Aug 06
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on a wire
i'm perched
in this parking lot,
the air molecules
so empty
and the silence 
so sickening-
with only
time falls ill
the minutes
the wire
in the space
where one
for another.

Jul 03
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The Remains

Jun 18
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Discovery of Strength

How to get home safely in a thunderstorm?
You're 3 miles away- clutching the slick metal frame of your bike as the thunderclouds collide sending tremors worming their way into the small spaces where the worry lies.

Burn it all in the pumping of your legs; feet pressed to the bike pedals.

When the car you don't see speeds out from the garage opening to your side, know later the non-magic of your nerves that drove you to clutch your brakes in a quick-instant; all blinding and fast like the strike of lightning above your head. Y
ou found a difference between your and the lightnings' moment of action.
You discovered the scale of consistency; reliability:
your taught muscles vs. the thin puddle gathered on the concrete; you launch the water droplets into the air.
The human force is a controlled cycle-
and you
are where yours begins
and ends.
Apr 03
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temporary residents

we humans
are only
temporary residents
on this planet
as it
a temporary resident
in this
solar system.
this solar system
is but a
temporary resident
in this
a temporary resident
in this
which itself
is likely to be
a temporary resident.
this beautiful fragility
connects everything
and it feels
so human.
the quality of humanity
is to live at the
mercy of forces
greater than yourself
and to attempt
what you want
all the same.
maybe that’s why
love is the epitome
of humanity.
people after all,
are only
temporary residents
in our lives
and the people
we love are
the ones
we will do
all we can
to keep in our
lives as
a permanent resident.
Apr 03
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i call them thoughtholes-
the buckets of
thought that i frequently
fall deep down
my brain was built
to endlessly create pockets
that i fill with
whatever i can
it makes for quite a clutter
and lots of forgotten tidbits
left upon dusty shelves
but i wouldn’t
trade it for the world.
Mar 28
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We Will Not Stop: What I Learned From the March For Our Lives in Washington DC

Mar 28
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the little boy sits
in the seat across
from me
on the yellow school bus.
he has a skateboard strewn across
his lap and
five pens shoved into
his pocket.
he reaches for one and
they all tumble
he puts them
back in
but keeps one to
doodle in a massive
worn sketchbook
filled with white paper.
i seem him wear
the same beaten khaki pants
scuffed white shoes
and speckled green sweater
every single day-
through months june
and december.
this boy is a creator-
you can just tell.
he’s giving to the world even
though i suspect that
all it ever seems to
is take from him.