Mar 23
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I march for all of our lives

This is going to be a march for our lives.

A march against the semi-automatic weapons designed
to mass murder human beings.

A march for the students' lives that
were taken by one in their school hallways.

A march to bring change so that this
will never happen again. 

Who's next?
Not my brother, sister or friends. No young life will be taken by a bullet.

We will fight to protect our future, we will march to raise awareness and call for action.

Awareness: the lives of white students in school hallway are not the only ones being taken.

Black lives are taken on the streets daily.

They have been calling for action for years.
They have been calling for the worth of their lives for years.

Now our country has been set into motion, into a tidal wave of a movement initiated by white teens.
Feb 20
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Dreams of Gunshots and Numbers

I woke up this morning;
bits and pieces 
of the vision that played
beneath my eyelids as I slept
fluttered back into my mind.

I saw a church up
in the mountains,
rows and rows of dark wooden pews
lit with candles.

I sat in one with my family
and our family friends.
It was a high school,
and I felt the losses shatter
in my chest as the man
on the podium read their names.

It had not been my siblings,
my friends, my teachers,
or my cousins-
this time.

But it had been 47.
And they were no longer numbers
in Connecticut or Florida.
No, this time they were names,
these were people,
at a Vermont high school just
30 minutes away.

These names were teachers
that had taught the girl
sitting behind me.
They were athletes,
nordic skiers,
that I had raced against just 
last Saturday.
They were friends
Feb 15
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let go

editing deleting restraining
i am tired of caging myself in
behind a glass dam
measuring what to let out
and what to keep in.
the water i hold is too good
for that and i know it
but i dont deem the words that pour
out of me good enough.
i dont deem myself good enough.
and so here i am.
little did you know that
this was an act of bravery
an act of courage.
i am making no edits to
the person inside
and she is inside no longer.
she just is
and it is making her heart beat
thump thump thump.
and i could end this here
but i dont want to
because i like this feeling
and i want to hang on to it forever
but i guess i learned that sometimes
if you dont let go
then you dont really know
what you want to hang on to.

Feb 09
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Piano In the Dark

Feb 05
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A Pane of Magic

I was reading your poem
in study hall today
when I happened to find my gaze
lingering upon the window
where the snow was blowing 
all around while the sun shone through the flakes
and I smiled to myself
because it looked a lot
like stardust.
(then I snapped a picture of it,
but it didn't quite capture the sparkle.)

I wanted to thank you
for sliding a pane of magic
over that window.
I carried that stardust light with me
for the whole rest of the day.
Jan 26
poem 1 comment challenge: Ancestor
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(brief disclaimer: Margulius is my last name)


It tumbles and somersaults
and lands with a splat!
on the tongue of the teacher
taking attendance.

As I introduce myself,
It twists into a goofy
smoke bomb poof
of spazzing colors.

And I can see the
bright blue bubbling
question marks pop up
over their heads.

It's Romanian, I say.

But that hardly explains anything.
It doesn't cover how
my last name came to be mine,
a 15-year-old girl in Vermont.
And it doesn't cover
the infinitely deep well beneath the
somersaulting syllables.

Margulius is Romanian.

But that's not the whole story.

Not even a fraction of it, actually.

I only know a part of it myself,
as follows:

Margulius is
a mother hanging
on to her ten-year-old son.
Each other and the old house
Dec 28
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I swear I hear voices
beneath the ceaseless clamour
(of a car radio with no off-button)

The announcer jabbers about the most recent
abuse of power (a boy crafted from the earth
shattered by invasions of metal)

Then music explodes without a second's pause,
but in the lead vocalist's voice I hear a mother's wail
(her son was taken for the most unjust reason
of all and she does not have the wings necessary
for her cries to be heard beyond the bedroom walls)

Cut to the linoluem tiles of a school hallway
where the same music saunters through
(coming from the pocket of one of the boys
strutting down their runway)

They are shoving another in front of them;
each push of their hands another red hot word
(except homo and pussy don't burn this boy,
everybody knows this, and so they resume
their daily tasks)

But coming from another student's earbuds,
Nov 20
poem 9 comments challenge: Wonder
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Pink and Blue

I wonder why our boys are told
that they mustn't let their souls slip out,
they remain safe if it is hidden.
It would be an act of horror
if it were to roll down their cheek for all to see.

I wonder why our boys are told
that they should blaze blue or rage red,
as they throw, or catch, or tackle.
The words beautiful should not be uttered
about anything other than a female,
especially not yourself.

I wonder why our boys are told
that every situation must be grabbed by
their muscled arms alone,
and they must do whatever they need to do
to shove all of the pieces into place.

I wonder why our girls are told
that their bodies must flawlessly pink.
All imperfections in the stitching
are her fault and must be 
covered up otherwise she
is just an unwanted scrap of fabric.

I wonder why our girls are told
that their worth lies in their