Apr 06


If you were a story,
I would read you
Cover to cover
Without hesitation,
And if you were a song,
I would play you
On repeat
For a week
Maybe two.

But you're not.

You're a cracked empty soul,
With the world on your shoulders.

You're a shattered piece of glass,
Whose eyes are never dry.

You're a broken heartless monster,
Who hasn't done anything wrong.

If you were a friend,
I would refill your soul
And remove the earth from your shoulders.

If you meant something to me,
I would glue you back together
And dry your weary eyes.

If I knew you better,
I would fix your broken heart
And mend your hurting monster.

If you weren't so me...

If you weren't me.

Jan 25

There's a Hole in My Shoe

There's a rock in my sock,
and a hole in my shoe,
and the sky is too wet,
and the water too blue.

Now my ears feel numb,
and my fingers can't hear,
while my head's speaking nonsense,
and my eyes hold you near.

I think my life's headed south,
where the roses don't grow,
and the ponds shimmer lightly,
where the dark shadows go.

And the light it burns dark
where there's supposed to be day,
but my heart has grown hollow,
and I feel lost in each way.

I feel like a child,
afraid in the park,
and people can't see
that my mind has grown dark.

So here I lay crooked,
broke and misplaced,
while I ponder my thoughts,
imperfections and mistakes.

Maybe someday I'll be better,
fixed up and brand new,
but, until then,
there's a hole in my shoe.

Aug 28

Starry Eyes

Our candles burn
like a million flickering stars,
awaiting the return of darkness

And we just sit
and wait in the shadows,
as if we can never be heard

As our eyes light up
like sparklers on a summer night,
dancing to the sound of the moon.

Aug 16


I believe that heaven is the place you go when you die,
but it’s also much more,
like a thing that is constantly on a mind,
and tucked right above or below the surface of a heart. 
Heaven heals to clear the conscious of love and intimacy,
and to cloud the mind away with that thought of an end. 
Trapped and searching is that of a lost soul,
answers lye beneath their meek,
while free is that of those whom weep and have been cried for. 
Heaven is a creation where people are never supposed to judge,
but how does one never judge while they are asleep?
A part of being a believer is that there will always be skeptics,
but heaven knows,
there will always be apologies. 
Jul 27

For You

To the tiresome eyes and worried faces,
stuffed together in the smallest of places. 
To the flowers that grow around our feet,
and the contemplating heads admitting defeat. 
To the beautiful people who live in this world,
and the tapping of fingers and hair being twirled. 
To the ones who may worry about their complexion,
and the ones who don’t care that much for affection. 
To the brave civilians and the ones who are fighting,
and the ones who are bored that make things exciting. 
To the ones who show up when others won’t,
this poem’s for you and the ones who don’t. 
Jun 11

To the Girl I Know as Strong

To the girl I know as strong,
I'm here for you, my dear,
Whether it be through light and happiness,
Or treachery and fear.

As long as the sun rises in the morning,
And sets in the dusky night,
As long as the mountains stand tall,
And the ponds shimmer light.

Whether it's when life gets tough,
Or a heart bleeds rougher, 
Some tears run dry,
Or there isn't any suffer.

Whether it be huge,
Or maybe just small,
May our ideas grow big,
Or we have none at all.

Darling, maybe they won't understand,
Or maybe they can,
But it won't really matter,
Because together we stand.

To the girl I know as strong,
I'm here for you my dear,
For whatever you may need me,
I will always be right here.


May 08

How Long

How long do you think I can hold my breath for,
Without cowering away at the first sign of your distress,
And running away without you seeing me?
5 seconds.
I just get scared.

How long do you think I can wait for the light to turn on,
Without wishing I was under the covers of my bed,
Where I know nothing can hurt me but me?
4 seconds.
I'm weak.

How long do you think I can cradle my sorrows,
Until my heart feels too numb to continue,
And my hands can no longer feel?
3 seconds.
I wish it were less.

How long do you think I can dream of things,
Without them being too surreal,
To the point where I know they won't come true?
2 seconds.
It's harder than it sounds.

How long do you think I can rest my head upon my hands,
Before I feel threatened from my toes up,
And my brain starts to think I'm giving in?
1 second.
Trust me.
Apr 09

Only in a Dream

Only in a dream would i walk
under the sky so blue,
turn around,
and find you.

Only in a dream would i follow you home
as i listen to your breathing pattern,
while we waltzed down a path,
i never really thought mattered.

Only in a dream would I walk among a bridge,
unsteady yet full of life,
watching your every move,
prepared to be your sacrifice.

Only in a dream would a sweet grassy meadow
turn to leaky water patches,
as you float so effortlessly across,
as i try and make my clumsy feet match them.

Only in a dream would the water turn to snow,
and our shoes turn to skies
and our hearts so young
and souls forever free.

Only in a dream would we hike to the top
along a wet swamp,
and find a log cabin,
snuggled in its spot.

Only in a dream would the phone ring,
would i whisper good bye,
would i walk into the fog,
Mar 24

"You Just Need a Little Imagination" Reimagined

(Photo Credit: EmilyAnne)

I wrote this little tidbit based off of EmilyAnne's image,
You Just Need A Little Imagination, but I couldn't find the Sprout button, so I just added the image here instead.

"How'd a pretty thing like you end up here,"

The man asked,
Stone cold and crooked,
The exact opposite of his heart.

He watched ahead, not wanting to point out the poor man's mistake,
Of just assuming genders based on appearance.
But, he was reluctant.

"I don't know."

They stared ahead in awkward silence,
Until the cold man turned,
Mar 14


Watching you 
walk in and out of life everyday,
almost makes me wish that I was just
the slightest bit less stiff,
so my feet could move faster,
but, I guess I'm still just rooted to the ground.

Hearing you 
breathe the breaths you take,
almost makes me wish I could take in life as well,
but my air is blocked
by the fake organ,
that my chest wants to call a lung.

Touching you
as though you were a flower,
almost makes me wish that I was more than just dust,
being swept up by immature fools,
who don't know what to do with me,
except throw me under a rug.

Seeing you
smile your fake smiles
almost makes me wish that I was real,
so I could know what it's like,
to move my lips just once,
even if it's to frown instead.