Oct 24


My parents wonder at my chronic disorganization,
  for which I can offer only one explanation:         
 surrounded by mess, is where I work best                
 in the eye of the storm, I best perform.
My creative flow, is more like a tornado
                but I'm the master, of my natural disaster.     
    To others my room is quite amiss
         yet I know where everything is.
It represents my thoughts,   
     cluttered & random
but not really lost.
I feel most      
at peace

Oct 02

An Endangered Culture

This is not just a book essay; it describes some of the major issues facing Vermont today, the negative impact they are having and what we, as Vermonters, can do to protect our endangered culture. I hope that you will read it in its entirety.   
Sep 03

occupational hazard

Sep 03


May 26

My Garden Tiger

May 26

Micro Bee

May 26

White Squirrel

May 04

Please Act Now!

                I find it extremely discouraging that it is necessary to ask our leaders and representatives to act in their people's, and their Earth's, best interest. The consequences of letting Scott Pruitt dismantle and manipulate the EPA for his profit will reach farther than the lives of Americans. It will poison every corner of our world, destroying the Earth which feeds us. To allow this to happen would exceed greed and cross the borders of human decency. I will do everything in my power to make sure my future, our future, does not include Scott Pruitt as EPA administrator. I hope you will do the same.               
Jan 23

The Invisible Print