Jun 19

Ad Creation

    This message goes out to all shoe shelvers, knot tiers, and lace extraordinaires!!! I am here to offer you an offer that you can’t refuse!!! The mystical, magical, one of a kind...SHOE LACES!!! Loop lovers will go crazy for this product. The come in many different colors like pink, red, purple, blue, and the most commonly known, white!!!!!!! Feet people are doing flips for this. You can use them for more than just boring, old,shoes! (Well, they won’t be boring with the laces!!!) You can just tie them for fun, you can knot them in knots, and you can tie them all together to make a jump rope!! A JUMP ROPE!!! That would take some extreme knotting, though. Now, this may be a problem with people that can’t tie their shoes so, if you can’t, then STOP reading this message!! There’s a velcro store right down the street! But, who likes velcro? It just sticks together whenever it feels like it. Just like a magnet. But not like a magnet. The details are too difficult to explain.
Jun 18

The Books

     Once a very long time ago, there was a man named Oswald. He was a very strange man, whom everyone made fun of because he claimed to be a wizard. One day, when he grew very old, he put a “curse” on every book in the land. He wanted to prove that he was a valuable wizard and he could do anything that the villagers wanted and grant them any wish. He planned on removing the spell from the books, but he passed before he could.  Now, every year, on the third Saturday in November, at precisely 3:33 a.m.., all the books in the world came to life. All their characters, good to bad, magical to average, villager or royalty, they all came out of the books. They scavenged for anything and everything new, and battled out their continuous battles for good or for worse. They would run around playing tricks and casting spells on everyone and anything.
Jun 17


     If I could create a sport, it would be a mix between lacrosse, basketball, softball, and soccer. It would be called Labaskerball. For equipment, there would be lacrosse sticks with very large nets, a small-medium size ball ( not a bowling ball), a basketball net, a softball glove,and a soccer goal. To play, someone pitches the ball and people with the lacrosse sticks try to catch it. Once that person gets the ball,they can either throw it to a person with a glove or a person with none. If you throw it to the person either the glove, they can't move. They will have to try to make a basket where they are or they can give it to a person with a lacrosse stick or without anything. If the person decides to make a basket and makes it, they can move again. If they fail to succeed, they have to stand where they are for the rest of the game. If they pass to a person with nothing, than that person can take one step and shoot the ball at the goal.
Jun 16

The Left Side

    It was the eyes, chocolate brown and always searching, that warned me to stay away from the left side of the corn maize. The left side held many secrets that no one could explain. People say that the only people that went over there were adventure seekers and tourists from out of state. They usually never returned. Except one. This women lived in the gray house on Market Place avenue, 14th house on the left side. Her long, gray hair a tangle of knots and her chocolate brown eyes always searching for trouble and fear. She wouldn't speak to anyone or tell anybody what she saw. We could only imagine what happened to her in there. Some people think that it was just your typical ghost or a curse, but I, I know what really happened to her. Or, well, I know what she did. I had ran into her at the corn maize. She had long, blonde hair and sea blue eyes. We had walked with each other for a ways and then I turned to tie my shoe.
Jun 15

The Stairs

     Standing at the top of the drowniung stairs. Watching over the view as the rain falls from the clouds. The wishing well and the apartments beyond the water and the stairs, down below the murkiness, seemed so close that I could just walk across the water and feel the people inside. I stand as if I can here the ting ting of coffee mugs coming from within the apartments along the border of the water. Watching the rain tumble from the gray clouds above. Wondering what it would be like to be up there with them, just walking as they flutter by. If I could walk on a cloud whenever I pleased, I would watch the people from that birds eye view, wishing they could see what this looked and felt like. Watching the stars swish around and glimmer against the darkness of the blacki, mysterious universe would dawn me to sleep every night. When day reveals itself again, I would once again watch the land and people within it.
Jun 14


      As I went for a walk through the woods beside the ominous creek, I had descovered a house near the bend.I didn't know whether I should step forward and creep into it or lag behind and continue my walk. When I couldn't quite decide, I ripped open my dainty light blue backpack and took out my notepad. I made a sketch of the house. Broken shutters, clustered bushes and trees. The windows were broken and the front door was hanging off its metallic hinges. The house was obviously run down and reminded me of something out of a horror film. I thought of the chances of what could happen to me. before I could conclude my thoughts, my feet seemed like they were dragging me toward the front "what was left of the" door.Before I knew it, I found myself stepping over the door and into the house. Inside, there was a steep staircase that seemed to linger on for miles. As I shakily wabbled up the gloomy staircase, I finally reached the top. There was an enormous gray door and nothing else.