Feb 10
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A Writing Mistake

I was sitting at my desk writing a story. As I was writing this story a lamp flickered on in the house. Why did the lamp flickered on? Why, because I flickered the switch on. It lit the whole room with a deep yellow, a very soothing color. As I began to conform to the feeling in the room, so did my writing.

My writing became comforting, allowing its arms wide open to the pen making marks over the paper. Soon pages upon pages emerged creating an unique story of laughter and happiness. As the night grew deeper, the laughter turned into yelling and the happiness turned into anger. The pen abused the paper, scratching out bad words and sentence that don’t belong. Harsh things were said, and no forgiveness was wanted.

Finally the sun rose and the ink dried. The damage that was done is permanently stained. Soon the ink owned up for its mistake, and maked up for the wrong things said last night. A clean slate was made and was printed out.
Jan 26
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There It Was

There it was, far, far, away,
A light.
I couldn’t reach it,
For I was too short.
I asked myself,
“ Why can’t it just be closer?”

I grabbed a stool and stood on it.
One leg of the chair was uneven.
I wobbled back and forth trying to grab at the light
But I couldn’t reach it.

I climbed a willow tree to catch the light,
But the limbs were weak.
I fell and hit the ground hard,
I felt so close to the light,
But I still couldn’t reach it.

I needed to catch this light.
Before the light would catch me
It was like a race
And I wanted to be in the lead

I boarded a plane,
For I knew it could fly far beyond the light.
It was perfect.

I got in my seat,
Buckled up for the ride,
And the plane finally took off,
Making a straight line towards the light.

When I got closer to the light,
My eyes were blinded,
I couldn’t see.
Jan 06
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It is gray all around him for he cannot see colors. He wishes to see the blue in the ocean, the color of his daughter eyes, his wife's hair, but he cannot. He hears the story of autumn's colors and how bright and vibrant the leaves look. He remembers one day he took a leaf and study it carefully, sliding his finger across the steam, noticing every detail. He asked himself, how can this be bright and vibrant? He crumpled the leaf in his hand and threw them on the ground.
Dec 16
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Do I know You?

It was a mid december day, the temperature was below zero, the wind was intense and there was no sign of stopping. I had to walk to a meeting at the Kingston building  which was just around the block. I was considering driving but because of the the traffic it would have taken too long. So I grabbed my winter coat, and hat, and trekked through the Antarctic weather.

The streets were pretty crowded because everyone was rushing out of work to get lunch. Image being in a concert with thousands of people and that was how crowded the streets were. I walked at a fast past, pushing people as I walked by. One gentlemen though completely knocked me over and I tumbled to the ground. I heard him repeating over and over again that he was sorry, and in fact he seemed worried, maybe even scared.

    He was much taller than I was, about 6’ 3”. He was scrawny and hunched. There was an awkward thing about him though, I felt like I knew him from somewhere.
Dec 01
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Most Valuable Player

My most embarrassing moment. I will not lie, I have had plenty, but I will have to say it would be the time I was playing basketball. It was my seventh grade year and we were in a tournament, and the team wasn’t doing well. We were all just falling apart. Plays weren’t being run, everybody had lost hope. It was a disaster.

The ball rolled out of play by the other team, so now our team had the ball. Somebody I can’t remember threw the ball in and we were making our way down the court when the ball all of a sudden goes rolling down the court. So being competitive as I was, I darted for the ball as fast as I could to snag it before a member of the other team could. So with full confidence I leaped at the ball closing my eyes and embracing for the impact.
Nov 25
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My Name

Isabella Elizabeth Giesing. That is the name that I was born with and will be the name I die with. It is defined as a fox grape, which is known as the wild grape in the eastern United States. This fox grape is used primarily for wine. Now I know certainly that my parents didn’t name me after a wine. I asked them why they decided to name me Isabella and they said that it sounded elegant and pretty. I asked them if there were anyone in my family that also had my name and they said no.
Nov 17
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That Rocking Chair

This rocking chair has been in my family generation for a very long time. If you glide your fingers down the arm of the chair you can feel the nicks and grooves that were from everyday use. You’ll look at the chair and think it's worn down and a piece of junk, but to others it’s filled with memories.

I remember that chair being where my grandma would sit for hours everyday knitting us hats and gloves for the cold winter to come. I remember it was where my little brother sat when we sang him his seventh happy birthday. I remember, me and my brothers and sister would all take turns closing our eyes, sitting on that chair, and rock back and forth as hard as we could pretending we were in the deep sea during a monstrous storm.
Nov 03
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Burgers and French Fries

Rise and shine
It’s french fry time
Let the oil sizzle
While your taste buds giggle

Do not worry
They’ll be done in a hurry
But make sure that they cool down
Or the burn will make you frown

Then slap a patty on the grill
Don’t let the grease spill
Lay some cheese on top
Make sure it doesn’t fall off

Grab a plate and some ketchup too
Draw a smily face like what you always do
Put some ketchup on the side for the fries
Than enjoy your meal that is about  to die
Oct 27
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The House Was Dark

The house was dead quiet and completely dark. The tension in the environment  which was upon you was greatly uncomfortable. Every faint step you took, the floorboard would creak immensely and stop you in your place. It was just plain utter fear of the unknown although, you know this house inside and out. You’ve lived here for about eight years so you could practically close your eyes and direct yourself anywhere in the house in which you wanted to go. This was not the case though.

    As you walked around there was an uneasy feeling. It was late and your parents were not home because they were gone for business trip for the weekend. Feeling the need for a snack, you walked to the kitchen and rummaged through what was still left in the cupboard. Successfully, you found an apple, chopped it into several pieces and smothered it with some peanut butter. You then brought your snack to the living room and turned on the television.
Oct 21
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This Awful Weather

There was a harsh wind biting my face as a trekked through the snow. Ohh it was bitter, I tell you!! My boots were to the brim with snow making my feet go completely numb. My ears were cherry red and were on the verge of frostbite. It wasn’t pleasant at all, but it was worth it because next to me was a wide smiling, rosy cheeked child.

A snowflake drifts in wind landing on the child's eye. He squealed at the sudden rush of coldness but then laughs. So it then began, the attempt to catch a snowflake on his tongue. Oh did he try!! He would target that snowflake dead on but miss calculate the wind patterns, thus letting the snowflake land on the ground. He tired and tired till he got the satisfying feeling of the snowflake melting on his tongue.