Sep 20
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Sep 12
fiction 2 comments challenge: Cows
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A Conversation Between Two Cows

How goes it?
Alright, it was pretty hot today.
Yeah, that's why I came to join you in the barn.
Maybe it'll be cooler tommorow.
I hope so, for everyone else's sake. Not for us though.
Oh yeah, right. Tommorow's the day...

It's so nice, though, in the fall, when it's cool and you can feel the wind on your hide...
And the breeze blows the flies away...
Aw yeah, that's nice. Life is pretty good.
It's too bad it's so short.
Yeah, I can't believe it ends tommorow...

Remember that time we went outside at night?
You mean, yesterday?
Yeah. It was all cool, cause the sun had gone down, and the chickens weren't out?
You could look up and the moon was shining, and you could hear the crickets.
Wanna go out now?
Sep 11
fiction 1 comment challenge: Sky
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Muted Dusk Sky

Sep 10
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I wonder 
If it is all just a coincidence,
A random roll of the dice of fate.
But I think the mother knows
that those dice aren't shaken up, tossed,
and let roll around until they settle on whatever earth-shattering reality.
No, she can see the giants,
etched with armor in their defined six-packs,
light with the false freedom of their Nike sneakers,
and the disguise of oblivion in their bright red Beats.
Their greedy fingers outstretched-
time slows.
The dice bounce up off the table,
and hang in midair, 
stopped in their flight. 
The beat drops in the music blasting from the giants headphones,
and the dice fall
Straight into the giants flattened palm.
Like the jaws of a snake, 
his fingers wrap around the dice.
They are in his tightly clenched fist, the icon of power.
But now, the people on the sidewalk stop.
They look up from their i-phones, 
Jul 10
fiction 2 comments challenge: Movie
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The Movie of My Life

If someone were to take a camera, 
peer through the shutter-snapping lens into my life,
they would see fourteen years of footage filled with 
moments of
everyday routine Just move on already!
embarassing cover your eyes, what the hell is she doing? Stop. Stop!!!
awkward slap your knee in frustration just do: ( ____ insert thing here) Please?!

Sure, there are times of what I know would be labeled as "Glory Moment" in a movie.
A girl on a polished wooden stage, shaking hands with the tux-clad principal, accpeting an award,
Up front before a band blasting music dancing on green grass packed with people,
And swaying on a dance floor filled with lights, her hands on the boy in front of her's shoulders, his on her waist.

Now those sound great, I know. But those "Glory Moments," they're just words. Cause I can tell you:
Jun 26
fiction 1 comment challenge: Waves
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Alone on the beach, she watched the waves, cresting, crashing, and then returning to the ocean anew.

The woman stood vigilant on a deserted beach, her feet shoulder-length apart and her hands on her hips.
Her skin was splattered with dollops of imperfections, courtesy of the sun that now cowered behind the clouds that were exactly the same shade of dusky gray as the woman's unruly afro.
Her lined feet were equipped with the jagged toenails that one can only acheive after decades of scrambling upon the shoulders of the fallen giants that remained as a mountain of boulders.
Those toenails now dug into the grainy sand with force enough to make colonies of rigged veins stand out on every inch of her body.
Worn wrinkles and defined muscles clashed upon the dark background of her skin, so akin to the lightning that now wreaked it's havoc upon the sky.
May 09
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The Planet That Is My Sun

It's been so long.
So, so long. 
Centuries blended into days,
Because every second without that light is a year of eternal darkness.

In the beginning, I didn't know what happened. 
I was groping around in the darkness of my mind, searching for a light switch.
I figured our planets must have shifted, as we are so constantly doing. Ever-changing. 
But this time, somehow yours ended up in a different galaxy.
That had never happened before,
And I lost my gravity. 
I was left drifting through the cosmos, in the space between galaxies, in the nothingness.
Until eventually, after decades disguised as weeks, stars started appearing. At first one, and then a couple more.
I felt a little tug on me, so slight, but enough to send me drifting towards them.
The tug grew and grew each day, until I was racing towards a galaxy, and I was pulled into orbit.
I had found my gravity,

Mar 18
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A Remade World In Wynwood, Miami

Mar 18
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A Remade World In Wynwood, Miami

Feb 13
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The Shaft of Light

The familiar chimes jingle,
alerting me that someone is coming through the door.
I look up from my position behind the old mahogany counter in the dark store.
The door is slowly opening, letting in a beam of light
where the dust particles sparkle like magic.
And through the light, you enter
and stand there, in the shaft of light.
You stand there and look up at me underneath
your chocolate - colored hair swept to the side,
your green eyes hopeful, 
biting your lip in the adorable way that you always do.
But your eyes flicker at my pause
because you know that I can't do this. 
So I shake my head back and forth ever so subtly,
biting my lip now,
and look down at the dusty gray floorboards.
I look back up to see that you're gone,
and the door eats up the shaft of light,
the magic particles disappear,
and with a bang, the door shuts and the chimes jingle once more,
and then