Oct 09
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Stand by me

When it seems all is lost and there is less and less hope in my eyes, you still stand by me. When I am lost in this world, with no sense of direction, you guide my way. You are the hand that I hold when I need balance and that catches me when I fall. You are the arms that hold me close and protect me from harm. I am happiest when I am with you because you light up my world. You stand by me through sun and rain, darkness and light, good and bad. You fill my heart with love and my eyes with wonder. I see you as a strong, loyal, and amazing person, even though you may deny it. You have my back and see the best in me, even on my worst days. Thank you for being my superhero, my light, my world, and the one that will forever stand by me. 
Jun 06
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Jun 03
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Point of View

Sitting on a shelf, day after day, month after month, and year after year. The only job I am needed for is holding memories. People stop to look at me, occationally smile and laugh. Others, walk right by. It's hard to be noticed when you are always there. Forever sitting and holding memories. After all, I am just a picture frame
May 25
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The coldness of reality seeps through the once warm world in which I live.
Emptiness fills the skies, as happiness once did. 
The hard truth is an awakening to me. 
Sometimes you have to things let go to bring them back. 
But, when you are grasping something so tight, it hurts to let go. 
Eventually, we are forced open our hands.
A little to start, and then slowly, release everything.
The pain is only temporary.
The world will always turn.
Just because you let go, doesn't mean it is gone forever.
Live life to the fullest.
If you don't, you will forever regret living in the shadows.