Mar 02
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The Eye of the Storm

Mar 01
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The Woods

Feb 21
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Puzzle Pieces

They were like puzzle pieces
Their pieces fit together
Those pieces sit together,
Connecting the imperfections and insecurities

Over time, they solidify
Almost becoming one fully functional puzzle
Displaying a beautiful image of two people
Merged into one.

But what happens?
What happens when piece by piece the puzzle is disassembled.
By the people around it, by the creator itself
Pieces get lost over time, sometimes they're put back,
But they're always lost again.

Until one day, finally, the puzzle is broken up and put into a box.
Stored on a shelf somewhere, 
Maybe, possibly going to be taken out again, and reassembled.
Nobody knows what's going to happen, 
I guess that's what fate is...

Feb 13
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Sound Check!!!!

Feb 10
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Self Portrait?

Feb 07
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Written in the Stars

Feb 02
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Frozen Bubbles!

Feb 02
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Jan 30
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A little bird is spreading lies

Our new president. A little bird. Twitter bird, flighty, singing those little annoying songs, the tweets which all are unnessasary. If this is the type of person that can control our entire country now, what are we doing?! His power is earned through his money, which is earned from who knows what. I hope that you all can ignore this little bird, as much as he may scare you. His power, is much less than all of ours when we stand together as one. No matter your skin color, or religion. No matter what you wear. I accept you, We accept you. You are not alone.
Jan 29
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Out of the box?