Sep 05
poem 0 comments challenge: First

I Love Rhyming, But it is Terribly Sad That I Can't Think of a Better Title for This

The first time I tried something new,
I was thinking of you.

You were always on my brain,
Making me completely insane.

I constantly had dreams,
About what this feeling means.

But I never figured it out,
So I started to pout.

I decided to do more than cry,
Because that would've just been one big lie.

I realized I would've cried about nothing,
Because you were still there and that was everything.

So I picked up a pen instead,
And scribbled your head.

I wrote words coming from your ears,
Hoping one day you would hear.

They started to become more than just words,
They become a string of something absurd.

They rhymed and were pretty,
It almost gave me pity.

Pity that I could write something sorrowful,
Yet so beautiful,

For you.

Sep 04

How Could You Questions, With Answers That Make Little to No Sense

I have questions,
Floating around in my brain,
And I want to know the answers.
I'm not sure I could figure them out,
Because my questions are,
"How could you" questions.
How could you know that I'm always thinking about you,
Every second of every hour of every day?
My guess is that you wouldn't know that I do this,
But you wouldn't know the answer,
Unless you knew I was thinking about you.
Or how about,
How could you know that I can't go to sleep anymore,
Without crying for you at least ten minutes ahead of time?
I suppose it's because I miss you,
But you wouldn't know the answer to that either,
Unless you can hear my cries for help.
I guess my point is,
I miss you on a whole new measure of missing,
And it is causing me great pain,
And absolutely no gain,
Just sitting here,
Asking "how could you" questions.
Sep 01

Unopened Part of My Heart

I keep you
Tucked away
Deep down inside
So nobody knows
How much my heart leaps
And how much I want to smile
Whenever you're around me.

And when I wrap
My arms around your neck
I feel so alive
Because your shirt is soft
And your embrace is so warm
I just want to stay there forever
And never leave your side.

And when I don't get
To see you for
Months or even days
I get to go home
And have a reason to cry
And have you in my mind
Instead of deep down inside
Where my heart always sleeps.

I don't want you to know
How much I lose sleep
And how much I feel weak
When you're not there
And that how much I care
Is more than I can bear
And it hurts my insides
And I constantly cry.

I just want you to know that
You're always there
In that part of my heart
That stays locked and unopened
Aug 25

I Still Need You

It may not seem like it,
And and I wouldn't blame you for not seeing it,
You're the only real thing I have left in this world. 
And I don't want it to break beneath my feet,
Or crumble at the seams,
So I need you to try and look harder,
Just a little bit. 
I wouldn't be telling you this if I didn't still need you. 

Aug 24

Dreaming You Dreams

I keep having crazy dreams about you,
And they make me feel a little uncomfortable,
But they also make me feel happy. 
In last nights you were crying,
So I comforted you,
Hugged you like you would for me,
Which made you stop,
And then you just...
And so now,
This morning,
I feel just about as confused as ever,
And a little bit angry,
That I can't seem to tell,
What this means about us,
Or if my dreams about you,
Make any sense at all. 

Aug 23
poem 2 comments challenge: Life 2.0

She Dreams A Little

She breaths the air beneath her feet,
And walks down the path of life,
As she holds on as tight as she can,
By a single, dangling, thread.

She grabs the world by its shoulders,
Shaking it,
Making it feel alive,
So she can live only the same.

She holds the hope that the sky will only shine bright,
As she lasso's the sun,
And holds the moon captive,
In the palm of her hands.

She dreams a little dream,
That everything is fine,
But she holds a mask to her eyes,
So she can only see what she wants to.

She lives her life in fear,
But she only wants to be happy,
As she holds her life's hand,
Only one last time.


( Photo credit: Google Images, Creative Commons License, One Person Standing Alone)
Aug 22

It's Over

Gasping for breath,
She watched the waves,
As the salty air choked the inside of her throat,
And the smell of fresh fish stung her nose.
The waves jostled her boat,
And it rocked side to side,
As she held on for dear life,
To the rope of the sail.
The rain poured down hard,
Like hail landing from all angles,
And just like that,
She couldn't take it anymore.
It wasn't the rain,
It wasn't the sea-sickness,
It wasn't even the putrid smell of fish and salt.
It was the fact that she was lonely,
And she was scared.
All she wanted was to be happy and courageous.
She let go of the rope,
And she fell overboard.
She sunk down and up,
Playing this fighting game with the water.
She didn't want to fight,
She just wanted to be free.
So she went up one last time,
To let the ocean know she hadn't given up,
Just lost against it.
Aug 22

I Woke Up

People fall asleep at night,
In some way, shape, or form.
It may be harder for others,
Me being one of them,
Or it can be as simple as sipping a straw.
Either way,
Most people wake up in the morning,
They do whatever morning people do,
And move on.
You see,
That doesn't happen for me.
I wake up,
As in my eyes open,
But my mind doesn't move on.
All day,
It feels like I am stuck in sleep,
And that's why I'm quiet all the time,
Why my listening skills could improve,
Why I make stupid mistakes.
But a few days ago,
I was walking around for whatever reason,
And then you just appeared out of nowhere.
It was startling actually,
And I didn't know what to do.
But all of a sudden,
Everything just...
Made sense.
I felt like I was reborn or something.
For the first time in my entire life,
I think I finally woke up.
Aug 21

Community is Key

   I'm not really sure if this makes too much sense, for the slight fact that I don't write non-fiction too often. I mean, to me it does because I lived this experience, but I don't know. Therefore, Feedback is deeply appreciated. ( #sos17 )

    If I could describe Vermont in any way, I would call it a cupcake. Mixed with the farm stands, ski resorts, and topped with fantastic foliage, it seems like a pretty lovely place. And from the perspective of a resident, I would say it most definitely is. Yet, aside from the maple syrup and apple orchards, I often feel like something is missing from this list. Something that makes Vermont, well... Vermont. The flour of the whole cupcake, the ingredient that holds it all together; Community.
Aug 20


I've been thinking lately.
Just about you,
I've been trying to figure out what I can compare you to.
That may sound bad,
But let me explain.
My brain has a way of working,
Where I need to compare complex things,
To simple things.
For instance,
Our friendship is complex.
You are a very complex person in general actually.
That's a good thing, though.
It means you are mysterious and unique.
The simple thing I have decided to compare you with is...
A rose.
You see,
Roses are beautiful,
They smell great all the time,
And they are perfect in a lot of ways.
Exactly like you.
They also have thorns,
And thorns hurt a lot.
You can hurt me a lot, too.
Roses also attract bees and other insects.
Bees are painful and insects are annoying.
Your annoyingness can be painful to bear sometimes.
That's okay,