Jan 27

Two Closed Books

those eyes...
like black velvet
shimmering with darkness
fell upon me
with a weight
that pulled me down
yet made the rest of the world
feel lighter somehow
but how?
you seemed to
actually see me
it was almost as if
I was inside-out
white pages exposed
and you could read
my hidden stories
and you were trying
to understand them
why did you choose me
of all the other books
in this library
to read?
when perhaps I was
the one who wanted
the least to be read
I wanted to remain
I didn't want any more
creases or stains
but maybe you chose me
because you didn't want
a drama or fiction
you wanted something
to puzzle over
I am not an open book
and neither are you
but we managed to see
beyond each others covers
so I'll let you keep reading
know it will take time
and please
Jan 25

We Are Vermont

I was born in Vermont, some may think that makes my opinion biased but even if I hadn't been born here, I believe I would have gravitated here eventually. I've lived in several states and even over-seas, still there is something about Vermont, something in its very roots that feels like home. The undisturbed, vast expanses of land which promises to bear fruit. The mountains that surround us like we're in the middle of an emerald crown, or diamond, amber... even amethyst crown, depending on the season. The beautiful old farm houses speckled across the landscape which have held and still hold generations of families and their histories. Vermont is not simply cows, maple syrup and Ben & Jerry's (although we do take serious pride in those things) we are a people that share a similar mentality and life-style, one that is conducive to happiness and sustainability.
Jan 25


When I look in the mirror
I see many different pieces
which fit together to make me
much of my mom
even more of my dad
the child I was
the teen I am
and the woman I will be
and I can't help but wonder
exactly what does the future
have in store for me?
will I be like my dad 
or grow up like my mother
maybe I don't have to be
just one or the other...
If I came to a cross-road in my life
would I choose the right path?
How many mistakes can one person make?
I know I'm young but I have to ask
what is my purpose in this life
what is my greater task?
I've always known one thing for sure
that I will write and in doing that
somehow brighten people's lives
but how will I accomplish this?
and what about the details
do I just wait and see?
or maybe I need to start writing
my own destiny. 
It's just that sometimes
I feel so small
Jan 24

The Ancient Youth

Her youthful face may show no signs,
her eyes blue and lofty like the skies
but within her rests the secrets of time
her soul has lived a thousand lives.

everyone tries to figure her our
 she is a beautiful mystery
but in my mind there is no doubt
she belongs to a different part of history.


Jan 23

Vermont Writes Prompt Ideas

- Write something inspired by the photograph above (photographed by Steve McCurry for National Geographic 1985)

- Write through the perspective of an antagonist, how did he or she become the "bad guy", what's their back story? (a bully, thief, villan, etc.)

- Write a story or poem inspired by your character(s) discovering a mysterious object in a thrift shop.

- You wake up one morning to discover you've become famous, how did this happen?

- Write something based off of the phrase, "Something wasn't quite right..."

- As you walk along the beach you come across a message in a bottle, what does it say? How do you react?

- Describe what the world would be like if money didn't exist.
Jan 18

Against the Current

There are still moments when it sneaks underneath my skin
 moments when the pressure wears my patience thin
and I'm dangerously close to just giving in.

I let myself slip for a second into the current of conformity
my fire extinguished, my voice subdued by the roaring majority.

the waters may shimmer with popularity, acceptance and smiles
and I think it might be nice, even just for a while
but underneath the surface it's polluted and vile

I'll follow so blindly the whims of society
and let myself be consumed by avoidable anxiety

But just when I am about to drown
I rediscover my strength and turn around

when I face them, it all becomes very clear
these people only stay because they're driven by fear

whereas I can leave whenever I choose
other than fake friends, I have nothing to lose
Jan 11

Soul Sister

I couldn't help but think of you
as I perched high in a Maple
the sweet wind blowing
thoughts and memories
to and fro
sending me back to the
the moments we
spent in similar trees
spilling secrets
sharing pieces of ourselves
as naturally as water
follows the predestined path
of a stream.
You're the only person
who can make me laugh
until I'm filled with the
feeling of blooming roses
the only person outside
of my small, wonderful family
that I can be truly myself around.
As I gazed at the setting sun
through a frame of branches
I wondered if you were doing the same
and in that moment
I realized just how much
I miss you.
Dec 31

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Dec 26


Dec 25

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