Nov 18

Fall Celebration of Writing 2017!

Congratulations to all who participated in the Fall Writing Conference in Montpelier, Vermont on Saturday, November 11! It was amazing to hear all your voices through all kinds of writing, there was so much talent to be heard!  
Oct 05

Writing Solo

Sep 25

Horizon Line

Sep 06

My Favorite Part of the Beach

My Favorite Part of the Beach
When I took this, all I could think was, my feet are freezing. It was six in the morning and I was waiting for the sun to arrive. The ground exposed by low tide overnight made the waves in the sand rock hard and cold to the touch, unforgiving to my bare feet. I could hardly feel my toes in when I took this photo, but all I wanted to think about was how these waves are my favorite part of the beach. Never have I seen a more lasting impression that the tides and waves can leave, then these little ripples. It's a silly thing to love, but they're always the same, year after year. 
Location: Ogunquit, Maine
Jul 18

Colorful Tears

Jun 10

Inside and Out

May 29

Spring Cows

May 09

YWP SoundCheck: May 2017!

May 2017: SoundCheck!
Congratulations to everybody who participated in the SoundCheck event on Friday, May 5th! Each and every performance was different and stunning in its own way - there is truly so much talent that is shown at these events. Great job to everyone!
May 09

Redwoods Redwoods

May 01

Palm Star