May 09

The Poet in Hiding

You asked me once,
How to write poetry.
Laughing a shameful laugh you
Belittled yourself and said,
“I’m the least creative in my family.”
You don’t seem to realize that
Poetry swims in your brain,
And feeds you information on the world
In a liquid you call neurotransmitters.
When you string together equations
In algebra or calculus or trigonometry,
You are writing poetry,
But in different tongues.
You tape photos to your wall,
Photos of the girl that held
You once on a waterfront,
And photos of you and I in suits,
Our smiles soaking up the light.
You tape these photos in a way
That tells a story that words,
Could never hope of retelling.
You claim to not know what poetry
Is or how its created.
But ink swims in your eyes,
And words crackle off your fingers
Like lightning.
You tell me you’re not a poet,
But the words tell me otherwise.

Mar 28

Everything Beautiful

I think we both
Realized we weren’t
Right for one another.
You were the one
To leave first,
And I developed
Heart palpitations in your wake:
Every heartbeat I lost,
Left with you.
It hurt me
To argue with you,
When we would do our best
To scream louder than the other.
But once you were gone,
The silence made me deaf.
We stole, screamed, bit, and clawed
At one another,
And I wished we could go back,
But I knew everything beautiful,
Had to eventually end.
But do I regret you?
I don’t regret the
Red lipstick stains
On my neck,
From our breathless embraces.
The tea that filled our bellies
On cold December mornings,
Still warms me.
Going back to watch
Our memories on VHS,
I wouldn’t cut out any of it.
I still wish you the best in life,
And I still think you’re beautiful.
Mar 23

My Heart The Acorn

My heart is silent,
I tremble at this revelation.

Veins pump soundlessly,
and carry dull blood
to my arms and legs
that move me wearily
up the tree.

My anxiety has once again
gotten the best of me,
and now all I can do
is hide.
I sit uncomfortably in dead branches
that are uncushioned by leaves.   

I want to dissociate
because thinking hurts too much.

I can’t help them,
the accusations that shoot
into my brain like needles:

I think of every hello
I’ve never answered,
or the bridges I’ve burned,
because drifting apart slowly
makes me feel blurry.
But most of all,
for not being better.

Soon the sun goes down,
and the stars step out
from behind a black curtain.
They twinkle the way
a lover winks to you
from across the street.

Off a branch
not far from me,
a small acorn drops
Mar 12


The relationship between
The two of us,
Can be described as
An unfinished song.
What has been written,
Is beautiful.
I have put on paper,
Lyrics sweet enough
To make the skies shed tears,
And trees sway to the rhythm.
But now,
The writing falters.
The melody skips beats,
That leaves jagged silences.
If writing this piece
Has taught me anything,
It is to tell h

Feb 21

February 21, 2018

PRESS RELEASE:  On February 21, 2018 at approximately 1130 hours, administration at BFA St Albans were notified of an anonymous threat made at the school via a note.  The threat was related to shooting that was to occur this afternoon so the school immediately went into ‘secure the building’ mode.  Officers responded and along with BFA staff, the decision was made to send students home early.  There was no active danger located at the school and officers were on scene as students left for the day.  The school was cleared by SAPD officers. Officers stood by at both St Albans City and Town Elementary Schools as a precaution.  
St Albans Police are investigating the source of the threat that was made and officers will continue to be at the schools as the investigation carries out.
-St. Albans Police Department

I remember in 2010,
The Vancouver Winter Olympics aired.
My 4th grade class was a beehive,
Buzzing in excitement and working
Feb 16

Young Lovers

We’re not in love,
The way we look at each other
As the sun sets,
And wild thoughts step out
From behind hay bales,
Wanting to play.

We’re not in love,
When we sit on a park bench
Watching winter slush
Slip off branches;
And wait breathlessly
To watch the first leaves of Spring,
Unfurl out.

We’re not in love,
As we walk into a heated tent,
That thousands of butterflies occupy.
I try to get one to land on me,
While dozens line your shoulders,
And flutter contently.

We’re not in love,
When we walk down
Church Street,
Ducking under hanging lights
And window shop,
With only dimes to our names.

We’re not in love,
Our parents tell us,
Scream at us,
As we run out the door,
Jackets still in hand
As we hasten to
Dive into my automatic.

We’re not in love,
We try to tell each other
Feb 09

It's Cold Tonight

I take us to our spot,
the one that is marked loosely
with ancient mossy rocks.
You sit down on a log
while I prepare a fire.
It’s a wonderful mess.
I throw together wet logs
and green branches.
I have no newspaper,
and my lighter is in the car.
I clash rocks together
in hopes for a spark,
and instead find blood
when I smash my ring finger.
There is no flame produced,
so I sit down next to you,
utterly defeated and fuming.
But I feel your fingers crawl
over and around my flannel
as you draw yourself
under my arm,
telling me that I am enough
to keep you warm.  
Jan 28

It's Quiet

Fifty degrees,
A slight breeze blowing.
A wind that is neither
Cool nor warm,
But the type to make
Your skin tickle comfortablely,
Under a light sweater.
It’s a late Summer evening,
The backyard has become dim,
Despite the sky being a bright blue.
Red, white, and blue lawn chairs,
Positioned in an oval
Around a iron fire pit,
Awaited for teens to sit,
After running around
And trampling uneven cut grass.
This same grass swayed
Passively in the breeze.
It was a tranquil moment,
Before the gathering of a storm,
Perfect for a quick nap.
Jan 25

Odes to a Celestial

Glorious moon
Incandescent and bright,
You sing to me in times of peril
And illuminate the night.
I shall confess to you my sins
Through whispers in your ear,
In hopes that I shall be saved
When the end times come near.

Dear Mother Moon we are fortunate
For you to protect us from the night,
From demons that play in the dark,
But would never challenge your might.
Dear Mother Moon I implore thee to stay,
To not leave us when the sky turns blue
So when our protector drops from the sky,
We need not start anew.

Absent moon
We all mourn your retreat,
Cower under stones and branches,
Sulking in the light with broken heartbeats.
But I rise from my perch
Sensing a change in the air,
Through the limbs of the silver birch,
I see you peek out from your sky lair.

Jan 22

School Dances

Like a reef lost at sea
He swayed helplessly in the dim room.
His friends were no lifelines to him,
As they moved hypnotically around
Blinking blue lights strung around the space.
He pawed feebly at his tie;
As it choked him almost as tight
As his anxiety was this night.
Past his watery gaze she passed,
Dress and hair flowing behind her
Like a wonder from the sea
That only a half-crazed sea captain could dream.
He was drowning all right,
But the first time that night,
He felt like fight back.
Like changing tides,
The next song played to his favor.
From rough rock transitioned
To a soft melody.
She knew what he desired
The moment he approached,
And wrapped her bare arms around him
For a gentle dance.
Then just like that,
He breathed unhindered.