hold you close in my arms sharing mine with you
When the color leaves your eyes
I’ll close both of ours so that no one can see the emptiness of yours and the sadness in mine

I’ll still love you once the life leaves your body
When I follow you six feet down
Letting the life leave my body
So that we can stay together
Nov 12
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The Ocean

The waves crash slowly on the beach falling to the sound of a heart slowly beating
A girl lying in the sand starting out as an army of clouds approaches
The clouds armed with all they can manage pelting drops of water at anyone close by
The ocean with their fierce crashing waves fight the sand on which the girl lies
Threatening to overtake her in a giant wave that would whisk her away into its depths
But the little girl can only see the beauty in the oncoming storm
The deep blue of the ocean’s deep water
The pounding rhythm of the waves pounding against the sand
The occasional lightning bolt that brings not only a light show but also a backbeat for the waves
The pelting drops of water that give the song of the ocean its melody
The howling wind beating against the sky is the spontaneously occurring chorus
Each one adding its mark to the music of the ocean
Nov 07
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What is beautiful?
Is Beautiful the waves crashing on an empty shore that hasn’t been tainted by humans
Or is that only beautiful to me
Is Beautiful a car zooming by at top speed in a race against others of its kind
Or is that only beautiful to Jack
Is Beautiful the sound that comes from tapping the keys on a piano letting the soft notes ring out
Or is that only beautiful to Jen
Is Beautiful a woman with sleek blond hair flowing down her back
Or is that only beautiful to Ryan
Is Beautiful the love that is felt for a daughter by a mother
Or is that only beautiful for my mom
Is Beautiful the well-struck soccer ball flying through the air heading into the goal
Or is that only beautiful for my dad
Is Beautiful the art of symmetry in which everything can be understood
Or is that only beautiful for my brother
Is Beautiful just the beauty that a person sees in another thing
Or is that false
Nov 07
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In this Place
It’s just him and you and me
In this Place
It’s just not us but three
In this Place
It’s just like a song played off-key
In this Place
It’s just like swimming in a deep-sea
In this Place
It’s just a love story becoming a tragedy

In the Distance
Where the sun still shines
In the Distance
Where the moon still lies
In the Distance
Where the bird still flies
In the Distance
Where the sky still crys
In the Distance
Where the ground still dies

In the Past
I couldn’t believe it was me
In the Past
I couldn’t realize we were free
In the Past
I couldn’t think that we were like peas
In the Past
I couldn’t see it as you see
In the Past
I couldn’t let our love just be

In the Future
We’ll be remembering when we cried
In the Future
We’ll be standing side by side
In the Future
Oct 18
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A Letter From A Bad Persons....A Really Bad Persons Named Leo "Help I am Stuck in a Hospitable" Fredrick

Dear Whoever the Heck You Are

My name is Leo. I grew up an orphan in the army. When I was a baby my parent abandoned me at an orphanage. The orphanage was horrible. Like completely horrid. I swear that they fed us dog puke and we slept on….with bugs. I hated it there, so like any normal child would do, I ran away. I didn’t want to have to rely on grown-ups. I searched for a job but who the heck would hire a little kid with brown hair and big eyes.

After my twentieth rejection, I did what I had to do and dyed my hair. After that, I always wore a hood and I put wood blocks under my feet. I left the city and joined the army. By the way, I was about ten at the time and barely knew what the army was. I thought that it was like a video game where if you die you come back to life. So, no judging me.
Oct 11
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I Hate Computer