May 26
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By Penny deRosset

Once upon a time, there was a vast forest with many huge trees. In the center of the forest there was a tree bigger than all the rest. A gigantic elm, one that must have been hundreds of years old, stood up straight and proud. Its huge branches brushed the heavens, covered with buds in the spring, emerald leaves in the summer, and gorgeous golden brown hues in the fall, until its sleep all winter long.
But perhaps the most remarkable thing about this great tree was not its size, or its foliage, but the creatures that made their home there. Songbirds and squirrels nested in its branches, insects crawled up its bark, a family of red foxes made their den in its roots. There was even a wise old owl living in a small hollow in the trunk. An entire community of creatures, all in one tree.
May 21
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Lily Kim Besaw


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Ezra Case, Anika Choudhary, Scarlett Contreras-Montesano,
Penny deRosset, Ruby Hall, Cora Lea

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Mr. Rich Boyers

Cover Art by Anika Choudhary

The publication was made possible by the generous support of the Edmunds Middle School Parent Teacher Organization and Young Writers Project
May 19
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Reverence to the Earth

By Haven Steiner

Our earth is a protector,
Shielding us from the monsters.

Her O-zone layer provides a haven,
Combatting the danger that threatens above.

She supplies us with sunscreen,
Preserving our skin from the from getting damaged.

Our earth is like a mother,
Guiding 7.7 billion people through life. 

While she is providing us with oxygen to breath,
We are setting her lungs on fire.                                                                                        

“I believe in clean air. Immaculate air. But I don’t believe in climate change.” -Donald Trump
Why does our biggest rainforest have to burn down for people to see the damage we’ve done? 

We are polluting her waters,
Killing the inhabitants inside.

Our oldest ice caps are melting and flooding our oceans,
And we are the electricity that powers the heat. 

Our planet is dying,