Sep 04


Into battle we march, our honor held high
our eyes gazing, hoping, toward the sky
may our God be with us on this day
"let us return to our families!"we all pray
across the field, our enemies halt in a line,
probably thinking similar thoughts to mine
but there is nothing quite like the thrill of the fight
to see fear in their eyes, to test our might
I trust in my God, myself, and my fellow men
I know we shall live to see the sun rise again
with a thunderous roar the battle commences
our rivals charge forward with their best offences
yet as our swords sweep across the land
their army begins to dwindle and disband
defeat falls upon them with a crushing weight
and on the horizon I smile as I see our fate
with this victory came the death of many a friend
but they won themselves a place in heaven
and I will fight as fiercely until the day He decides
Aug 04

The Cat in the Copper Pot

Deep in the heart of the city, on a block otherwise occupied by tall, modern monstrosities, a little brick apartment building hunkered like a wizened, elderly person in the midst of a crowd of pompous teenagers. It's door was of a dark wood with a cast-iron knocker and an old-fashioned lantern that illuminated the doorstep with a welcoming light in darker hours and an undeniable charm during the day. It had eight floors, each with two decent sized apartments, and on the roof sprawled a substantial herb and vegetable garden. Mrs. Webb, a spritely woman of sixty-three and the owner of the building, was very picky about whom she rented to, insisting that each apartment was destined for a particular person (or persons). Which was understandable considering each apartment had a personality of it's own.
Jul 23

Teenage Trepidation

Is there something wrong with my clothing? My hair?
Why did that person just stop and stare?
Calm down, and just pretend you don't care.

They say: "Love who you are, be confident, strong!
you don't have to be perfect, you don't have to belong!
You can decide for yourself what is right and what's wrong."

But do you understand the amount of strength it requires
to not stoop to their level, to mount your frame of mind higher
to be searching for acceptance & meaning on top of being tired?

Not to mention the hormones, curse them all!
For making me smile, then the next moment bawl
these uncontrollable emotions will be my downfall!

Jun 20

A Fleeting Moment

May 01

My Kind of Math

May 01

True Laughter

Mar 16

The Ancient Youth

Jan 27

The Abenaki People

Jan 27

Two Closed Books

those eyes...
like black velvet
shimmering with darkness
fell upon me
with a weight
that pulled me down
yet made the rest of the world
feel lighter somehow
but how?
you seemed to
actually see me
it was almost as if
I was inside-out
white pages exposed
and you could read
my hidden stories
and you were trying
to understand them
why did you choose me
of all the other books
in this library
to read?
when perhaps I was
the one who wanted
the least to be read
I wanted to remain
I didn't want any more
creases or stains
but maybe you chose me
because you didn't want
a drama or fiction
you wanted something
to puzzle over
I am not an open book
and neither are you
but we managed to see
beyond each others covers
so I'll let you keep reading
know it will take time
and please