Aug 20


There is a little piece of you,
Connecting to a little part of me,
And as I touch my hand,
I think of you ever so endlessly. 

We are just some fractions of a whole,
Taking the world by storm,
And as we fight the world's evil,
I find myself just wanting more. 

I want to stand by you and never look back,
I want to dance in the rain and pretend we are happy.
Can we try to do this please?
Or, at least something a little less sappy?

We are just some fractions of a whole,
The buckle of a shoe. 
But you have a little piece of me,
And I have a little piece of you. 

Aug 17

The Colors of Our Tears

We hold on,
Then let go.
It's just what us humans were built for.
We achieve,
Then dismiss.
We can't go on about it forever.
We rise,
But then fall,
Because once things are perfect,
They can only get worse.
And as You and I sit and watch this fall out,
Our inner colors burst among the floor.
We tried to hold them in,
But once we saw what they were doing,
We stopped trying and just let our tears flow,
Because they were making beautiful things.
The vibrant purple flowers were waving high above us,
And the salty blue sea was waving down below.
The green flawless trees surrounded us,
And the perfect white clouds were everywhere too.
We knew our tears weren't creating this,
But we cried anyway,
Because we wanted out tears to have meaning,
So we said we painted the world while we cried for it.

Aug 16


I bought this sweater,
About four years ago.
It's pink and white striped,
And the softest thing I've ever worn...
Or touched at least.
When I got it,
I vowed I would only wear it,
When my life was in a bad place,
Or just a tough one.
I figured I would wear it a lot,
Just for the simple fact that I am a pessimist.
I never have,
Except for today.
I just can't figure out why.
I guess it could be that my neighbors are on vacation,
And I'm in charge of their horse for a week.
Or maybe because I'm getting nervous about varsity soccer,
Starting tomorrow,
Or because I can't think about anything to write to my best friend,
And it has been three weeks since I have.
But I have been through a lot worse than this,
And I still never wore my sweater.
I'm starting think,
That maybe,
Just maybe,
This is a way of my body and my brain,
Aug 14

Saying "Good Night" Is Never Enough

Forgive me.
I don't want you to feel hurt,
Feel my love,
And enjoyment for you.
I still can't grip the fact,
That I wait for you at night,
Just to tell you those simple words,
"Good night,"
When really,
Those two simple words,
Are never enough.
You sweep them off your chest,
Like some sort of insect,
Crawling a muck on you.
And they make me feel,
This feeling I've had,
Hiding deep down inside,
Just waiting to rise up.
And now,
It's finally here.
That feeling.
And I cry every night,
And try harder every day,
Just for you.
But you don't see it,
And it gets tiring trying to impress you.
I'm leaving now,
Maybe forever,
Or maybe just for bed.
And I would tell you those two simple words,
But those two simple words,
Are never enough.
Aug 11

Soft Grass

Outside of my house,
There is grass.
I know,
It sounds stupid.
I bet there is a lot of grass outside a lot of houses,
My grass is special,
My grass can talk.
It tells me the secrets of life,
And it teaches me how to work out my problems.
My grass whispers in my ear,
And it sounds like a million butterflies,
Fluttering like eyelashes.
My grass may tell me lies from time to time,
But it always makes it up by saying,
"Everything can be okay."
I listen to my grass,
And my grass listens to me.
But most importantly,
My grass is welcoming,
My grass is soft.

I bet I sound just about crazy,
Saying my grass can talk,
Saying that it comforts me.
But it really does;
Only when we lay on it together.
You are really the one who tells me the secrets of life,
And how to fix everything.
Aug 10
poem 3 comments challenge: Bake

Mine Lives Next Door

Why should I bake a best friend,
When I already have one?
Even if I tried to recreate you,
I doubt I would be able to.
I mean,
How could I bake in the ingredients,
For someone to tell me how soft my grass is,
Every      Single       Time
You come over?
A cup of cow maybe?
How could I add in the fact that you listen to me,
Every time I talk to you?
A dash of ears?
Or how could I add in,
That you laugh at your own jokes,
(Which are always hilarious)
A teaspoon of laughing gas?
It just doesn't make sense to me,
Why I would want to bake the perfect best friend,
When mine already lives next door.


Aug 09
poem 0 comments challenge: Do

My List of Starting Over

I don't know what it is about me,
That people just don't see. 
I try my hardest,
But they act like I don't try at all. 
I do everything for them,
But they act like I've done absolutely nothing. 
I rely on people,
But only after they've relied on me. 
I just give up,
I'm starting over. 
It's not like anyone will care anyway,
Unlikely even notice. 
In order to that,
I need a list. 
Number 1,
Stop trying so hard. 
Number 2,
Stop doing everything for the people that do nothing. 
Number 3,
Stop relying on people and fend for myself. 
Number 4,
Don't let people rely on me; they don't deserve it. 


Aug 08

I Just Wanted You to Prance Through Those Trees

I feel bad.
I feel bad because I forgot about your birthday two days ago. 
I feel awful because at one point I thought you hated me. 
And I feel terrible because at one point,
I hated you. 
I wanted to put that all behind us,
And we did for a night. 
About three weeks ago,
I walked up to your house,
Because you asked me to,
And we hung out. 
I told you things that were suppose to be secrets. 
I told you things that shouldn't have came from my mouth at all. 
You sat there and listened. 
Nobody ever listens to me. 
And I thought that was how we became friends again,
After I thought we were enemies for a while. 
But tonight,
I sat on my porch,
Listening to the squeals and giggles coming from your siblings,
Listening to the clicks coming from your mouth,
As you move your horse along. 
And then I realized,
I couldn't see you. 
Aug 07
poem 2 comments challenge: Form

FoReVeR alone

I'm                                                                                                      alone
I'm in a world full of people 
Surrounded by people who love me and that I love
Yet I still feel alone
My heart feels HOLLOW like the inside of an u
Aug 06

Someone I Used to Know

It started with a grocery run,
And ended in tears,
For that's all anything seems to end in these days,
With me anyway.
I had strawberries in my left hand,
A bag of lettuce in the right,
And blueberries and carrots under my elbows.
I turned around,
And ran into your cart.
I apologized quickly,
And you didn't say anything back.
I was mystified for some reason,
So mystified,
I seemed paralyzed.
You did to.
My paralysis turned to anger,
And my anger turned to fear,
And I ran.
I ran as far away,
And as fast as possible.
By the time I stopped,
I was at my car,
And I realized I dropped my fruit and veggies,
Inside your cart,
Except for the carrots,
Which I accidently stole...
(I put them back, don't worry.)
And then,
I started laughing hysterically,
Which slowly turned to tears,
Which turned to sobs,
For I realized,