Dec 13
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My Happy Place

Aug 06
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Love is kind when you say its name and feel its breath on your face. Love is so strong but yet invisible. Love takes up all your time but it's worth the wait. You feel everything butterflies, fear and, happiness.
Aug 05
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I don't understand

Jun 19
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Hell ,and heaven

Jun 17
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May 20
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Im trying

I know that it doesn’t seem that
M e as a person is trying. I
T ry getting through my day I
R eally am. Even if
Y ou don’t believe that
I  am. I just want you to
N ow believe I am 
G iving life my best shot.

May 09
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Apr 28
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When people ask me what sadness is, I think and then without reason I say I don’t know. I do know what sadness means, well feels like. It feels like being blamed for something I did not do or being looked it the face and said you mean nothing and, trust me I know that feeling. You feel mad that you can’t stand up for yourself well you can but you don’t want to make anything worse you feel like you made things worse enough. you sit there look up and say why me and then fell the slow tear roll down your cheek and push it away and say you can’t cry be strong for your need to, everyone else gave up. The feeling of sadness echoes like a drip in the lost end of a tunnel drip…drip…drip in till it runs out. You want your drip to run out faster, you scream and yell but, no luck. You want to scream but you just cry. You just cry like you can’t do anything else.