May 26

My Garden Tiger

May 26

Micro Bee

May 26

White Squirrel

May 04

Please Act Now!

                             The other day I received a letter that sparked in me a much stronger and potentially more productive feeling: outrage. Through this letter I became aware that one man with ample power is determined to inflict immediate damage on our Earth and our health. This man is Scott Pruitt, the administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency. Pruitt has never hidden his alliance with large companies responsible for serial pollution. During his previous career as Attorney General for Oklahoma, Pruitt endeavored to stop the clean water and air safeguards installed by the EPA by filing fourteen lawsuits. Currently, Pruitt is laying a new foundation for the EPA on which he can build an organization catered to his own greedy agenda.
Jan 23

The Invisible Print

Jan 20


Oct 27


Oct 19

Autumn Essence

Oct 19

A Girl

There's a girl I know
who walks the halls at school
like a cat walk
leaving a trail of stares
and perfume behind her

There's a girl I know
who's name is constantly
tossed about in conversation
with jealous insults
and objectifying compliments
and she acts like she doesn't hear

There's a girl I know
who puts her image out there
photo shopped and covered with makeup
because our society expects
nothing short of perfection

There's a girl I know
always surrounded by people,
with thousands of followers

but in the bathroom one day
I saw her standing all alone
with pain and tears in her eyes...

There's a girl I kno- I thought I knew

who everyone claims to know

but so few really understand

Sep 07

A Wish and a Wisp

I re-read a card
you once sent me
when you were still
on this earth

what a comfort it was
to read and to know
you meant every word

the thought of you
watching from above
helps me to set aside my fears

the sound of the drums
you would play with passion
still echo in my ears

And in that pipe
you smoked so often
I sensed a wisp of you,

just like a genie in a bottle
you have helped
our wish come true.

In the miracle of today
I know you played a part
and for that I am grateful,
from the bottom of my heart.

I love you Grandpa